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  1. Don't care about the authenticity of color. It's mine and I like it
  2. I have a 1952 Commander Starlite Coupe. I'm looking for some useable door sills. Message me.
  3. This is a headlight mounting bracket. Distance between mounting fork is 7 5/16" . stands 13" tall. Has some numbers cast into it at the base but unreadable. Price $40 call me at 618 889 6855. I will not respond to any text.. Located in Southern IL.
  4. I know the car and it's just like he has advertised.. I don't know where Sunnybaba came up with 7K..? I guess some people like to say anything to screw up a posting..
  5. My 1954 Chrysler N.Y. , which I know is original has screws.
  6. This is a 1920s era drum style aux driving light.. Solid but the 4" lens is missing. $20 call 618 889 6855 No text.
  7. This is a Dome light for a vehicle of the 1920s Era.. Looks like it would be for an expensive car of that era.. No cracks in housing , good 3 1/2" milk glass .. m,ax outside measurement is 5".. $35 plus shipping. call me at 618 889 6855 .. NO Texting .. I treat all text as a scam. Located in Southern IL.
  8. Still a damn good car if you know your Buicks..
  9. I wonder if this car came from Southern IL?. .. I sold a Black 1951 Roadmaster to someone in the Carolina's back in about 2005 +/- a year.. I lived in Steeleville, IL.. at that time..
  10. I had to just use a new after market one for now , but it's on the road again..