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  1. This 1933 Dodge Grill Shell is very nice with no rust out. It was media blasted and coated with red oxide primer many years ago and is in great shape. As per the photos, a few of the bars are bent but easily fixed. $800.00 US $ & Will ship to lower 48 USA at your cost in wood crate. Location: Ottawa Canada PM me if interested Doug .
  2. Thanks Guys, The pic below shows something similar.
  3. I have these tail lights but do not know what they are from. Can anyone here tell me what year make and model they are from. Could they possibly be Plymouth or Dodge in the 30's ? Thanks for your help Doug
  4. dep5 Here is the pic of the one I purchased on ebay......feel free to use it when looking through your inventory of loose parts!
  5. Here is a pic of my friends 1934 Terraplane Coupe that he parked 14 years ago in his barn. I finally convinced him to get it out and do some " Terraplaneing " with me as time is marching on. After prepping the motor for start up with a new fuel pump, fresh gas, and some Hudsonite , it started right up. Enjoy Doug
  6. Stilloutthere, You were absolutely correct in telling me to watch ebay listings for my trunk handle I need. I got the one that listed last week for the posted selling price of $40 us$ which will do me fine until I find my misplaced re-chromed one. This must be my lucky month as I have 3 first place awards in the last 3 shows and won the bid for the missing trunk handle. Regards, Doug
  7. Wow, your car is a beauty! Any idea of how many were produced and remain on the road today? I have created an ebay search that will notify me when one is posted for sale. Regards, Doug
  8. Thanks Carl, I will check my digital files for the pictures I took when I had the trunk handle chromed and send them to the handle man. Regards, Doug
  9. Make: Terraplane Model Special G Coupe Year 1935 I have misplaced my trunk handle for my coupe and would like to buy a replacement so I can complete the restoration. If you have one you don't need please send me an email with your asking price and pics. Email at5cobra@yahoo.ca Thanks Doug
  10. In 2010 on my way to the Woodward Dream Cruise I stopped in London Ontario to visit with Hedley Bennett and he showed us his Hudsons and Terraplanes. He had a 1939 model 112 Hudson Woody Wagon as can be seen in the referenced video. At the time, he had a huge collection of Terraplanes and Hudsons. https://www.flickr.com/photos/12762140@N07/4919762026/in/album-72157624664187887/ Enjoy Doug
  11. Thanks for that info Tinindian. That is good to know! Doug
  12. Looking for a complete set ( 2 front & 2 rear )of hood hold down clamps for a 1930 Pontiac 3 Window Sports Coupe. The front are slightly different than the rears where they mount to the fenders. Also looking for a vertical bumper plate that adorns the centre front bumper which is the same as the two that are on each side of the rear bumpers on the 1930 Pontiac Sports Coupe Pictures are attached Thanks Doug
  13. Thanks for your help. One of our fellow Terraplane enthusiasts has made me the two brackets and they are in transit to me as I write this note. The picture below was taken on Wednesday March 23 just after I got it back from the paint shop. The colour is a Jaguar 2010 Black Cherry colour called Caviar. I will certainly will enjoy driving this with new paint and interior this year and many more to come! Regards, Doug
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