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  1. Leo, I think you will be fine using the 1/4 - 5/16 combo with the mounting hole. Manual brakes move such a small amount of fluid back and forth, whether it is in a 1/4" or 5/16" tube should make no difference at all to your pedal throw. I believe the old guys at Chrysler believed that when feeding 2 quarter inch lines, they needed to use a 5/16" "feeder". Just my $ .02, and worth every penny. Mike in Colorado
  2. Jack, My '31 CG is backwards of your description. My cable is pushed in and I have compression braking. I validated that the cable is hooked up to the lever @ the Tx. Now I'm trying to discover what the big solenoid on the drivers side of the O.D. unit is for and where it's 2 wires go. Mike in Colorado
  3. Apparently, neither do I. Had her for over a year now and I've always been afraid to pull the cable. When in doubt, read the book........... Mike in Colorado
  4. Thanks, but mine is a '31 CG, and the headlight /parking light switch is a lever on the steering wheel. I don't see a light in the center of the wheel, and don't see any unaccounted for wires down at the clum switch. Guess I'll have to re read the manual for '31's. Mike in Colorado
  5. Thanks for asking B-B. I would like to know the reason for the solenoid too. I don't have an indicator light in the instruments or on the dash, so what's it for ?
  6. I showed you mine, now you show me yours Mike in Colorado
  7. You talking about all the houses they built on top of the sand mine on HWY 50 between Claremont and Groveland, where the water table is 8 inches higher than their garage floors ? About 6 miles east of my sister in law's Blueberry farm in Claremont. Mike in Colorado
  8. Yup, they do. Out here in dry Colorado, after cleaning the dog food out of the air filter on my 1985 Ford F-250 THREE times, we quit feeding the dogs outside, and dropped a half dozen moth balls in the air filter to keep the ground squirrels from building their nest in there. Also dropped several all round the engine bay, as if left for a long time, they will eat the wire insulation. Plus, I always keep a few in the Buick and the Chrysler's back seat area. Wool upholstery you know. Spectators at the car shows say they smell like their grandma's house. No, I have not dropped any moth balls in the gas tank to raise the octane rating yet. However, back in the sixty's, we always stopped at the dry cleaners on the way to the track and got some used naptha, to fill the oil bath air cleaner of the old Desoto stock car we raced. Better than NOX for the first lap or two. If your out front, they can't hurt you......... Mike in Colorado
  9. Pcm, Just as an FYI, my daily driver, after coming home from Korea in 1963, was a '47 Windsor. Kind of an olive green, with a rusty hood. We painted the hood flat black and painted a couple of palm trees on the driver's door. Called her "Rommel's staff car". Drove that old girl to work and back plus a lot of vacations for 12 years. Finally traded her for a '60 vette. Worst trade we ever made ! Mike in Colorado
  10. Pcm, Here you go. Before, after paint and installed. For your viewing pleasure.......... Mike in Colorado
  11. Pcm, I just made a shield for my '31 Imperial fuel pump. Took a piece of 14 gage and cut it 5" x 9". Bent one end down 90 degrees x 1" which will go at the rear. I had the 3 stand off pins on the fuel pump, so I put a dab of white paint on top of each, and positioned the plate over the pump just how I wanted it to sit and pressed down on the pins. Showed me right where to drill the 3 holes. I'll post a picture tomorrow when the paint dries. My fuel line comes off the front of the pump and vertically up and straight back to the carb over the intake manifold. A pretty short run, but up here at 8500 ft. vapor lock is a way of life, so most of the older cars have fiberglass sleeves on their fuel lines. And we all run electric fuel pumps mounted back at the tank and on a toggle switch straight to a hot lead. Takes a lot of strain off the starter, when they sit for a week or so between drives. AND you can kick it in when she coughs on those long mountain pulls. Mike in Colorado
  12. Thanks Walt for all your contributions. They have made the last few months of "lock down" tolerable, and we've also learned a lot. Your trophy is in the mail................... Mike in Colorado
  13. Gunsmoke, Why do you want to replace them ? Those will polish up nicely with any good metal polish. I use "Semichrome" from the local Yamaha dealer, and I can really make them shine. Only have to do it once a year out here in very dry Colorado. Mike in Colorado
  14. John, Cool Packard, looks like a giant Singer. Yup I know about the tires. Ed thinks I'm nuts for even using them for "the show field". My local tire store had all 4 off last fall, and they inspected the insides, the beads and the side walls, installed new tubes and rebalanced them. They did not see anything that was a concern to them at that time. We drive mostly around town and rarely get above 35 MPH and NO hard cornering on the mountain passes, as we don't use guard rails out here very much. No place to push the snow in winter. I've been looking at the Lester's for both cars (4.5" WW) but searching thru the forums, I'm getting mixed reviews . MY APOLOGIES TO FOSSIL Did not mean to hijack your thread !!! Mike in Colorado
  15. Please post a picture of what you are looking for. My '31 CG has "non tapered" fine thread lug bolts for wire wheels. Mike in Colorado
  16. Fossil, Start at the wheels and work your way back to the box. Tie rod ends and drag link are the first components I would check. Tightening up the steering box would be last, unless you have a lot of play in the steering wheel. Setting it up tight will not make up for loose tie rods. But then you knew that. To check king pins, jack the front wheels just off the floor, put a bar under the wheels 90 degrees to the wheel and lift up. If you see the top of the tire move inward, it's the king pins. You can check the rim's run out with a couple of boards and a nail set up like a dial indicator on the rim. Just give the wheel a spin and check for run out. Mike in Colorado
  17. Well Padget, here goes. Though Ed and Matt will kill me for this. The "Baby", '40 Buick LTD is riding around on "Martin's" and the '31 Imperial is shoed with "Denman's", and I'll be darned, I can't find a local dealer for either brand. The wife's '02 minivan has radials, and she's gone thru several sets of Kuhmo's, and though they wear like iron, we just keep buying a new set every couple of years. Guess they don't make stuff like they used to. Mike in Colorado PS for Fossil, I do store both of mine on jack stands. Hers just sits in the garage.
  18. Yup, poor man's version with chalk. Mike in Colorado