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  1. Hi All- I've got spongy brakes in my 36 half ton. Does anyone know if there's a separate brake fluid reservoir or if Im supposed to add brake fluid directly into master cylinder? If so, is it a concern for air to get into system when Ive got the master cylinder open? Sorry for my rookie questions....thanks! Michael in Montana
  2. Hey Jack- do you have the contact info of the aluminum sheet reproduction of the crank hole cover? Having the piece custom fabricated, even if its just aluminum, is also not cheap.
  3. Nope. I gave up looking. The only one I found, the thief wanted $1000. Defeated regards.....Lamont
  4. Good to know...thanks for the tips!! I thought they just screwed in....didn't know there are springs and pins! Yeah, not looking for a new one to be machined (way to $$$)...just hoping to find an old one on a salvage truck that I could jerry rig into place. Thanks again, jpage!
  5. Anyone know any resources to find a crank hole cover that isn't a hostage level price? Original, NOS, or Repro. Also looking for an interior bench seat and a wheel well bracket that connects rear fender to frame. Thanks all!
  6. I have found the end assemblies. Its the actual rod I can't find for a '36 Dodge half ton. Thanks crew!
  7. Hi All. I am in need of a tie rod (and the end assemblies) for a '36 Dodge LC half ton truck. Anyone know any resources that I might find an NOS or replica? Anyone know if the tie rod on that year is same for a sedan as it for a half ton truck? The earliest tie rod I can find is a '39...which is threaded differently than the earlier models. Lastly, I assume the tie rod should be straight? The one on my truck is bowed but perfectly symmetrical....which makes me wonder if someone stuck on an aftermarket stabilizer bar cause they couldn't find a tie rod. Thanks!
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