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  1. Yup, that’s where they are going, also sending brakes out, anyone have a choice on rivet verse glue, the shoes are glued now but lifting, rather have them riveted I think?
  2. Looking to have my mounts redone, rubber, Who's in the Northeast That does them? Thanks
  3. That’s a Nice one, to bad I’m tied to doing my 34,
  4. I’ve been saving this one to go on my 34 Dr, restoring now, doesn't seem it would be to hard to make one, haven’t seen to many of these around searching for parts,,,,hope this helps you to make one up
  5. This one clamps to front bumper, just to give you an idea,
  6. knobless


    How long will the glue last ? these seem to have failed the ends of the shoes Have lifted, can the adhesive be purchased or is it better to send them out, ? Thanks steve
  7. knobless


    Brake pads glued on or riveted? Just removed mine and seem they work glued to shoes not riveted, ? thanks
  8. Got it! Sent wrong part ,that $22 shipping went to $ 13 and they overnighted it so I would have this weekend, great customer service, Thank you Leslie” now to put the front end back together,
  9. Post a picture of the bracket, I may have one, also I’m looking for throw out bearing spring, return spring, thanks
  10. I’m looking for same adjustments on 34 dodge
  11. Womans getting back to me enquirering why it’s so much, right Can’t wait for her next email,,,,,
  12. This part would almost fit in a ring box And weighs maybe 10/12 oz, $22 , come on that’s rip “ period, that’s ok that’s my last purchase from them you always have to do one buy to see what your dealing with, I do a lot on eBay too but ever have iovercharged anyone for shipping costs If I made a mistake on my end I eat it not pass it on to customers,
  13. Correction $120, with Ca, tax, and $22.00 to ship, I just shipped a set of king pins back for $7.00 a lot heavier then this item, I don’t mind paying for hard to find parts but when they take advantage of people with inflated shipping cost I call BS, think I’ll stay local with the rest of the restoration on the 34,,,, Joke!