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  1. Of course this is not bad either, But by now we're talking about somebody's grandmother. Wouldn't you like to go back in time................. Mike in Colorado
  2. Lamar, She sure is a cutie ! But IMHO, this is the standard by which all others shall be judged ! Mike in Colorado
  3. Yup, 8 years later. My how time fly's . Here is my installation and yes, 8 years later and lots of miles too, it still looks like this. I do believe it has done it's job keeping the heat down in the bay and by the M/C. Went from the base of the exhaust manifold all the way back past the master cylinder and to the "X" member of the frame. Used radiator clamps about every 8" just to make sure it did not unravel. So far every thing is still in place. Mike in Colorado
  4. Packard's do need "dressing up". They're such cute little things. If he would ditch the side mount canvas covers, and put a set of wide whites all round, just think what she would look like
  5. Hey fossil, Their address is listed as "French Camp, Ca. which is the south side of Stockton. Call the BBB or Cof C in Stockton and see if they know this business. Seeing their picture of components, at $260.00 for the kit, i would jump on it. If you call them, get a couple of previous customers names and check them out. I may be right behind you for a set on the '31 CG. Mike in Colorado
  6. Matt, I feel your pain regarding "new" cars. Ruth drives an '02 Dodge Grand Caravan with 265K on the clock. Other than tires, and brake pads, (which i did) she has not spent a hundred dollars on her car since we bought it in '04, w/ 36K on the clock She would not trade it for the world ! My driver is a '14 Chrysler T&C with 105K on her now, purchased in '18 with 31K on the clock. I would not even consider anything newer than a 2015 from any make!!!! So your solution is to take that black thing behind your new car, send it to Dave Kindig, get an LS-
  7. Here in Colorado, we did get away with one car show this year. Called it a "peaceful protest". Imperial did good last year. No awards given this year, so it was not a "show". Mike in Colorado
  8. WWW.pushrods.net Bend Oregon Send a good one and they will copy them. Upgrade to 4140 CrMo steel at your option. I've have these in my '40 LTD (320CID) for the last 5 years, and they are great ! Mike in Colorado
  9. Taylormade, Any decent panel beater / blacksmith with a pair of tin snips, a grinder and a Dremmel tool could knock this out in an hour or so. Why not make your own ? Mike in Colorado
  10. Keefer, I did mine similar to Bill's. Used one of the short rubber fender mount types, and mounted it under the fender just ahead of the sidemount, using it's support bracket. No one has found it yet, and we've been to several car shows this summer with a lot of lookers. Mike in Colorado
  11. Love the matching color scheme, and Ms. Rita looks like a "happy camper". But what's that funny red flag for ? GO ARMY ! Mike in Colorado
  12. X2 on John's liking a bit of red accent. Painted the belt line trim groove and 3 hood ornament grooves "Chinese red", and i like it. Mike in Colorado
  13. I did some welding on Steve McQueen's dune buggy back in the summer of '68 when he was racing them at Ascot Park in Gardena, Ca. He introduced me to James Garner who was racing a jeep that night. My bride, Ms. Ruth came around a trailer in the pits at the Elkhart Lake, Wis. Road America Can-Am race and ran smack into Paul Newman. He bought her a new Coke. Oh, and I bought a car from the famous Mr. Marty Roth. Does that count ? But he made me come get it. All the way from Colorado. Though he did buy lunch................... Mike in C
  14. Salida, Colorado Loaf and Jug today reg @ $2.54 and diesel @ $2.54. I could not believe diesel's come down. With each 100 points from City market, we get a dime off gas though, and i buy the grocery's. Usually get 20-30 cents off per gallon up to a 30 gallon limit. Mike in Colorado
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