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  1. Can you post a photo, some people may have them in their shed and not know which car they fit. Peter
  2. Hi Jeff, thanks for reply. The Solenoid is SS-4104. The thread pitch looks to be 3/8"-16. The Dia of contact is about 15/16". I am not sure on the MAX-4016 as I had info that this was for right hand drive (which mine is) or MAX-4015. My car is a 1936 S-1 Desoto Airstream. Peter
  3. This is what I am after, still looking for.
  4. email address is Thanks, peter
  5. Hi, looking for Starter Solenoid terminal bolt. Mine was stripped while auto electrician belted mine with a hammer, that what it looks like. I sacked him and now repairing his damage. They are the copper bolts with rectangle end. One is about 1 3/4" and other 1 7/8" in length, I need the 1 7/8" but happy to buy a couple that are close to finish rebuild. It is to suit 1936 Mopar starter (AutoLite), any leads greatly appreciated. Peter
  6. Thanks flackmaster, I could not see email address as I am in Australia.
  7. Hi Ian, great job have been looking at progress. I may need to pick your brains on people you used for pin strips and woodgrain etc. I am located in Wangaratta, Victoria. Peter
  8. I need the 71/2" reflectors to suit Desoto bucket.
  9. Still looking, there must be someone with a pair of reflectors taking up space in a box somewhere.
  10. Harold, I use a guy to import to Auz from a place I think it is called Munci. Having exhaust bending instructions going back decades is a real plus for you guys. Our guys I think could only make something if you had something as a template. I will check on the RHS part, I think all they did when my car was imported is alter the steering wheel and pedals. My speedo is on the LHS, so they did not bother even changing it around with the fuel, temp gauges.
  11. Thanks for your time to reply 31plymouth and Bhigdog. I may email martin and see what he can do. I had read a few horror stories where you pay good money and expect something equal to what your paying and they were not any where near in quality and you feel like you have just been ripped off again. Peter
  12. Looking at getting someone to make a exhaust for my 36 Desoto. Some offer Aluminized pipes or stainless. Problem is that I do not have one to get another made by copying what I have. Can any one recommend someone from a good experience. I saw Waldons Exhaust on a website make them for about $325 it may be a generic for 36 vehicles, not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Knobless I am doing 1936 Desoto like billw, not at body stage yet but would need one as well if you think it will fit. Peter W