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  1. I recently purchased a 38 Buick parts car. If you are still looking for parts you can text or call me at 316-300-7226. email is djstutzman@gmail.com Joe
  2. I have a very nice green one near Wichita KS. Shipping is available but not cheap. Joe 316-300-7226 djstutzman@gmail.com
  3. I have two pairs from a 38 Buick if that helps. Joe 316-300-7226 djstutzman@gmail.com
  4. Hello Dimitar, I recently purchased a 1938 Buick that I plan on parting out. I have some extra parts as well. You can email me at djstutzman@gmail.com or WhatsApp at 1-316-300-7226. Joe
  5. I have springs for a four door. Well, three of four pieces; I believe I have the front seat and the bottom of the rear seat. in Wichita KS but can ship text or call 316-300-7226 or email djstutzman@gmail.com
  6. Would a hood from a 1957 Roadmaster work? If so, I have one in Wichita KS that I could ship. 316-300-7226 djstutzman@gmail.com Joe
  7. Hi Wictor, I have a perfect 1949 Buick Special bumper for sale if they are the same as a 48. I can ship if needed. I believe the rear bumper is in great condition too but would have to check. text or call or WhatsApp 316-300-7226 or email djstutzman@gmail.com
  8. I have a couple straight eight engines from packards that I wouldn't mind parting out. I can check for you to see if I have one if you are still looking. call or text 316-300-7226 or email djstutzman@gmail.com
  9. Im pretty sure I have one in Kansas. text or call 316-300-7226 or email djstutzman@gmail.com
  10. What years would that be? I have a couple old Dodges with straight sixes but dont know specifics. located in Kansas
  11. I have a 37 Pontiac that I am parting out in Wichita KS. Have I been talking to you through eBay? You can text 316-300-7226 or email me at djstutzman@gmail.com Joe
  12. Parting out 49 Buick. Shoot me a text at 316-300-7226 Call or email works too. djstutzman@gmail.com Joe
  13. I have a 1949 Buick I am parting out. Do you know if they interchange? Text is best 316-300-7226 Joe djstutzman@gmail.com
  14. I have a 37 Pontiac I am parting out in Kansas. Shoot me a text or email and I can get you some pictures. Joe djstutzman@gmail.com 316-300-7226
  15. I have a four door I'm parting out in Kansas. Shoot me some seat measurements and I can check to see if they match. email or text is best djstutzman@gmail.com 316-300-7226 Joe
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