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  1. FLYER15015

    1929 Chrysler rear axle bearings

    Jerzjer, Where did you get the wheel cylinders ? New or rebuilt ? Are you doing the master too ? I'm about to do the same to a '31 Chrysler. Mike in Colorado
  2. FLYER15015

    Winter meet 2019 Ocala

    See you there Marty. Staying with inlaws in Claremont. Mike in Colorado PS ; My daughter loves the Explorer.........
  3. FLYER15015

    1932 Chrysler CP 8 cyl

    Welcome aboard Roger. Looks like a nice one, going to be a driver or a trailer queen ? Tell us about your goal for her, and how much of a mechanic you are. How we answer your questions depends a lot on what YOU can do. Mike in Colorado
  4. FLYER15015

    Trying to ID cars

    So can we all get a couple of "likes" ?
  5. FLYER15015

    Trying to ID cars

    Don, Take a look at this February 7, 1931 ad in the Literary Digest.
  6. FLYER15015

    Trying to ID cars

    1931 Chrysler Imperial model CG And you are correct, the3rd window in your picture is smaller. It may be a Chrysler and not have the "jump seats" like mine, so just a bit smaller in the back compartment. Mike
  7. FLYER15015

    Trying to ID cars

    I agree with keiser31 on the 3rd picture. Here is mi '31 imperial for reference. Mike in colorado
  8. FLYER15015

    Goodyear is making trailer tires in America

    Sure hope they get me down to Ocala for the winter meet. We'll be towing wife's minivan and staying @ my sister in law's blueberry farm in Claremont, so it's just a short jump up to Ocala. Mike
  9. FLYER15015

    Goodyear is making trailer tires in America

    Tomorrow I will be installing 6 Sailun tires (19.5") on my 2007 JAYCO super "C" for our annual trip to Florida @ a cost of about $1500.00. The Michelins that came on it are all cracked around the lettering and my local tire guy said that he would not even balance them or drive around the block with them. Soooo. in a couple of weeks I will be able to report on the Sailun's performance in snow rain and hot weather travel. Sure hope they are all that "edinmass" says they are, 'cause my tire guy also thinks they are great. We'' see. Mike in frozen Colorado
  10. FLYER15015

    1929 Chrysler 77 wheel cylinders

    If you want to have your brake cylinders done the right way and are in the U.S., sent them to "Karp's" brake service in California. They use 304 stainless tubing to sleeve the cylinders and master if required. I had my '40 Buick LTD done 6 years ago and she has not leaked a drop, and she'll still stop on a dime ! Mike in Colorado
  11. FLYER15015

    H2O Pump new or rebuild ?

    Want to tell us who did this ? Want to tell us who did this ? Since Bert's Model "A" in Denver is a good customer of mine (lots of replica parts), I can pull the pump and let Steve have a look at it very easily. I would like to look in the head anyway and maybe do some back flushing on the radiator, though she runs quite cool now. Thanks to all, and I very much enjoyed reading Matt's adventures with the Lincoln. Glad he had a Buick to fall back on. So do I, but I kind of like playing with the Chrysler. So much more primitive. Kind of like a big model "A". Mike in Colorado
  12. Hi all, I am getting ready to do some work on the '31 Chrysler Imperial engine, Tx and brakes. First up is the H2O pump, which is dripping out the weep hole, and as it looks like the brass packing nut is all the way in, so she needs to come off for a closer inspection. Being fairly mechanical, my question is would I be better off rebuilding it myself, or sending it out for a rebuild / upgrade ? Are there sealed bearing kits available ? Looking for advice from someone who has walked this path before. OR has anyone had experience with :Flying Dutchman Water Pump Rebuilders in Oregon ? They say that they can rebuild any pump. Let the discussion begin............ Mike in Colorado
  13. FLYER15015

    Upgrading a 230 engine and transmission

    X2 what Spinney said, and don't forget to add disk brakes all round and a power brake booster. Mike in frozen Colorado
  14. FLYER15015

    Replace king pin

    Ole, NO SLACK in a kingpin is acceptable. It should be somewhere between a "slip fit" and an "interference" fit. And no grease will make up for a sloppy fit, more that about 2 seconds. Mike in Colorado
  15. FLYER15015

    20 Wt oil for 1948 Packard?

    Many of us use Shell Rotella 15W-40 oil in our Chrysler flat head 8's Mike in Colorado