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  1. I just checked it out - you are right. Some important information missing. Buyer should ask a lot of questions.
  2. That is a great car at a very reasonable price. All the hard-to-replace bits seem to be there. If it were not 3000+ miles away. I'd be awfully tempted. If John L did work on the carb and distributor I know it was done right. I think I would just get it fit for the road and enjoy it as is. It will clean up pretty well. Somebody's going to be the lucky owner of a real gem!
  3. Flange I.D = 6 3/4"; O.D. = 6 7/8" approximately - so that it will engage into the 7" ring on the rim. The cap you show snaps over spring clips riveted the rim - an entirely different system. You would need the ring that is spot welded to the rim for the type of hubcap I have to work for you. What type of rims do you have?
  4. Here are pictures of one of the hubcaps. You can see the flange and clips on the back as well as the tears in the skin. The skins can be repaired by a competent plater. Hope this helps. Jim
  5. Hi there Ruff Do the hubcaps you need have the clips on the hubcap flange or are they on the rims? I have a half dozen with the clips on the hubcap flange that snaps onto the rims. Dimensions are : 7" inside ( clip flange) and about 8 1/2" outside diameter. Looks to be the same dimensions as listed above. These are for 1936 Dodge Canadian cars AND trucks. Smooth as pictured by Scott. I agree, not easy to find. What I have are in rough condition and will take some skillful plating and repair work to make 4 good ones out of the 6 I have. However, if you are interested, PM me with your cont
  6. WOW! Look at that unique Checker Cab at 2:05 - 2:28. Did any of those survive?
  7. If you have NETFLIX I recommend watching the 12 part series World War II in color. It is a documentary using original film footage that has been colorized chronicling the whole conflict from all sides. This is not a "puff piece". Sitting through it would be a very valuable and sobering lesson to our younger generation on how the war started and how it played out from year to year. The numbers of casualties - in the hundreds of thousands - no, millions -and the raw horror and brutality should be mandatory watching in any history course. The footage has been collected and assembled from British
  8. I recall that trailer, painted black, sitting forlornly in the gravel pit! At the time I was fascinated by its unusual shape. It reminded me of the aerodynamics of the Chrysler Airflow I had at the time. I didn't realize what it actually was until the Scott brothers rescued and restored it. Up close, the Streamliner is just beautiful.
  9. Wow! That is a fantastic picture. The hay field and the misty background make a wonderful setting. That's a calendar image for sure.
  10. Hi Narve N Your sample plate is the same size as the one from my '36 Dodge. It had a red background instead of the black and said "Windsor Ontario" and "Made in Canada" I don't have a sample of earlier Chrysler manufacturer's badges but I think the black background may be correct. The shape of mine is like the second sample but the wording is more like the first one. Not sure if this is helpful. Are you confused yet????
  11. I see you have bought a rare Canadian (Windsor) assembled De Soto SG. It uses 1934 Chrysler 3-bar bumpers. The back bumper is incorrect. Looks like maybe '37 DeSoto but I'm not positive. First order of business is to join the Airflow Club of America - www.airflowclub.com - a huge resource of friendly and very knowledgeable folks devoted to the restoration and preservation of these wonderful cars. They can guide you to sources of parts and have a very large technical library available on line to members only. Motor mounts can be re-vulcanized but I have forgotten who does this work.
  12. Just had Rob Ficken do the wiper motors for my '36 Dodge - the early pot metal bodies warped and had to be replaced. He knows his stuff and is honest and straight forward.
  13. Would you be interested in having a vacuum clutch unit - if only for show? I have one but not necessarily all the linkage. Yours very reasonable. I f you're interested, send me a PM
  14. On Chrysler and De Soto Airflows the sedans with blind rear quarters are referred to a Town Sedans
  15. I think you're right about the floorboard pad being cemented to the floor mat. The replacement in our coupe is like that. As far as the accelerator grommet is concerned, it was in very bad shape and I think I got rid of it but I'll check to make sure. I'll let you know if I still have it and can figure out which way it goes.
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