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  1. Oh but you can "weld" pot metal. It's called "muggy weld" and it is the closest thing to TIG that you can get with a torch. Look it up on youtube.......... Mike in Colorado
  2. You will get an answer much faster if you post this on the Buick prewar technical forum. Mike in Colorado
  3. I think it is called a "clum switch" and if memory serves me, Gary W. rebuilt his, or something like it. OR check the Chrysler forum for someone who has done theirs. OR just google clum switch. Mike in Colorado
  4. Order station wagon springs, and you will get a 2-3 inch lift. No need to install station wagon shocks, but you could. Mike in Colorado
  5. If you cannot find the exact part, I'm sure any competent welding shop could weld this one back together. If you are close to Denver, I could recommend one for you. Mike in Colorado
  6. Morgan. If that is the fix, I should stay about half loaded, as we live at 8500 ft. DW thinks I'm about half gone anyway........ Mike in Colorado
  7. Marty, I did it all at once, after driving the baby 120 miles from Denver to Buena Vista when we first picked her up from the "broker", of the estate. Ran like crap all the way home, especially over an 11K ft pass on US 285. Pulled the pan at the same time and found the oil pick up screen detached and laying in about an inch and a half of grey sludge. That led to an oil pump rebuild and an ethanol proof diaphragm for the fuel pump, plus an electric pump and BIG clear filter back at the tank. PS: Marty, Sara loves your white Explorer !!! Dave, I checked my new vacuum advance by hooking a brake bleeder hand suction pump up to the line at the base of the carb, and used a mirror to see if the plate moved, after I put the dist back in. That way I know the tubing and connections are all good. Mike in Colorado
  8. Matt is right. Both of Sandy's Buicks were series 90 limited cars. I had a chance to ride in the green on several years ago when I visited his home in Ft. Collins. I found him to be a fine gentleman in every sense of the word and we corresponded regularly. He was a treasure of information as I brought my '40 LTD out of hibernation. I know his wife was trying to sell the black one, but I have not learned of her progress. Mike in Colorado
  9. First thing I would check is the tie rods, outer and inner, then the drag link, both ends. Sounds like the dreaded "death wobble" to me. To check the king pin bushings, jack the front end up so the tires are just off the ground, and put a bar under the center at the bottom and pry up. If the tire moves in and out, it is the king pin bushings. If you can move the tire left or right, it will be tie rods. Do these 2 tests and report back. Mike in Colorado
  10. Driftpin, All good ideas above, but I had the same issue with my '40 LTD when I first got her. 1. replaced the plugs and wires. plugs were AC-46 green striped, wires were "replacement" resistant type stranded from NAPA. 2.pulled the dist and points plate and cleaned up the centrifugal weights and plate with scotchbrite and re-oiled them. 3.REPLACED the 3 balls on the advance plate with plastic sliders. A really good idea !!! 4. got new points, condenser, ground wire, and cap and vacuum advance unit, from NAPA = no more miss under load............. Mike in Colorado
  11. Come on Dwight, You know you have to pull the head. Mike in Colorado
  12. CB, Use Summit Racings "lava rock wrap". Worked very well on my '40 Buick from the carb base al the way to the muffler, because the pipe runs real close to the master cylinder. Mike in Colorado
  13. And a big bad Merc lurking in the shadows........... Mike in Colorado
  14. Morgan, Check your local Craig's list, or news paper for a "TOW DOLLY". Don't need a license plate and the don't hardly weigh any thing, so there is hardly no tongue load on your van. You could probably make one from an old Ford front axle. Mike in Colorado
  15. Nick, Got 2 web sites for you to check out. and Find a year make and model you love, or could grow to love, that is in a state of disrepair that you think you, (and your tool chest) can handle, at a price you think you can afford, and start your new project. Working on a car you don't like is WORK. Working on one you DO like is FUN. Just remember to keep us old guys posted on your pick and your progress. And of course we like pictures........... Mike in Colorado