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  1. On Chrysler and De Soto Airflows the sedans with blind rear quarters are referred to a Town Sedans
  2. I think you're right about the floorboard pad being cemented to the floor mat. The replacement in our coupe is like that. As far as the accelerator grommet is concerned, it was in very bad shape and I think I got rid of it but I'll check to make sure. I'll let you know if I still have it and can figure out which way it goes.
  3. Hi Jim I had a look at the mat that survives on my toeboard. It is tan, about 3/16" thick. It is a sort of quilted pattern, fairly dense compressed fiber and held in place by split rivets. The upper section directly below the firewall is 3 3/8" wide and 34" long. The lower section for the larger sloped panel is 10 7/8" wide and 34" long. The lower piece appears to be more like 1/4" thick but I believe that is because it was wet occasionally and puffed up a bit. The upper piece seems to have stayed dry and retains its original compressed profile. The mat is die-cut for all the necessary ho
  4. Good to hear Wayne is still in business. He was helpful with panels for our '36 Dodge.
  5. Looks a lot like '34 Chrysler Airflow - they had left and right lenses.
  6. Here we go - the springs fit into the square holes in the mounting tabs. I think I also have enough sockets to do the main bulb and parking light but they would need to be rewired. I had cleaned up the corrosion off the reflectors so we are down to the brass base. The process I used was the Uvira system that requires nickel plating followed by an aluminum/glass coating that is very bright and does not oxidize.
  7. Hi Joe Here's the inside of my headlight pot. You seem to be missing the mounting tabs for the reflectors as well as the trim rings. Next post will have the reflector that goes with it.
  8. I have some extra 1936 MoPar headlight reflectors that would need plating BUT I looked in my 34-39 MoPar interchange book and discovered that the Canadian reflectors might not mount in the shells the same way as the US ones. I'd be happy to help out IF they will work. Can you take a picture of the inside of your headlight shell from straight on - I'll be able to tell if your internal mounting looks like mine. Don't want to offer you something that won't work in your shells. If they ARE different, I think I may have some of the headlight reflector mounting bits I got years ago from the US, not
  9. That is a fantastic picture Keith! Almost surreal and spooky. Well done!
  10. Touch her curves and angles. Smell the old interior. The engine purrs. Feel the ride!
  11. Try Donald Kuehn North Haledon NJ - Doorsills LLC. - doorsills@gmail.com He has them listed in his extensive catalogue. I like his work and his pricing is reasonable. Slow delivery but definitely worth it. He is a perfectionist. - also in involved in aeronautical instrumentation, I believe.
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