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  1. Some frontward some backward hummm your way makes more sense, someone must have had the panels off before me, I’m sure,,,, nice job Ian,,,,
  2. Just a quick question, when I remove my door panels the springs had the smaller ends facing the interior, the larger ends rested against the window and door mechanisms, hummmmmmm
  3. Yes was going to stay away from both, looking for best quality in a less expensive model,,,done mind paying 5-800 as long as it works well, getting into some replacement panels for certain makes and models, not found in today’s market, also looking to do door skins, my design gig,,,,we’ll see, thanks
  4. To both of you, What make? 30”?
  5. Has anyone used or own one of those 3 in 1 sheet metal machines? Shear,bend, and rolls, thinking I might look into buying one but want something worth buying, Thanks
  6. I have these headlight mounting bolt springs if you need them
  7. Once the inner are welded in I can get to outer rockers and cowl, a few pictures,from where I began, Plus it helps to finally have a Bright place to work in took 15 years, but at this point, I’ll take it,,,,,
  8. On a roll , today, both sides done , a bit of tin knocking and weld them up,,,
  9. Getting real close, just need to remember the steps that got me to here and do the reverse for passenger side, then onto the cowl, ( inner Rockers )
  10. Years ago I had “ Moore’s auto salvage in SD cut me off some pieces for my 36 dodge and ship,,worked out well, I have some photos, I’ll post when I find them,
  11. Had the electrician leave me a few plugs on the ceiling, worked out well the plugs are up high and he tied the boxes into the light switch,one switch operates all my 8 foot lights, you can also connect 8 foot sections together ( up to 3 or 4 sections with one switch,,,nice
  12. Ok, signalsteve@comcast.net,
  13. Yes, 3735922, DR, 626975, king pins and 2” brake shoes, I knew neither parts sent were correct after opening the box,,, Thank you very much for verification, funny I gave them the information off this build card,,,,wow, I’ve contacted vendor, Holiday, so maybe I will hear back tomorrow, I try to put aside time to work on my 34 and something always gets in the way,,,,mostly “ work” haha, oh well there is always next week end, or the one after that, maybe I will have the parts to continue,,,,thanks again,,
  14. Need someone with original Dodge to let me know what size shoes are on your brakes mine is original and has 2” shoes, just ordered a set all four they sent me 1 1/2” shoes all four sets are the same my Dodge has different front brake shoes then the rears, what am I missing?….also ordered king pins, for same car, Wrong too! Can’t win!,
  15. Slightly deformed but may be possible, just thought a new set would seat better,,both shims are about 1/2 the thickness of a dime, can’t that do much to limiting tolerance, if they are not used,
  16. The inner seals went well, both sides were leaking, bearings and race are in good shape, the only problem is there were 2 shims behind the race’s, does anyone know where I can find these? Thanks,
  17. Thanks, just ordered inner from Then and Now, be here Wednesday, time to get cracken “ thanks again
  18. We’re they much of a problem to do, and did you have to replace bearings too, tapered shafts? Correct?, Thanks
  19. Looking for modern replacement for inner rear wheel seals for 34, Andy usually has them ( originals ) but out of stock, need them to continue with the rest of the rear end, Thanks
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