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  1. Right, it’s been over 20 years since, I had the PD, forgot, and the dome had the tiny on off witch, correct, now I remember, Thanks
  2. Thinking my 33 Pd had a small toggle switch left side of dash on the very bottom, I still have one of those switches,,,Somewhere,,,,,
  3. Go to YouTube search P9150001 my video of installing 34 Dodge front windows, Hope it helps,,,,
  4. Looking for tail light license lens as in photo any leads would be great Thanks
  5. This seal , you have to remove the roof panel to install,
  6. Yes, Are you in the states? Roof seal is $185, plus $25.75 Shipping Us only, I do Money orders only, to: Steve Langis 18 Ham Road Raymond, NH 03077 email signalsteve@comcast.net Thanks Steve
  7. I think it had those long rivet like pins that held them in place through the floor board and firewall, I know my 34 has them, tough to find I would think haven’t gotten that far to start the hunt yet, but do have some I will post a picture as soon as I run across them, I put them somewhere” for safe keeping just need to remember where,,,,,,,,
  8. I have bought off him before , didn't really notice anything, just a customer buying from a seller,,,then again everyone has a bad day now and then,,,
  9. He has parts you won’t find elsewhere, and he knows it, and so do you, just business, sounds like you took it personal, it’s only business,,,and it’s between you “ two” dirty laundry” doesn’t belong here, that’s your business, I think you may have to swallow some pride and just get your parts, No?
  10. I thought it was a rod that activated the auto clutch, connected to the gas pedal, ? If I remember, my 33 PD had it..it’s been awhile,,,,
  11. I have the windshield defroster strange little mechanism, don’t know if I’ll be using it yet, your “ Fruits of Labor have paid off well, car looks great
  12. Mine are leaking so I Asume reusing is not an option, talk to pat Walsh awhile back said he had them, My plan is do both sides especially if they are a pain to do , rather do them now then one start leaking after, thanks for all the imput, I guess that 3 program puller is what I need who knows where to get one? Thanks again
  13. I believe so, exact copy for 34 Dodge Dr car, was informed they fit many other 33/34 cars and trucks,thanks
  14. Ruben Got your check haven’t had time to hit the bank, (Working) your seal will go out Saturday, thanks again Steve
  15. Looking for spare tire bar, for 1934 Dodge DR model,
  16. Steve langis 18 Ham Road Raymond NH 03077 sold the last one I had today,, Good thing you grab this,,,Thanks again Ruben,,
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