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  1. This is broken at the threads threads into piece on frame,has/ was just tacked” Before I tried removing snapped right off not looking for a fix looking for replacement bar, thanks anyways,
  2. Have a set of olds wire wheel hub caps missing one mounting brackets nice shape, offers
  3. Looking for spare tire carrier Rod as in photo, thanks
  4. I ordered some glass years ago for my 36 dodge and the company sent me the 4 pcs Side glass , for they said Chrysler C6 ? If anyone needs or has one of these cars, The glass is $100, my loss, also would like to see picture of this car,,,Thanks, contact me here, I am in southern NH 03077
  5. Ian , I ll have to take a look , look like some kind of “ aligners “ we are in the middle of a major clean out here ,Dumpster arrived late yesterday, but maybe I can take a quick look,
  6. Your a craftsman Ian, face it! Hahahahaha good job, wish I was further ahead, back problems now knee problems, , but getting back, construction, especially form work is a young mans game, but I have no problem keeping up....
  7. Small parts on left rubber came with 33 plymouth Coupe parts, Thanks in advance
  8. Cross steering for 38 will not ship come get it if you need it it’s Free !, Also have a set of backing plates same year,,,,also small trim piece off 33/34 plymouth looks to be gas tank cover trim had similar on my 33 2 door PD, make offer, thanks original battery box cover ,again offers
  9. I am in the process of making up more roof seal for these cars, also will fit Plymouth with torrent tops if applicable, please contact me if you have been looking I made several years ago and they sold out quickly so message me to hold onto your needs
  10. Ian Im sure after all the planning I’ll miss something , hahahahaha
  11. The inner roller is tacked into place as in welded, on mine have to remove just the roller redo and reinstall, yup lots of fun,,
  12. How much I still have the mounting pin on my 34 Dodge for it you have all PCs? Linkage, that mounts to gas pedal swivel ect ?
  13. Maybe shrink the pictures may help, You have been busy, don’t forget the little felt sleeves that go on the window arms, seems to be an anti rattle, application only found one on the front passenger door, the rest must have been remove some time ago, you know that old saying,,,, “ One step forward and 3 steps back””””your 34 looks great nice work,,,
  14. Got it Thanks, Spinney,,,👍
  15. Arrive today, Nice one, and didn’t break the bank $$$$
  16. Looking for a engine stand that’s a good one for flathead six, any suggestions? Had four I bought and sold every one of them, New in box, oh well.
  17. Wow, wtf happening to this forum, sensitive people all over must be a sign of the times! Maybe when people ask for help don’t give it let them figure it out, beats getting insulted....
  18. This is the one with the two arms coming off it, wasn’t your rebuild single ? Or if you did one where can I find the post thanks.
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