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  1. I can't help you with your color search but i was wondering if avon green is prettier than it appears on my computer? i have a36 Dodge and i think that that is my origonal color, it sure looks awful.
  2. If all else fails strip the engine down and carry it in the trunk.
  3. On a lot of the older cars you could remove the rear seat and stick a long screwdriver in the lock mechanism in the trunk, look for a vertical rectangular slot in the middle, no need to pry or force, it should open right up.
  4. The Chrysler is longer, the Plymouth is shorter, the Dodge is the same WB but I don't know if the mount locations etc. are the same. the 36 Dodge frame is the same measurement but is shaped differently. the 35 Airflow is 1/2 inch different. generally speaking, most all 4dr, 2dr, and coupes will fit
  5. ok, but it may take awhile as the car is in another town, do you want me to contact you thru this thread?
  6. i probably have a set but i can't recall what condition they're in. i have seen them on ebay also.
  7. Hello jinpoo, could you give me a call at 413 443 1150 or email at dlh1944@verizon.net? thanx, Dave
  8. I agree with you 1937hd45, i think the producers of the show encourage the pickers to provide some insight into their thought process but some of what they say really puts a twist in my knickers.
  9. Oops, sorry my email is dlh1944@verizon.net
  10. Hi, could you send me your email address? i am interested in your parts. Thanx
  11. Sorry to take so long with a reply, I'm working on a shoestring budget and i'm afraid your parts are too rich for my blood. thank you for your interest and suggestion to keep the origonal block in the car.
  12. Would you know if this engine would work in a 36 Dodge pass car, or which parts may interchange? I have an engine but many parts are missing. I live in western MA and could probably pick this up. I have no idea what to offer you for it. Thanx
  13. not a problem, it was all very interesting, and also the next gasket we received was also wrong, it measured perfectly but had an extra hole at the front end. also the serial # i gave out was wrong, the actual # is T38-2488. I should be working on my own 36 Dodge next summer so you haven"t heard the last of me.
  14. Thank you gentlemen, the 38 Plymouth that started this thread has no number on the front of the block. We did find the number T3-288 on the drivers side of the block. The gaskets we are using are coming out of the Roberts Motor Parts catalog and they list one block [short] at 23 1/4" and one block [long] at 25 1/2". Our block measures about 25 5/8" so i think we will be allright with this gasket. Any thoughts?
  15. Thanx for all the help, we found out we have the long block and gaskets for the shorter version, oh well, we'll get it next weekend