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  1. Will these brackets work with a 1934 Plymouth PG, and also on a 1934 Dodge KCL Humpback?
  2. Different than PT50
  3. Another part I thought of is 1933 front fender mounting brackets, the one that the headlight will bolt to, the fender sandwiches in between...
  4. Love the car, wish that I could buy it.
  5. Where are you located? If this amazing car sells, and the buyer does not want the 1934 engine, I would like to see if I could possibly buy the engine. My 1934 doesn't have a engine for my car.
  6. Not yet, I will have to wait until June
  7. I dig it! I restored a supercharged Hawk, these cars are very different in appearance compared to anything else out there.
  8. Thanks for letting me know Dave.
  9. Sweet looking bike. I may be out in Kansas in July. Please keep in touch if it doesn't sell.
  10. Hello Dennis, Are you still around? I would like to follow up with your 1934 Plymouth tail lights that you make.
  11. Shame to see something with this much potential thrown away like this.
  12. Do you have a tail light for a 1934 Plymouth? Possibly a right rear taillight stand? I also need the top and lower stainless steel supports that hold in the grill stainless surrounds. My car is a 1934 Plymouth PG Coupe. Thank you for looking this stuff up for me.
  13. Contact Chad in Great Bend Kansas. I swear that I seen Plymouth car rims there when I could not find my Plymouth truck rims... (620)793-3557
  14. I have seen restoration rear bumpers available. Possibly DCM classics or Roberts motor parts. Your from spindle will be the same as a Dodge Truck 1937-possibly to 1952 if I remember correctly, don't hold me to that. Your radiator will also be similar to a Dodge truck 1937-38.
  15. This is very true, but in my case I found something I needed after someone else has purchased it. And sometimes I get the same part/car/truck offered to me from that new purchaser for up to 3+ times if what they paid for it, after the initial seller has told them about me. It's seems to be the only way that I find anything for my vehicles. Sadly my 1938 Plymouth truck is going to be close to 70K in parts. I wish that I can find and buy a complete truck first. Lesson learned... But I am two deep and only a hood, tailgate, and a grill away from completion. I will have a ton of extra parts
  16. I am having a very hard time finding parts for my 1937 and 1938 Plymouth trucks. I hope to find what I need someday soon.
  17. I couldn't agree more. I plan on doing the same thing. My wife and kids are not into it like I am. I hope to get most of the cars roadworthy, and sell off the rest of the stuff over the next 20 years.
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