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  1. That is just beautiful! Happy birthday Matt and Matt.
  2. I didn't realize that the coupe windshields and garnish mouldings were different from the sedans Just checked in the parts list and there it was. It would have been so easy to assume that all the '36 Dodge bodies were the same. Continuing education for the old guy. Possible help for anyone looking for '36 Dodge parts - I found two ads - one in the AACA magazine and one in the Dodge Brothers monthly publication 1.AACA - NOS and used parts for 1936 Dodge, also 1935-42 Dodge Plymouth and De Soto parts. NOS fenders, hoods, wheels, hubs and most all parts on the 1936 Dodge coupe and sedan. Rebuilt items and small pieces as well as engine parts and pieces. (912) 663 5307 (Georgia) 2. DB Magazine - 1936 DB Parts - Too many to list. Joe (773) 586 4049 or (715) 445 2573. I'm in the process of getting in contact with these folks myself. It looks as if they could help a lot of us. Jim
  3. That looks like a really simple tool to make - I'm with Carolina - off to the shop we go!
  4. I'm happy with the repro gas pedal I got from the Airflow Club of America. Dimensions as I set out above. The price is right and it fits properly. Cheaper than trying to create one from scratch. $25.00 + shipping.
  5. No gas tank has any business looking this nice! Now everyone will be jealous!
  6. Now I understand why some vendors don't want to ship to Canada if the buyer wants to use a money order. Your US banks really can gouge you if they choose. Are some banks worse than others? Is it just cashing ANY money order or does it relate only to money orders originating outside the US? Bank drafts I send are through TD Bank which has US branches and draws on Wells Fargo. I have not been advised of problems going this route. However with so many smaller local banks that rarely see out-of -country transactions, perhaps staff unfamiliar with handling these MOs just default to slapping on a hefty charge for protection.
  7. Selling into the US, I request a cheque in US funds ands our banks don't flinch. I got a $US account with my bank and deposit the cheque directly with no hassles or extra fees. However sending money to the US, their banks don't like Canadian cheques. I get a bank draft ( ours uses Wells Fargo) and that seems to work. I have not been told that US banks charge a $10 handling fee but maybe the sellers are too kind to complain. Please clarify this for me. Being close to the border, we use a parcel pick up depot in Port Huron MI as mentioned above and it cuts down the shipping costs, no brokerage fees, just the sales tax on the declared value and no duty on antique car parts. On mailed items, ALWAYS USPS, never courier unless you really are a masochist.
  8. 1930 REO - now that rings all the bells for unusual! Just my kind of car - IF I were a LOT younger and a LOT wealthier
  9. Just for perspective, here are the comparable US and Canadian production figures for all three 1936 Dodge models irrespective of body style based on beginning and ending serial numbers: US Canada D2 261637 3368 D3 3073 1318 D4 0 5645 This gives an illustration of why D3s are so seldom seen. I don't know whether these numbers account for vehicles assembled in other countries but I suspect not. Other opinion to this please.
  10. marcapra- do you know Kevin McCabe? He has an extensive collection of MoPar film strips and records. He may be able to help here. I'll PM you with his contact info - give him a call. This is really interesting and neat stuff!
  11. Face of the ACA pedal looks like this. Colour is lighter than the boot above and darker than the pale pedal.
  12. The repro from the Airflow Club looks just like the lower image but with the dimensions I listed above.
  13. I just received the brown accelerator pedal I ordered from the Airflow Club of America. Brown darker than the poor pasty thing that's being sold as a replacement but not as dark as the original. Now for the size; Original - 8 3/4" x 2" Replacement - 10" x 2 1/4 " Both - full steel cores, heel pin mount correct. Placement of accelerator rod socket identical. ( Center of socket to back of heel mount - 8") The extra length is at the upper end beyond the rod socket. Pattern on the face looks like the incorrect repro instead of the original but I think it would be acceptable as it's a correct MoPar pattern. If this will not bind on the firewall, I think we have a winner. Update - I checked and it will do! These are available from ACA for $25.00 each (brown or black) plus shipping. (I don't know how many they have in stock - Price would likely go up if they have to get more made)
  14. and the non-auto related gezunder - for those of us of a certain age