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  1. Hi John new accelerator pedal on Ebay $59 correct number, Peter https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-38-Dodge-Desoto-Chrysler-NOS-495993-Gas-Accelerator-Pedal/133533480588?epid=1829951459&hash=item1f1737368c:g:bnAAAOSwyfpfdJ7x
  2. John, click on link that 30DodgePanel attached it goes straight to the engine mount, still available. Peter W
  3. Hi John, There is a mount on Ebay search 36 Dodge they are asking $73. Regards, Peter W
  4. How hard is it to set up and Airstream section, then everyone will be happy.
  5. Hi, Does any trim go over the curved rubber? I have a 36 Desoto with aluminium insert on Richards body.I would need postage to Australia. Thanks, Peter
  6. Hi Joe, ?This is on Ebay at the moment do a search 1936 Chrysler $25.79. Casing Length 24" Cable length 70"
  7. Thanks everyone so much for your advise and knowledge, all set for my next stage of getting old silver back on the road.
  8. So trying to get my head around this. The diff oil would be different to the oil used in my engine being thicker? keithb7 mentioned GL-1 which I understand to be gear lubricant and ok for brass? I don't believe my diff has the brass. I am not a mechanic but learning from those with the know how. Off to the shop tomorrow so I want my shopping list to be correct.
  9. This may be just a simple question, I have had my differential rebuilt for 36 Desoto and have read a bit about correct diff oils to use. It appears that oils now compared to 80 odd years ago are yards apart. Could someone please guide me or recommend on their experience the correct oil to use and the amount required, I don't want to over fill it and create other issues.
  10. For what it it worth, I have purchased a number of items from Uptowndodge. It took someone from this forum to convince him to sell to someone down in Australia. That being said, i have been given very fare prices on all items i have purchased from him, considering our dollar is equal to only 0.69 US and I hope to continue our friendship and dealings. I think prices for anything depend on rarity, condition and how bad you need the part. I remember going to a swap meeting in Auz and overheard a guy say I have been looking for this part for 15 years but then was not prepared to pay
  11. Thanks, one more question distance between bolt holes. I was going to use this on my 1936 Desoto.
  12. Hi, what is part numbers on parts please. I am interested, located in Australia. Peter
  13. I like that Scam the Scammer!!!
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