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  1. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    Thanks to all
  2. knobless

    1933 Plymouth PD Instrument Cluster

    I’ll take it do you do PayPal? If not check, let me know thanks Steve
  3. knobless

    Need pulley for generator

    Is it keyed?
  4. knobless

    1938 Plymouth Headlight Position Issue

  5. knobless

    1936 Dodge sidemount

    Looking for length for the rod that holds these side mounts on does anyone have one they could measure,Thanks
  6. knobless

    1933/34 mopar

    Door spring keepers and headlight springs new reproduction fit exact” Keepers are $12 a set plus ship, $5.95 USA only, headlight springs are $3 ea. Plus $2.75 ship. Thanks
  7. knobless

    Wanted - 2 Mopar 16” Wire wheels 5 X 4.5

    They fit, thanks
  8. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    I’m looking for the person or place revulcanizing Them, someone posted , just trying to find the post, thanks
  9. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    I know someone posted it before can’t seem to find the post, need new front motor mount 34 Dodge Dr, also might need the two trans mounts, haven’t got to the bottom trans mount yet , Thanks for any info.
  10. knobless

    Wanted - 2 Mopar 16” Wire wheels 5 X 4.5

    They came off a 1933 Plymouth coupe all original, So I may just use them on my 34 Dodge and save the arttillary wheels
  11. Yup, just pulled mine, one unit, still looking for wheel puller, tried a few ways but still no dice, so pulled the whole unit out through the floor, easier, than wasting more time on wheel.
  12. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    Wondering if anyone has gone this deep on restoring , does this pin screw out notice slot , but wondering if there is also a pin, holding the threaded bolt in place, Thanks
  13. knobless

    1934 Dodge

    Does anyone know if someone makes or carries the rubber rings that go between the front spring caps top and bottom. Very similar to a large rubber grommet, I will post photo later, tried to save mine but no luck to far gone, or maybe what you used instead. thanks
  14. knobless


    Just need to get my trench dug to run my power out and add some light but for now an extension cord will work just fine......