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  1. On a 6 volt neg. ground system, when wiring up the ignition from the key switch to the coil which side of the coil do you wire to, the positive or neg. side? Or does it make a difference? This is on a 1928 Diamond T truck.
  2. My father had one when I was a teenager.. never got to ride in it. He mostly just stored it away.. He sold it to someone in Central North area of Illinois, some where close to Peoria IL.
  3. didn't know you used pictures of my car?
  4. This car reminded of the car I use to have. A 1925-26 era Stearns Knight rumble seat coupe, aluminum body. I sold it to a person ,I think, in California back in the 1980s.. He said he was going to put it in line to be restored.. Wish I had a picture of it when I owned it.. I got the car in Mitchell South Dakota.. Needed a complete restoration but rare. I might have some old paper work of when I sold it.. I'll look for it.. I sure would like to get this El Car but I'm just too old now to even think about doing something with it.. Love the old 1920s era cars..
  5. Here is the 1931 Plymouth PA sport roadster my dad had when I was a teenager.. This was back in 1961.
  6. Complete rear end for a 1936 DeSoto.. It was taken out of a coupe in order to install a 9" ford rear end. price $20 you pick up.. Located in Southern IL. call me at 618 889 6855.. NO Text..
  7. Two hat or lapel Buick stick pins . One says ( sixes Buick valve in head Exclusively) and the other has ( valve in head Buick motor cars). Original and in very nice condition. One is 5/8" dia & other is 7/8" dia.. Pair $40.. call me at 618 889 6855 NO Text.
  8. Pick, pick, pick.. Real buyers if interested would call and get information and or make a reasonable offer.. This is not in the J. Leno league..
  9. This is a left side headlight for a vintage White truck.. Looks like in the 1940s era.. cast number on bracket is 463744. Condition : good lens, has dent in head light bucket as shown.. Also the rim has it's damage.. $ 50.. Call me at 618 889 6855.. NO Text.. Located in Southern IL.
  10. SOLD - snooze you loose This is a heavy Brass Chalmers Motor Co. Detroit Mich. US> hub cap.. 3 7/16" ID .. Has it's scratches and small indenture on top of cap. $40 firm.
  11. SOLD Sold This is a Chalmers brass hub cap. Heavy . Not perfect but good for driver ... $ 40.. Call me at 618 889 6855 NO TEXT.. Located in Southern IL..
  12. Nice 1936 DeSoto owener's book. Nice condition. All pages good. $35
  13. yes, I had one of the chrome spears for a skirt from his car until about 3 years ago.