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  1. Never mind 2 legged puller on my slide hammer, worked like “ butter,,,,,,
  2. Having a slight problem pulling lower/cam gear, has a key in front of it that holds harmonic, looks like it free from gear, this needs removing before gear will slide off correct?
  3. Makes a world of difference, when the old eyeballs are starting to go, 9 8 foot LEDs in a 24x32 shop/Garage, the only way to go, plus the reflection off the insulation does wonders,
  4. You can always ad spacer/ washer between the bottom mount and the frame, should not effect anything , or even make up a 1/8 spacer for both sides, good luck,,,,
  5. Looking for one possible 2 front brake anchor bolts, these are the longer ones the backs will not work on the fronts have to be “ front” let me know if you have one or two that you are looking to sell, thanks
  6. maybe shim the bottom crossmember down to get clearance, or at worse remove some rubber off the mount, but it needs to stay straight and level, ( the mount,,,,is yours a 34?
  7. Sorry to hear of your Mom passing Ian, love the added carpentry handy work, work has slowed to a crawl on mine, also, very busy with working, just hit the big “ 65” but still pushing always need more cash for the hobby, Hoping all else is well, keep at it, you have passed on a lot of knowledge with your restoration Thread, Thank you!
  8. New Product, contact for pricing and use, Brand new product, very useful, with restorations. “Transmission seal out” keeps road dust and debris out of this area,,,,,will work on many other models, with this same set up,,,,,as in photo,
  9. $5 ea plus shipping, need location, but will ship cheapest way I can,,,,,
  10. Sometimes the remedy is only a question away, dust shield for trans, my option/ remedy/ product, first pictures of seal, 3rd photo seal “ sandwiched” between trans and crossmember with shift bar accesss,,,,making them for all interested,,,,also waterproof”””
  11. Looking for throw out bearing spring, any sources?
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