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  1. Hunter, Have you tried powering your flashers with the hot wire directly to the battery ? Get them flashing with the ign switch off - on -run and see what happens. Mike in Colorado
  2. Gary, Wray is one good panel beater !!! Love the rear fenders. Question = Why is the rearmost point on a boat tail always canted back ? Is that 'the style" for all boat tails ? Just asking. Mike in Colorado
  3. Check with the WPC (Walter P. Chrysler) club, and search the Chrysler / Dodge forums here. OR go on www. or . or , or similar web sites. Just a couple of ways to cast a bigger net. Mike in Colorado
  4. Andrew, Thanks for the pictures ! They look cool, but the little bitty "boat tail" seams like a terrible waste of space. Who was it that said, " if most cars were driven backwards they could go faster". Mike in Colorado
  5. So much for "If your in front, nobody can hurt you !" Mike in Colorado
  6. Where are you ? Awfully small rear trunk lid, makes it tough to use. Why not make the whole "boat tail" lift ? Rear fenders should be teardrop. Got a "doner car" ? Call Dave Kindig in SLC Utah. Just my $ .02, and worth every penny. Mike in Colorado
  7. It's not 'stock car" racing anymore, it's nascar. (< small letters to denigrate.) BIG difference !!!!!!!!!! Our prayers go out to Ryan !!! Mike in Colorado
  8. I second that !!! Caveat = next time keep it Mopar with a hemi. EVERYBODY knows an SBC only goes in a Ford AND a Ford 9" only goes in back of a Chevy. Funny how the world works......... Mike in colorado
  9. Pinterest shows a lot of red wheels too. Mike in Colorado
  10. Kevin, I cannot tell you that mine is the "correct" colour (for our British brothers), but my car was refurbished back in 1980, and all I did was try to match what was on her. I can tell you that the colour is more of a cream than a yellow Mike in Colorado
  11. Kevin, I found the right color of "cream" for the wheels, at our True Value hardware store (their own brand), and "rattle canned" mine last spring. Re the gazelle, I was told the one keiser31 posted with the notched antlers and open area at the front legs was reserved for the Imperils. Don't know if this is true or not, but I could get REAL interested in purchasing that one........... Mike in Colorado
  12. Bloodowl89, Start a new thread in the General discussion forum entitled CALLING ALL LAWYERS, I NEED HELP ! Got to be a couple on here that will give you some advice "off the clock" I would like to think we are a friendly bunch of old guys. Mike in Colorado
  13. Here's mine. Twenty four foot Alliance trailer, with home made escape door, to haul a '40 Buick LTD. I split a 2x4 and screwed a set of guide rails to the floor. Just line her up on the red tabs and drive in hands free, or use the winch. Mike in Colorado