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  1. Jim, I just bought a 1934 Sport Coupe.. The old Biplane I just receiently sold to a young man in Owensboro Ky.. He also purchased a original vintage metal gas station building from me and has restored it which is on display at his original 1950s Hamburger drive up stand called the WONDER WHIP. Check it out on facebook.. He is thinking about buying my 1929 Diamond T wrecker for display also. The biplane was built in the early 1990s from a set of blueprints.. Locally flown. Had a VW motor. I have a 1920 Buick K45 touring I'm going to sell. I've been working on it and have it now running..Bought new in 1920 by a Doctor in St. Louis Mo.. it was retired out of service in 1933 and then the motor was rebuilt but never started. Also he was going to repaint it but never did. Solid old car. it has a REX ALL SEASON top on it with the side glass windows.. price will be $6500.. I haven't advertised it yet.. 618-889-6855 in case you may know someone that would have an interest. Thank you...
  2. 1933 Buick Shop Manual. 174 pages of great pictures and information .. Older reprint and the pictures and print is sharp. All in tact.. $30 plus shipping. 618-889-6855 located in Southern IL.
  3. This is an original Parts List Manual for the P-15 Plymouth passenger car. MoPar revised in 1948. 456 Pages with lots of exploded views and pictures.. All in tact. $30 plus shipping. Call 618-889-6855 Located in Southern Illinois.
  4. I have a Water Pump for 1927-28 Master Buick, fits 1929 series 121-129.. It feels good and tight with no bearing play. It came with a bunch of extra parts of a 1920 Buick I bought. $30 plus shipping.. Located in Southern Illinois. 618-889-6855
  5. Got a smoother run out of the engine but not yet made final adjustments on the carburetor. I still do not hear the S/G click when turnted on.
  6. pic. of steering box after the fix.. Didn't take any before but there were about 2 1/2" or more showing before we screwed it down toward the box.
  7. GREAT, we got the steering problem resolved, thanks to Morgan.. It adjusted up just fine.. We also started up the motor and it ran smooth..
  8. thanks for the inquary.. We haven't got back yet to the starter after we seen it was going to start up.. We are getting the steering column problem straightened out now and will readdress the starter..... My friend that helps me can't get back until Monday or Turesday...
  9. my 1920 is up on stands. With the wheels straight ahead I start turning the steering wheel left and it takes several truns until it engauges the wheels to turn left and while I'm turning the steering wheel it starts pushing the steering wheel itself up. This also happens when I turn to the right. But when I return from the direstion I'm going it screws itself back donw into the colum jacket. Whats going on..?
  10. I've talked to the person that posted it for sale. He listed it for another person.. I've asked for more details and pictures . He said he was going to take pictures of it on a rack in order to get the under side.. I also have asked for a picture of the title.. Nothing has came back to me as of about 1 1/2 weeks.
  11. I wonder if the motor runs ? Is it drivable as is?
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