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  1. US address probably better for me,,,just waiting on shipping boxes, and copies of instructions, also, have to make PO to determine shipping costs,,,thanks
  2. Just picked them up, they will have to be boxed up and am in the process of drawing up some simple instructions, was asked by customers to do so. Also trying to get a cost on shipping, they should be ready to go end of the week,,, limited number so get them early,,,,thanks
  3. Try the threaded rod method, if you have holes to use run threaded rod through holes and nut and fender washer both sides, if need be when forming an X weld the threaded rods at the intersecting areas , not messing up any body work,,,,,
  4. If you have been looking you have found them 1936 Dodge /Plymouth roof seals fit all 36s with steel insert ( torrent tops) also Desoto, limited supply, contact Here for more info.
  5. Thank you very much, I will contact Len too, thanks again
  6. When I bought the car guy said outer seals needed to be done , leaking, outter s done but looks like I need inners, who has them and what’s involved? thanks
  7. Any pictures of your DR I have the same, try Andy Bernbaum for the pump
  8. I have some old mounts 33, let me look them up, they seem to be like you described, pictured below, this mount is from 33 Plymouth coupe,,,,
  9. Springs are on eBay, don’t know if he runs the Ad continuously but you can find them on there, that’s where I bought mine, he didn’t have the Spring” keepers” nobody did so I ran off about 500 pcs,,, thank Steve
  10. I had some doe lights cast in resin, not clear but came out nice only so many lens around couldn’t sell them, oh well,,,
  11. Right 33 have a much larger location hole then my 34,,,,,,
  12. Those location pin holes seem awful big, are they worn?
  13. I should have them early spring hopefully, if others are looking, thanks