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  1. Here is a original early vintage front license plate bracket that attaches to the radiator neck.. $250 .. Call me at 618 889 6855 no text.
  2. All of the following items are for Ford A 1928 to 1931. For all $160 will not separate. New Firestone inter tube.. New hood holders. New starter switch assy.. New gas pedal foot rest. NOS generator brushes (4) in original box Becker Brothers Carbon Co. Cheicago IL. Used inside door handle. Used linkage rod. Used gas shut off valve. NEW OLD STOCK , Wirry Joe wiring harness. I have sold about 60 of these for Ford and Chevrolet vehicles of various years. None were ever returned. I sold 2 model A harness and kept one back for me.. I d
  3. diffidently need to see more pictures of the inside and motor area. Do the doors drop a little when you open one? They are heavy doors and usually ware the hinges.
  4. From an old long time Buick fan, thanks for saving this Buick from being destroyed and thrown away.. Good job.. This is a toy I wouldn't mind having..
  5. All in the eye's of the beholder...
  6. It's for sale if anyone is interested.. $175 Brass with nickle plate.
  7. This is a very nice condition, No Dents, Brass with Nickel plate Light . Lens says Guide Ray and on the edge of lens it states: Designed for Mazda Lamp Co. also states : The Guide Motor Lamp.. Rim measures 10". No cracks or splits. Lens good. Reflector is very good original. Price is very reasonable at $175 firm plus ship cost.. If interested call me at 618 889 6855.. No Text.. Located in Southern IL. town of Goreville, IL.
  8. I don't see Cleveland anywhere.. This is just too nice of a lamp not to be identified.
  9. I like the picture... This is what my Diamond T will be.. I have the Weaver Auto Crane to go on it.. I just got it running good today..
  10. Then the lens would have to be turned completely around. Presently it says TOP on the lens with it mounted as pictured.
  11. I am trying to identify this light. Has a max. diameter rim of 10". Has on the lens Guide Ray type A.. Mounting bracket has 3/8" holes spaced on 2" center to center. No dents.. One spot on the lower rear back of bucket it seems to have a long oval spot where maybe a ID emblem was at one time.. Opened it up and the lens states that " Designed for Mazda Lamp Co" and also states " The Guide Motor Lamp Co. " It has two notches to release the lens one at 12 o'clock and other at abut 4 o'clock.. see in pictures .. The reflector is in very very good original condition. Can anyone help..?
  12. thank you.. I'm surprised that it hasn't a front bumper with it having a front bumper.
  13. do you have a front end view , especially of the radiator shell.? I use to have a Stearns Knight coupe and was wondering what differences was the radiator shell. Is the steering tight or a lot of play?
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