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  1. FLYER15015

    1929 chrysler 65 intro

    Chris, Welcome aboard. Looks like a real nice ride. Like the folks above, get a parts book, a mechanics hand book and an owners manual as your first purchase. Use the forum as much as you can, as there are lots of us that have walked your path and we can show you where all the rocks are. The internet also has been a very valuable resource for all of us, so ask all the questions you have about a specific task, before you start spinning wrenches. Also, take a lot of pictures. We love them and it sure helps the folks understand what you are trying to do. One step at a time and enjoy the trip. Mike in Colorado
  2. Narve, FYI, here is what I did to my '40 buick. Picture 1 is the oil pump just after I soldered the pick up screen back onto the pick up tube. When I bought the car, and drove it 120 miles to the house, job #1 was to pull the pan, We found about an inch of grey sludge in the bottom and buried in it was the pick up float. NOT GOOD ! Picture 2 is the bottom plate with just a few passes of 60 grit emory just to highlight the high spots. We sanded this plate down with #60, then #40 and then # 120, on a good flat surface, until all the "grey" spots where the leaks were had disappeared. Checked the clearance to the gears with "Plastigage" at .0035". And sealed the plate to the housing with a THIN coat of Permatex #2. Added a 1/4" nut behind the relief spring, under the big nut, on the left side of picture 1. Picture 3 shows how deformed the pan was around the bolt holes, so we hammered them flat so the gasket would seal without a bunch of silicone. End result was good oil pressure using Shell Rotella 10W40. Mike in Colorado
  3. Narve, I had this same issue with my '40 Buick 320 OHV. My fix was to remove the bottom plate from the oil pump and emory (sand) it flat and seal all the leaks around the edges with a thin coat of Permatex #2 I used "Plastigage" to check the clearance between the gears and the bottom plate. Should be no more than .005". Mine measured .0035", after sanding. Just for insurance I put a 1/4" spacer (nut) behind the oil pressure relief spring. She now has 60# at start up, 40# at cruzing and 30# at a hot idle. And this is with a babbitt engine that has never been rebuilt. And I run Shell Rotella 10W40, with a quart of Rislone just to make me feel better. I have not yet torn into the '31 Imperial, but the few runs we have had indicate good oil pressure. Project # 1 this winter is to replace the wheels and master cylinder. # 2 will be to pull the pan, just for a look-see, at the front and rear seals. Mike in Colorado
  4. FLYER15015

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    nzcarnerd, Here in the colonies, we call your HO (coloured picture) a "boxer" engine. So, we have the L-T-I-F-I engines pictured. Think we ought to include TU for the old Dodge turbines ? And what about the 3 cylinder 3 carb, 3 coil, TWO STROKE that was in my old SAAB ? Added a quart of 30 weight for every 20 gallons, per the big red tag on the gas cap. Hey BEN, what are you doing knocking about with the Chrysler guys ? All the Buick problems been solved ? Mike in Colorado
  5. FLYER15015

    How many ?

    Yes, from the limited research I've done she seems to have a '35 engine in her. Delco distributor sticking out the drivers side of the block with no vacuum advance and a Stromberg carb on a home made adapter / spacer, and the exhaust manifold below the intake runners. Somebody brazed a lamp base to the air cleaner so it would fit on the carb. Smart thinking............. She was supposedly "restored" in 1990 in California. My opinion = a very amateur job, except for the upholstery, which was done quite well. Paint and body work leave a LOT to be desired ! Maybe that's why Wayne C. passed on her. = too much work. But here in the Colorado mountains, she's a big fish in a small pond, and a lot of fun to drive. Mike in Colorado
  6. FLYER15015

    How many ?

    Keiser 31, Thank you so much for this info. I think this narrows it down to the Standard Factory CG 4 door sedan or limo as she has the "jump seats" in the rear. So it is either 403 or 271. What are the numbers ahead of the build quantities ? Are they "weights" ? I'm told ours weighs real close to 5K #.
  7. FLYER15015

    How many ?

    Hi guys and gals, Having just acquired a '31 Chrysler Imperial, I see a tag on the firewall that says "body number 69". My question to those more learned than me is ; 69 out of how many ? My title that came with the car says the vin is "CG1960" which is stamped on the block. Can that really be the vin # ? Being new to classic Chryslers, I am trying to learn as much as I can about the history of our new baby. She did come from California, I think in the San Jose area. Any help would be appreciated. Mike in Colorado
  8. FLYER15015

    Exterior horns for 35 Buick

    Scully, Send me the pictures too. I'm looking for a set for my '31 Chrysler. Mike in Colorado
  9. FLYER15015

    1929 Chrysler 65 steering

    Ben, Don't overlook the "kingpin" bushings, (where the wheel spindle is attached to the axle). Mine are a bit loose 'cause when the wheels are off the floor, I can move the top in and out just a bit. They are up for replacement this winter, when we do the brakes. Mike in Colorado
  10. FLYER15015

    1929 Chrysler 65 steering

    Ben, Are you running radials or bias ply tyres ( a little down under lingo) ? I too have about an inch or so at the wheel in my '31 but I am fitted with 40 year old Denman 6 ply bias tyres. I've not had the old girl up on blocks yet to do the brakes, wheel bearings, and tighten up the steering joints, but if I were you, I would chase the looseness from the wheels back to the steering box, not from the box out. That's the way I was taught at the Morris garage I apprenticed at, in the '60's Mike in Colorado
  11. FLYER15015

    Chrome short trumpet horns

    Duro, Thank you for the research. It is much appreciated. They are "close" but the style of the trumpet seems to be for a much earlier (teens or twenties) model car. All that I have seen for the '30's cars are round and a bit longer. My search continues, but isn't that the fun part ? Mike in Colorado
  12. FLYER15015

    Chrome short trumpet horns

    I am looking for a set of the chrome short trumpet horns that I see on '30's cars such as Chryslers with the chrome "stand up" grilles. They are usually seen just below the light buckets, beside the grill shell. The era that came just before cars had grilles that were folded into the body sheet metal is really the prettiest to me, and I would like to "dress up" my '31 Chrysler Imperial. Any leads would be appreciated. Mike in Colorado
  13. FLYER15015

    New wheel cylinders or resleeve ?

    Question, If a step bored cylinder was so great, how come it did not become standard fare with all of the big 3, all the way up to the disk brake take over point ? Was science over ruled by the bean counters ? DUH ?????? Mike in Colorado
  14. FLYER15015

    New wheel cylinders or resleeve ?

    Sooooo, taken all the above, and baring any new solid info, I am leaning towards pulling all the cylinders, wheel and master, and sending them to Ron Karp in California for re-sleeving, and per Hchris, have a constant size bore in the wheels. When he did my '40 Buick LTD about 6 years ago, it solved all my problems and I would highly recommend them to anyone with brake issues.
  15. FLYER15015

    New wheel cylinders or resleeve ?

    Thanks Tin for the lead. So "Roberts" wants about 50 bucks a cylinder that I may (?) find @ Autozone /NAPA, for about eighteen bucks. All is just speculation till I get her torn down and pull the cylinders to get a good look see. Hey Spinney, you ever hear from Grant McGrath any more ? Haven't seen him post on the Buick forum in a long time now. Mike in Colorado