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  1. yes, I had one of the chrome spears for a skirt from his car until about 3 years ago.
  2. My father had a 1941 Roadmaster sedan. It was all original unrestored. It didn't have a chrome piece on that molding... ??? The world will go on anyway..
  3. My 1954 Chrysler N.Y. has the power steering pump attached to the generator.. I would like to use a separate power steering unit such as GM mounted on a bracket ran by a belt. Would this unit work on the type of Chrysler steering unit ? I just don't know if there would be a required amount of fluid per minute needed? This would also eliminate the generator and use an alternator. Any ideas?
  4. Ok,, I'll just stay where it's at.. 6V.... it isn't all that bad.. Just like a quick start..
  5. I'm considering using a 8 volt battery in my 1954 Chrysler 331 V8. As I can remember my father use to do this and he had to adjust the voltage regulator.. My question is, what terminal do you adjust on the regulator and how do you determine the setting is proper ? The instrument panel on the car only has a warning light.
  6. What MoPar vehicle is this rear-end gear set for? Part # 1828723 .. A 10 spline pinion.. Teeth 10 & 39...
  7. Merry Christmas to All..... Still playing with my Big Toys.. Haven't had a serious offer yet..
  8. Need to know location of this car so a person could inspect it.. . More pictures would be nice..
  9. Jack,, I was messing with you... couldn't resist.. All's good.
  10. Mine isn't a parts car for $7500.. It's not in concourse condition either. Those would be a bit higher in price.
  11. OK Jack.. 1952 Commander Starlite coupe.. Armature repaint by a previous 80 year old owner.. He said he was building a street rod , (ok).. I guess the full moon caps qualified it and a small street rod emblem he placed on the trunk lid.. I removed the emblem. Motor rebuilt. Automatic. Original interior usable as is. All lights work. Door windows has one crack each. Heater not hooked up.. Solid floors and truck. Like new tires.. I've driven it locally and doesn't heat up. Transmission seems to be operating good. Of course it still needs picked on.. Just a good old driver.. Come and look at it and drive it home.. $7500..
  12. It would be great if someone needed the match for their project.