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  1. Will these brackets work with a 1934 Plymouth PG, and also on a 1934 Dodge KCL Humpback?
  2. Different than PT50
  3. Another part I thought of is 1933 front fender mounting brackets, the one that the headlight will bolt to, the fender sandwiches in between...
  4. Love the car, wish that I could buy it.
  5. Where are you located? If this amazing car sells, and the buyer does not want the 1934 engine, I would like to see if I could possibly buy the engine. My 1934 doesn't have a engine for my car.
  6. Not yet, I will have to wait until June
  7. I dig it! I restored a supercharged Hawk, these cars are very different in appearance compared to anything else out there.
  8. Thanks for letting me know Dave.
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