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  1. Andy bernbaum has them $15 per set
  2. What were they asking for this one? Thanks
  3. Huh? Pull the wires through it and paint, I belive the 2 sections are welded together, never known anyone that split it to paint it, good luck
  4. If they don’t sell contact me with measures, if they fit I may take them off your hands thanks
  5. Will the splash aprons fit 34 Dodge DR ?
  6. These are reproduced parts I sell 33 34 dodge Plymouth door spring keepers and springs for head light bolts.may fir other years and makes.
  7. I have a 33 ply front beam, round , also have 33 and 34 dodge ply fronts complete, hub to hub
  8. Found a place for pretty much everything, “ The bolt Depot” check them out and prices can’t be beat,,,,,”” happy hunting””
  9. Rear frame horns for 33 Coupe , real nice shape, $60 plus shipping also small trim piece gas tank cover area, will include for additional $5.
  10. Rear frame horns for 33 Coupe , real nice shape, $60 plus shipping
  11. Looking for a drivers side front shock for my 34 anyone?
  12. A few pictures, couldn’t find a good close up, also 36 grilles turned into directional rear tail lights using 1957 Chevy lens fit perfect””
  13. I have a few of those, never knew what they fit, mine need the rubber but are in good shape, how much was the rubber done by then and Now? Just had them do my mounts for 34 Dodge