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  1. Lord, if I only had the room...............
  2. NC, So now I think we have another fan of Evap-o-rust !!!! Mike in Colorado PS; Keep your eye on the expansion plugs for awhile. Ask me how I know.
  3. I don't know if I can help on the gas gauge. I bought one from "Bob's" and just threw it in. Got lucky I guess. But I did note that she being a stock 6 volt system, the wire going to the gauge seemed quite big, so there must have been a resistance calculation back then. I used the same gauge wire for my ground on the frame and tried to keep it as short as possible. Shocks = you can siphon them out with a coke bottle and some 1/8" model airplane fuel line (soft silicone). However it tastes terrible........... Mike in Colorado
  4. Matt, 1, Take the STP out of your shocks. 2. Get some "Lesters"" with the 4 1/2 white walls. You really would not want to buy my "Martin's". Ed would have a fit. The "BABY" rides smooth as silk since I put hydraulic jack oil in the shocks. Mike in Colorado
  5. If it is really for a king, it's probably 1/2" steel plate, which is kind of hard to form gracefully. Fenders look "sacrificial", and with steel wheels they did not need "run flat tires'. Hope the glass is thick......... Mike in Colorado
  6. Matt, When I dropped the gas tank on my '40LTD, I had to build new straps out of flat stock, as they were almost rusted thru. I used wash machine drain hose (split open and trimmed) as my top and bottom cushions . Also, back to your clutch / brake pedal issue, the next time you have her up on the lift, check the 2 holes in the 'clutch equalizer" (bell crank). Mine was almost "blown out' where the rod from the clutch pedal hooks in. I tig welded it up and re-drilled the hole just a bit back, so there is plenty of stock for the next guy. Mike in Colorado
  7. Front frame horns ? Let's just call it an optical delusion. Mike in Colorado
  8. Chris, Show us a picture of your oil pump. There may be a way to "shim" it to get you a bit more pressure. I'm guessing she's a babbit motor, and if so there should be shims on each side of the bearings. DON'T mess with them, till you get some "plastigage" Like MikeC5 says. Mike in Colorado
  9. And you wonder why all the old state highways have a greasy black strip down the center, and motorcyclists are advised to ride in the outer wheel track ?????? Answer is, too many Buicks on the road................... Mike in colorado
  10. Yup, they all leak. I've had that torque ball leak in my '40 LTD, since the day we brought her home. Not much, just a half a dollar spot after a days driving. Took my TX shop's advice and put a "diaper" on it. No drips on the garage floor and I only have to change her diaper about twice a year. I still keep a patch of cardboard under her, just in case the diaper gets too full. Mike in Colorado
  11. Dyna, Just an idle question re your '41. Do you have your spark plug cover on ? Is it screwed down tight ? Could be that your 1 and 2 plugs are grounding on the cover. if so, take it off and start her up, let her idle and ground each plug with a screw driver, and see if the idle changes. You said you are running AC 46's. You know that they come in different heights. Ask me how I know. If they are the new ones, they will ground out on the cover. I use the OLD C-49's in my '40 LTD as we mostly putt around town, and they are noticeably shorter. Mike in Colorado
  12. NC, Don't be in a hurry with the Evapo. Give it a couple of days to "cook". Evapo goes in looking like mountain dew, and when it's done working it looks like old oil. It will not hurt brass or aluminum ! Make that old girl go thru several heat / cool cycles and get it circulating all thru the system. Not to scare you, but mine worked so good, I wound up replacing a couple of frost plugs, and when I peered inside, she was as clean as a whistle, radiator too. Mike in Colorado PS; In case Lamar drops by, the good old days................ If this came with it, I would buy your car at full price.
  13. I have been driving around Colorado for about 3 years now with these plates, I got off the "net" @ "build a sign". Keep the real (ugly) antique car plates under the rear floor mat. But then I live in a small town, and next door to a sheriff's deputy, so they all know the car. They also know that the "tommy gun" in the back seat is really a bb gun. Mike in Colorado
  14. I'm with John. Throw 2 gallons of Evap-o Rust in her and drive around for about a week. Lots of heat / cool cycles. Then fill her up with 50/ 50 PRESTONE AND DISTILLED WATER. Worked wonders for my '40 Buick, and now overheating is a thing of the past. Mike in Colorado