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  1. I've been lucky enough to secure my two "dream cars", both of which were in a state of disrepair I could handle. Both now nicely sorted, and quite good drivers. Could not be happier............. Mike in Colorado
  2. That's O.K. Morgan, copper is so easy to dent, and you know that you have to tighten the die bar down so the flare point does not push the tube out. Steel tube does not ding so easily. Fortunately the flare nut covers the die bar nicks Your tool looks a LOT like my 50 year old Craftsman, but shinier. just keep the threads lubed with white grease and it will last forever. Thanks for the lesson............... Mike in Colorado
  3. Not quite finite. You need to paint the top casting red and then rub it with Scotch bright, so it looks like you stole it off dad's Farmall tractor. Yea, I know it's not "hard plumbed" but it is just a temporary rig to see how it looks while I wait for my water pump to get back. Mike in Colorado
  4. You think your new "date" would get in that ? I'd rather have a Nash.............. Sure would be something at the local car shows. Especially if you took a young "candy striper" along.
  5. For the" Baby" , I used a 4" grinder and a mig and made my own side door 76" square. Installed a 9K winch with a battery charger off the 7 pin plug, and split a 2x4 for tire guides. I just line up the front wheels to the 2 red marks and drive in hands free, or winch her in with the remote hanging by the door. Mike in Colorado
  6. Pete, Were I to guess, they would be spark plug covers for a pre war 6 cylinder, being there are 6 "pockets" and only 3" wide, but that cannot be as there is no "louver" to get the wires out. Have not seen anything like these on an old Buick, or Chrysler for that matter. Got me stumped. Mike in Colorado
  7. Hey Bob, it has been a month since you asked for help. What's up ? Maybe this will help.
  8. Old route 6 was the primary way to traverse Iowa from my old home town of Davenport thru Des Moines and on to Council bluffs then west thru Omaha I -80 pretty much parallels old US 6, but it is still in pretty good shape for local traffic. Just watch out for the tractors as you come over the hills.
  9. Guess I'll jump in here with our two "Baby's" and me on a Sunday afternoon, when there is no car show. Just got back from a 70 mile ride on the 525 KTM EXC. Living large on the continental divide............ Mike Simpson AKA "Flyer 15015"
  10. I had to visit the foundry that I sell for in Ontario Ca. a while back. Driving from Denver, I hung a right at Barstow, went thru Bakersfield and over to Atascadero, and visited "Bob's". Spent about an hour at "the farm house on the hill". Very pleased with their knowledge and willingness to help me find all those little things I needed to sort out the '40 Buick LTD. Never dealt with "Cars". Mike in Colorado
  11. I just put front struts, and rear shocks on the DW's 2002 Dodge minivan to celebrate rolling over 250K. Here in Colorado, they do not rust out, and we see a lot of older cars that still look good. I'll admit that it only gets about 25 MPG, but the savings in license fees and insurance makes me feel good, and I would not hesitate to start a cross country trip in it tomorrow. Mike in Colorado
  12. David, Based on my "Google" search just now, yours looks like a fabricated replacement. Original old pictures show a tapered tube with a radiused rear end down to the flange, and I'll bet you 8 to 5 it should be nickel plated
  13. Post a picture of yours, and it will help us match it............
  14. Hey Matt, do you have another set of headers for Selim ? I have a hunch there is a market out there for these. I have thought long and hard about making a set of casting patterns for the 3 parts of the big straight 8 Buicks, and casting them of 416 stainless. They would look like cast iron, but they would never crack, if installed properly. I could take a little "liberty" with the 2 slip joints to insure a machined "slip fit" the when sealed would not crack. Question is, is it worth the investment in patterns, castings, and machining fixtures. AND, which year should I choose to copy, as there are minor differences from the '30's to the '50's. Just thinking out loud.............. Mike in Colorado
  15. On Dish or Direct TV ? Then, there is always Hughes Net, if all else fails.