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  1. Frank Wilkie

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Double check the motor SN if it is a B This is a critical
  2. Frank Wilkie

    1946 chevy pickup

    where is this located?
  3. Frank Wilkie

    1912 and 1913 Buicks for sale. Touring and a runabout.

    Not There on Ebay.. I looked under all categories.
  4. Frank Wilkie

    Old Studebaker wagon?

    Good collection of some Bones. Like it.
  5. Frank Wilkie

    Disgruntled buyer

    Some people just try to complain in order to get some money back. If you described it and showed pictures before he bought it , tell him to get lost.. You have explained it on the posting in order to clear any negative talk back from him..... This is one of the reasons I have quit selling on Ebay. Ebay made it too easy for a buyer to get money back.
  6. Frank Wilkie

    FS: 1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis 

    still no response to my message???
  7. I remember riding in one that was on a track like in the picture. It was at Six Flags St. Louis..
  8. Frank Wilkie

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    Nice kit car!
  9. Frank Wilkie

    1936 Chevrolet pick up title

    Yes, call if interested.. 618-889-6855
  10. Frank Wilkie

    1936 Chevrolet pick up title

    bump post
  11. Frank Wilkie

    1902-05 Race Car

    I have a original hard back photo of a early race car and driver.. The name of the race car is REO BIRD.. The driver is Dan Wurges.. Does anyone have any information about this car and driver?
  12. Frank Wilkie

    FS: 1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis 

    I sent you Vintange 12 a message 3 days ago. No response?
  13. Peter, take a look at this. I found it on Ebay item number 272474141457.. it's a original paper ad for a 1904 Studebaker elect. The seat is different but the dash & the side tiller may be a clue.. I think is see a bracket on the left side of your vehicle.
  14. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Studebaker oil line?

    Yes it looks the same.. I know for a fact when I sold it for my dad it went to South Bend Indiana.. Years later I stopped by his place to see the car and he still had it, but he wouldn't let me see it.. He said it was down in the barn and he said someone over the years had stolen the mag off of it and some other things.. I don't know at this time if he still has it or it's moved on. The South Bend Studebaker club should know more about it..