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  1. According to the Plymouth parts book, serial # GC 346 P would've been used near the end of the "U" model run....I'd be interested in the rad emblem if you're parting it out.
  2. Agreed, the car looks rock solid, in the same picture of parts with the tail light bracket there are three windshield support brackets, the lower one in the picture appears to have the windshield pivot clamping blocks in it, I have two of them but four are required per car....would they be something you'd be willing to ship to Canada? Thanking in advance, Dave
  3. When I took the pistons out of the PB engine I noticed that three of the four connecting rods had numbers stamped in them (two of # 3 and a #4) and the other had 3 punch marks in the area of where the numbers are on the other rods, which is where the cap bolt goes through. One of the number 3's had a matching cap #3 and the other three caps were blank. If it matters the pistons that came out are 30 over. My question is, Are these numbers to indicate which cylinder the rod was intended to installed in (for balance?) or was this for assembly at the plant to match rods with caps when building the Babbitt? The only one that was in the coordinated cylinder was #4. I checked the parts book and it list one number for a connecting rod for all four cylinders and it was on an exchange program. Any advice or input would help, Thanking in advance, Dave
  4. Thanks for replying, I'm assuming that it was driving OK before it was parked 60+ years ago, the flywheel was well polished with a nice groove from a previous misadventure. I haven't had the engine running but the clutch did disengage fine before I removed it. Cheers! Dave NEEDED....PB- Intake-Exhaust Manifold Set....
  5. When I removed the clutch from the 32 I was surprised to that the disc contained none of what I believe are called "anti chatter springs". The picture in the parts book shows it should have had the springs. Before I go ahead and have this disc rebuilt I'd like to know if it was it a cheap aftermarket disc or was it used for any particular reason? Any thoughts? Dave NEEDED....PB- Intake-Exhaust Manifold Set....
  6. Top one is for a PA I believe, The two outside intake ports have smaller size holes and the carb mounting plate is also smaller than the PB intake. The exhaust looks the same between these two other than the last number on the casting, anyone have an idea on what the last number in the casting represents? Edit. These two Exhaust manifolds have different size pipe flange, The PA is available and I'd like to get a replacement for my PB, Is welding recommended?
  7. While at the POC National in Michigan this past summer I met a couple from here in Southern Ontario who had a PB sedan convertible. In conversation the owner mentioned that it had come from the south but the buyer became ill and was unable to proceed with it. The fellow mentioned that he bought it from the widow and had it professionally restored. It's pictured in the POC Bulletin #352, top of page 29. We met up with the couple again at an event for the Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada a month or so later and was given my first ride in a PB. Hope this helps,
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