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  1. His ad expired, can you share his contact information and some photos please?
  2. Dreamy project! I am currently gathering parts to restore my 1972 D100. I hope that your truck finds a loving home.
  3. Will these brackets work with a 1934 Plymouth PG, and also on a 1934 Dodge KCL Humpback?
  4. Different than PT50
  5. Another part I thought of is 1933 front fender mounting brackets, the one that the headlight will bolt to, the fender sandwiches in between...
  6. Where are you located? If this amazing car sells, and the buyer does not want the 1934 engine, I would like to see if I could possibly buy the engine. My 1934 doesn't have a engine for my car.
  7. Not yet, I will have to wait until June
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