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  1. Did you ever notice in this era, that the Britts usually brought the front fenders down much further in the front. Wonder if it's because they get so much rain and learned the lesson ? Now a big set of Trippe seniors would not look out of place on this one. Just saying............ Mike in Colorado
  2. Now that's cool ! Big swoopy fenders. Body extends PAST the rear wheel, and sits outside the frame rails. Suicide doors all round. Big trunk tucked up tight , (take note Matt) and she's not gaudied up with landau irons. I wonder if she has the divider window, and shades for the back ? Could get real private back there, with plenty of room. Oh, the stories she could tell..................... Mike in Colorado
  3. Me too. Kind of looks like it is stuck in a time warp, and trying to bridge 2 eras. Envelop style body up front, but hanging on to the past with tear drop stick on fenders in the rear. Way too late in the era for those big Trippe Seniors though. A couple of smaller Guide Ray's tucked down low would look better. But then, what do I know.................. Mike in Colorado
  4. Pre War sedans eh ? Well the Buick is body #241 so I guess is pre 12/7/41. And the Imperial is body # 69, so it's early in '31. And I love em both.
  5. Please post a picture of the part AND where it is cracked. You may be able to "interchange" with another model or year. Mike in Colorado
  6. Yup, it's a cute little thing. Did you ever notice that all the 20' - 30's cars were designed by folks who used the frame rails as a "constraint" for their body shell designs. If it were not for the grille shell, and whether the side windows tops were straight or crowned, you could not hardly tell them apart. Airflows being the exception, and they were initially not well received, I'm told. I can't tell you how many guys, young and old have looked at my car, and said "my dad had a Packard / Cadillac / Lincoln just like this". Take your pick. I just smile
  7. Rod, That I don't have right now, but I can tell you that I used 3/8" copper tubing. Came straight up from the pump and then under the air vent hose, back to the firewall. Under the coil and as you can see up and over the valve cover, with a home made bracket to stabilize the line. Then just turn 90 into the back of the carb. The whole line is sleeved over with 3/4" heater hose from the pump to the carb. The filter is rubber hosed to the carb fitting to isolate the line from the carb body heat. Mike in Colorado
  8. John, It's not the car, it's the Martin Custom tires. And they went out of business when ? Ed in Mass, once wrote that he would not use them for anything other than static display in a museum, and that's if the car was up on jacks ! We won't discuss the "Denmans" on the Imperial, will we ? Mike in Colorado
  9. John, I can't tell you about the rest, but my '40 buick LTD (series 90) has a 4:10 rear end, and it likes 45-50 on a tired old motor. If I was going to tour it, I'd throw a '53 under it. I'm betting the other makes are the same. Mike in Colorado
  10. Hey John, I just got a PM from "31 Chryslers saying that this 1931 roadster is for sale. I told him that you were looking. Mike in Colorado
  11. Wagonboss, Try www.carsonline.com or something like "Volocars" in central Ill. Craigs list, "bring a trailer" or evilbay , sometimes works out too. Mike in Colorado
  12. If you want to see a "straight V8", I guess we're down to a Caddy. Open the hood on one side and you have a straight 8. Walk around and open the other side and WAA-LAA, another straight 8. Wonder how they do that ??????????????? Mike in Colorado
  13. 1930 Kram66 is right. Grind the rivets off carefully and disassemble this unit. there may be a number stamped on the seal itself that you and find, or maybe a replacement. You can always reassemble this unit with small bolts and self locking nuts. Mike in Colorado
  14. Bloo is right. Based on your tests, we now know the dash gauge works. Time to pull the sending unit............. Sorry about that. i know it's a "pain', but think of it as an adventure, and take your time. Many of us have been down this road, and it gives us something to talk about, when we get to the "home". Mike in Colorado PS; There should be a drain plug on your tank for the last few ounces, and of course you know how to siphon a tank. Or were you one of the good little boys ?
  15. John, Don't discount Chryslers / Imperials. A bit ahead of their time in the 20's-30's, engineering wise. And really good lookers............ Oh, and with regard to '30's Packards, as stated in another thread, they are cute little things...........
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