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  1. Greedy half-wits should be allowed to experience medieval torture. Sadly, they eat regularly 😖
  2. I have some rough ones for a Canadian car - they will need major and expensive repair. The way the US caps attach to the wheels, the rim of the cap pops over spring tabs on the wheel. The Canadian caps have the spring tabs on the cap that lock under a retaining ring on the wheel. It depends which style of cap you need whether what I have would be of any use to you. If you can't use them and anyone else here thinks they could, send me a PM.
  3. How bad is the wood graining on your dash? I took mine out of the car and went to work on it last month with some #800 grit sandpaper, alternating with Flitz polish and was able to remove 80+ years of residue. The thing is to use the sandpaper VERY gently and slowly, checking constantly to be sure you're not getting into the original finish. This will take a lot of patience so be prepared to walk away when you find yourself getting too aggressive. What I ended up with is a dash with the original woodgrain that I can live with. The car is not going to be a show girl so she will show her age. I
  4. Those would have been outstanding options but I can see from a fabric production standpoint why very few would have been made. They would certainly be show-stoppers!
  5. Always loved the styling and just the idea of Chrysler's Turbine car. Unfortunate that most of them had to be destroyed because of funding rules. Such a beautiful car!
  6. Thanks for that suggestion - nothing would surprise me!
  7. Thanks so much for this richard m. That is indeed an awkward measurement to take. It looks as if the column that I had been using is the same length as yours. That is good news. Not sure what the other two units I have came from but possibly sedans. So now I need to take the longer one apart to see why there is so much play in the wheel. I bought a set of bushings and bearings and a replacement sector shaft but if the worm gear is badly worn I'm not sure how to proceed. Has anyone else had success in dealing with that issue? If I take one of the other steering boxes apart, and IF the wor
  8. I need to rebuild my steering box because it's badly worn. Here's the problem. When I got my coupe back in '66, the previous owner had tried to hotrod it. He had removed the steering column and box and replaced it with a Dodge truck steering that mounted on the outside of the frame in order to clear the Olds Rocket engine he tried to install. Taking it back to stock, I was not bright enough to try and find the original so I replaced it with one from a sedan at the wrecking yard where I found it.. Now I discover that the steering column and box for a coupe is DIFFERENT from the sedan unit. Th
  9. Looks like a fun car! Best of luck reviving it. Really sporty for sunshine touring😄
  10. Came in yesterday - near London Ontario Canada
  11. One of the moderators on this forum - Karl, I think, had the massive tool and jack tent at Hershey and he might have the answer for you. I just can't recall his handle. Can someone else help with his contact?
  12. It was drilled into me as a child - "If you don't have something nice to say ..........." Nuf said!
  13. I just checked it out - you are right. Some important information missing. Buyer should ask a lot of questions.
  14. That is a great car at a very reasonable price. All the hard-to-replace bits seem to be there. If it were not 3000+ miles away. I'd be awfully tempted. If John L did work on the carb and distributor I know it was done right. I think I would just get it fit for the road and enjoy it as is. It will clean up pretty well. Somebody's going to be the lucky owner of a real gem!
  15. WOW! Look at that unique Checker Cab at 2:05 - 2:28. Did any of those survive?
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