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  1. So I pulled the lower mount, put the top mounts on, centered the studs coming up from the top rubber mounts into the bell housing steel bracket, tightened them down. The 7/16 bolts that go into the bell housing I had in but not tight, just before bottoming. I then installed the bottom and bolted that tight and tightened the top mount completely. After machining the lowest rubber mount to 1 1/4” thick it seems to have about 1/8” compression now. The top bolts are slotted in the bracket so I let them float alittle. Maybe I shouldn’t have but I’ll see if the shifter now fits and works without having to shim that up
  2. I can try that, I’ll pull the bottom crossmember again and get the tops bolted in first.
  3. That’s after cutting the bottom mount to 1 1/4” overall height. It’s tight but I think it should work. I can’t get the top mounts on it’s too tight so need to loosen the mounts and get them on then retighten everything
  4. Yea it’s a 34. I took an 1/8” off the rubber and will get it remounted today hopefully. Gonna put alittle touch up paint on first where they hit. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. Got all the mounts redone and now it seems to close to crossmember. Scratched my new paint too dang it . Should I ship lower crossmember down?
  6. I’ll buy 2 if you have them, my 33 pickup needs one too.
  7. Not sure what you mean by two piece top cover. Both rings looked to be stamped into the trans and crossmember. The top of the trans is two pieces if that’s what you mean. Anywhere to source the rubber boot and cups? Thanks!
  8. They each have a ring where it would have centered on
  9. The dust cover that goes between the opening and the trans and the bottom of where the shifter goes.
  10. I was wondering what are you going to use for dust shield between the trans and the top crossmember. Need to get something for mine
  11. I located a set of tie rods from Andy Bernbaum and they are the same as the ones I removed from the truck. So the HC pickups are different then the cars. The boots are dry rotted, anyone know of someone that can redo the boots?
  12. Rebuilding the steering finally! Just been so busy lately. I bough parts from rare parts. Will get some pictures shortly
  13. According to rare parts, the tie rod ends have a different taper size and nut size on the ends for left and right. Each uses 3/4” threaded tie rod. The ones on the truck now both have 9/16” threaded nuts on the tie rod ends. I wonder what is right as I don’t see anyone directly listing pickup parts separately and I wonder if the part the ball joints attach too are messed up?
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