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  1. If it fits, I am in the process , let me know, Thanks
  2. Needs Repair (crack) Threads are good, make an offer, will ship USA only
  3. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    I’ll take the hood hinges,
  4. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    Looking for parts 1934 Dodge DR, 4 door ,,, what do you have for sale ? Thanks
  5. The seller told me the rear seals were leaking upon purchase, remove outer seals used hub puller, are the axle tapered on rear? Anyone have a good picture before taking it back apart ,of the inner seals and who stocks them, I would imagine the puller is needed again to pull axles,,, Thanks Model DR 4 dr.
  6. I may have them , have to do a little digging, let me know if your still looking,, signalsteve@ comcast .net
  7. When I had my 36 dodge I ordered side glass for it, 4 dr, when it arrived it was to big they said it was cut for C6 Dodge Chrysler, still have it, if anyone is looking selling cheap My loss, I’m in Southern NH I will be posting pictures and measures.
  8. There was no crack in that area,,,Absolutely not,,,yes I have photos
  9. Question , sent shock out for rebuild, over a month ago, told the shock had a crack in the “ ear” and needed to be sent out to weld, anyone hear this term “ ear” ? I looked over the shock before I shipped I saw nothing wrong with it what am I missing, will not name company at this point, I better get the same shock returned this car is original , if the part has been switched , I will be naming company!
  10. Has anyone stumbled across someone doing the rear vent windows rubber weatherstripping yet? Molded one piece similar to the 36 dodge vent windows....
  11. Can have them rebuilt, there is a guy that does gauges, have to check,I had his name
  12. Found a picture, finally of what was holding bailey channel in place, ,strange little clips with teeth that grab the channel, must have been from previous restore,,,,,
  13. Going back the way it was, not looking to lower it” raise it, speed it up, bling it up , just original, let it was intended to be,,, hahahahaha