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  1. Complete lot of Buick parts. 1936 to 1940 new radiator hose for Century. 1940 to 56 all series Torque tube Bushing nos. 1952 All series nos Dash Pod vacuum .. 1952 NOS front coil springs 40 series. 1952 nos transmission bearing no picture of these. 1952 new rear shaft output rear bearing. 1941 to 50 outer wheel bearing nos. 1954 Set of rear brake shoes nos. 1952-57 nos front set brake shoes.. Used 1952 headlight switch, used 1936 headlight rubber bracket gasket in good usable condition. A lot of these parts were purchased form Bob's Buick of Calif.. All of the above as a lot for $175.
  2. Here is my 1920 Buick K45 touring with a REX top.. I'm trying to find out how it is held in place on the rear of the section. The top had been removed years ago but just placed back again before I got it.. The front is secured properly but it only rests on the rear irons that stick out from the rear body section on each side normally where the brackets were for a folding top.. I have all the side windows but I don't know if I have all the brackets that's necessary to install.. Nothing to go by..
  3. This is a original vintage NOS, never been mounted, Dual intake manifold designed for the BIG GMC motors. For 661 , 426, 477, 503 cu. in.. S275 firm.. call me at (six one eight eight eight nine 6855).. no text. Located in Southern IL..
  4. Just a guess. Seeing how they are mounted and the flat flag mounting , I'm thinking a firetruck.
  5. Don, did you ever find a distributor? I've been looking but haven't came up with one..
  6. This is a NOS Borg Warner Buick U-joint .. For the 1940 to 1952 Buick 40 & 50 series with standard transmission. If you don't need one now , you may want to shelf one for the future if your a driver.. $60.. plus ship..
  7. The owner says he would sell . I you are interested call him. He has no computer or smart phone, so No Texting.. His number is 618 -969-0163.
  8. This is a good solid Dome Light for a 1920s Era car. One person that own's a Packard said it looked like his.. You be the judge.. On the milk glass edge it has embossed the following " Jefferson 838 - XB or either X8.." .. The art deco dome light housing is made of stamped metal and not cast soft pot metal. It is held to the original wood by two screws as indicated in the last picture.. $35 plus shipping .. If serious call me at (six one eight eight eight nine six eight 55). Located in Southern IL.
  9. An old friend has these . He has no computer , no smart phone, so that means no texting.. If interested call him : Gene 618 969 0163. Located in Southern Illinois..
  10. A old friend of mine has these old headlights.. He does not have a computer or smart phone , so that means you must call to get information. Gene 618 969 0163 located in Southern Illinois.
  11. A old friend of mine has these headlights. If interested in them call him.. He has no computer or smart phone. So that means no texting. Ph: 618 969 0163 located in Southern IL.
  12. Owner of these lights is Gene.. 618-969-0163
  13. Can anyone identify this headlight that a friend brought to me today.? All brass base with black paint and nickel rim. He has a pair.
  14. A friend of mine came by today to show me this headlight and wanted me to identify since I always messed with the vintage cars and parts.. I couldn't even think what this headlight was for or even a year.. Looks to be very early.. Anyone have an idea.. NO markings but on the glass was US Long distance..
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