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  1. Yes, the top left seems to break maybe due to small moving parts and I like yourself have a number of broken ones. Maybe the top middle one was introduced as a replacement due to the breaks, being solid and having no moving parts. Still like to identify bottom centre ones car with a view of finding a new home, I think the retracting dovetail was to be some sort of improvement that is why I thought after 1936..
  2. Thanks, they measure about 1 1/2" L x 1 3/8" W x 9 /16" H at back high point and have SP 107 stamped on back.
  3. Hi, I have a couple of striker plates which were found in a box in my shed. I was wandering if someone with a little bit of knowledge about these could put a year and vehicle to the ones I have a ? against. Top LHS 1936 Desoto. (after 2 more) The top middle is solid and no moving parts - 36 Dodge? The top RHS 37-39 Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler ? (2 NOS for sale) Bottom LHS is like Desoto but extended at bottom 36 Chrysler ? (will sell the 2 I have if I can get the Desoto replacements) Bottom middle NOS - 1939 ? (for sale) Bottom RHS - Ford Latch ? Any assistance appreciated as they may help someone with their restoration.
  4. Ruben you are the best, my US friend. Great to hear from you hope all is well. Let me know $ and I will send through. Regards, Peter
  5. Looking for one of each of these headlight parts. Desperate for lower one, I have been told they were used in Canadian models, not sure. Any clues would be appreciated. Peter
  6. You might need to post a photo to help. Peter
  7. Looking for one headlight bolt spring and mounting clip like in photo. Also require 7 5/8" reflectors for 1936 Mopar. Peter
  8. Looking for headlight reflectors for my 1936 Desoto they are 7 5/8" does anyone have 1 or a set for sale, I have good set approx. 8" which I purchased and were in incorrect box. - Peter
  9. Looking to purchase 2 Headlight reflectors for my 1936 Desoto, I assume Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth would also suit. The bucket opening is 7 5/8". Had purchased a good set a few years ago but they are 8", the seller included side of original box which said Do-Ray Lamp Co no 96 and it said fits 1936 Plymouth P1 and P2, Desoto, Dodge, Studebaker, Nash 36-37, Dodge Truck and Plymouth truck. I might be wrong but I think his boxes may have been mixed up. Peter.
  10. Hi, does anyone know where to get felt dust seals from. I had bought some recently but they turned out to fit 1936-42 Dodge 1-830707 LHS. The part number I believe is 632174 and is to suit frame on RHS. Thanks Peter
  11. Do you have the studs that are used to hold breather pipe bracket to side of engine. Peter
  12. Looking for 1 x 1 3/8" brake cylinder cup expander for my 1936 Desoto. Also looking for pistons to suit.
  13. Thanks Steve, very keen. I would need them to go to the exporter i use. Would pay for potage and package. Could you check overall length again. Peter
  14. Would they suit 1936 Desoto, Peter