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  1. Love the colour. We had a '59 Canadian Dodge that colour with a maroon roof - factory colours. Could always find it in a parking lot! I'd love to have it if it were closer.
  2. I'm sure I saw this car or one identical to it a couple of years ago in a private collection. I thought it was a very interesting combination, my wife - not so much. I like unusual things and this one would tick all the boxes! Love it!!
  3. Helpful comments jpage.. I can't verify the fit as we haven't started on the body. I bought the replacement parts in order to be sure to have them whether the supplier stayed in business or not. Even if some adjustment is needed, I think we're ahead of the game. Since I only need a small patch in the floor ahead of the battery box opening, I'm going to try my hand at fabrication. That'll probably expose a significant lack of skill but should keep me busy for a while.
  4. I got some patch panels and tail pan pieces for the coupe from Wayne maybe 10 years ago (still not installed). I can't recall the turnaround time now but if it had been unusually long, it might have stuck in my memory. Wayne was good to deal with. Now that you mention floor pan pieces, I should probably call Wayne - the driver's side floor under the seat lets in too much light
  5. I agree. I have a set of Perfect Handle screwdrivers and they not only look great but feel well balanced too.
  6. I spoke with Dave last week and got a little background on this - he's as frustrated as everyone else being unable to reach the widow. I'm sure that when or if he's able to find out what is going on, he'll let us know. In the mean time, I'm sure he'll help anyone if he has parts they need.
  7. I just love this car! Granddad had one very much like it and I even got to drive it. I am blown away that this Plain Jane car has survived in showroom condition. I could really enjoy touring this sweet old girl. Love the colour too. What a beauty!
  8. Hi Folks - I've seen the car and I believe it is in great mechanical shape with recent work that has been done. The body is sound - no obvious rust problems. You could repaint it if you like or just drive it and enjoy it as is. I agree that the interior is not to my taste BUT having said that, this car will tour and drive all day long as is. If you want to have fun with an Airflow this is a great place to start. And as dpcdfan has noted, the Airflow Club offers tremendous support for these beautiful cars.
  9. There's a 57 Fargo version of this one in rough shape sitting by the road in front of a scrap yard near me being used as the yard's sign board.
  10. Hi Pete - My tube matches your measurements sent you a PM
  11. OK here's what I have> -Brass tube removed from my D2 engine - 22 3/4" Steel tubes on hand 23 1/4" The positioning of the water outlets is slightly different on the brass tube than on the steel tube. If you can measure the spacing on the outlets, I can confirm whether the extra tubes I have will work for you. 1/2" doesn't seem like a lot but ??? If you have lost a little bit off the end in the removal process, the ones I have may be what you need. The measurements should help.
  12. Congratulations! You sure got lucky with that tube. If you can get a measurement from that tube for me I can check to see whether one of the new tubes I have will fit. Cheap if they work, no harm done if they don't.
  13. Just did a search of suppliers for this material. It comes in up to 18 colours and can be ordered from WalMart according to their on-line catalogue. Sounds like an interesting material.
  14. You could be right with your comments Pete. The crank I have did not come with the car and so the part number could very well be for an earlier year. But it fits and works fine. That explains why I cant' locate that part number in my parts books. Isn't this fun??