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  1. Already been there,,,,has to be someone, somewhere
  2. You could always drive up here and pick it up, but Think you may spend more in gas,,,at today’s prices,,,up to you, Thanks
  3. Ends of the door rod stops, the flat pieces that stop the door from opening to far,,,,
  4. Yes, $185. plus $25.75, shipping, Money orders only please.
  5. No one has them That’s why I reproduced them, in 2019
  6. Have replacement spring “ Keepers” if you break yours changing the handle springs
  7. Didn’t see your post, all yours,
  8. An hour later means your second in line,,,,,
  9. Any parts usable? Do you have a picture? Thanks
  10. I m redoing mine ( 34 Dodge, please send picture of pot metal, Maybe I should take care of that problem while I’m at it, Thanks
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