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  1. Ed, I'm planning on taking my 1932 Dodge Brother DK over to Martha's Vineyard this September for a couple days. I hope I have half as beautiful time as yours and perhaps meet a star or two while I'm there as well! Any tips for traveling to the island with a classic car?
  2. Yup, It sold and runs but will run great with a carb rebuild. This car was sold here locally when new and the new owners are also local so I'm glad to see it stay here. It was being sold by the grandson of the previous owner and he isn't the most automotive inclined, but I agree the ad defiantly didn't sell this car well. Very original car except for the tires and top.
  3. Hello I'm looking for a distributor cap and spark plug wires for a 1914 Buick. I Don't have the distributor parts number but the wires parts numbers are: 19312, 19313, 19314, 19315. Thank You!
  4. I've recently purchased a new enclosed trailer and it currently has a bare plywood floor. Has anyone had experience putting an epoxy coating on an enclosed trailer flooring? Any experience/recommendations for the Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield product? My 20s & 30s cars tend to leak so I'm looking for something that is impervious to gas and water and will hold up to tool drops without chipping. Thanks! Kyle
  5. I have a bit of a challenge. I am participating in a Road Rallycross this upcoming fall and the theme this year is orphaned cars. I need to find a car based vehicle of a orphaned make that can be driven on the track for under $1500 (car purchase & repairs). Most cars on the track will be Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, or Saabs but I'd like something of a more unique orphaned make. AMC perhaps? Because of safety rules the vehicle must have a three point seat belt, so that limits most to 1970 and above. I'd something very unique that also fits the 25 years or older antique rule. Show me what you have! Located in Western Maryland and willing to travel within moderation.
  6. As those above have mentioned Dodge was 2nd from the bottom of Chrysler's lineup above Plymouth and below DeSoto and Chrysler. I can speak for 1932 as that is the model year that I own. In 1932 the styling between Chrysler and Dodge were very very similar, but it was obvious that Chrysler was the higher brand. For comparison depending on body style you could by a Dodge DL (6 Cylinder) for $795-895 or the Chrysler CL (6 Cylinder) for $865-1125; or you could by a Dodge DK (8 Cylinder) for $1115-1185 or the Chrysler CP (8 Cylinder) for $1435- 1695. So much like today you could buy the most expensive Dodge and be priced above the cheapest Chrysler and of course the reverse is also true. As comments above mention with 1932-33 being the roughest of the depression years many consumers wished not to be boastful in the face of those snuggling, but didn't want to give up the refinements they where accustomed, so they would option for the top of the line Dodge instead of the Chrysler. If you look at the Specifications of the 1932 Dodge DK 8 sales brochure the 'Note' section list the available extras that you could add onto your vehicle purchase. I've included a scan on that section for your reference and a picture of my 1932 DK 8.
  7. Larry, I've seen nothing to make me believe that it was customized at all. And in the pictures prior to dismantle and primer was applied I do see a single initial on the door, perhaps that was her. The son in-law did say that Andy bought the car off a doctor that lived down the same street Andy lived on, but didn't mention the doctor was a female or that it was customized. I too love to find the provenance of the cars when possible.
  8. Larry, Thanks!! I've never taken on someones already started project and especially not a project that there was no one alive to help me understand what has already been done. Currently I'm just sorting through the parts to see what all is here and what can possibly be missing. I've found some pictures of the car when it was apparently painted white. Appears as if Andy didn't do too much other than remove the body from the frame, primer the body, and replace the top & seat (with incorrect material). Found also in the paperwork is an invoice from 1989 so I'd guess Andy had this vehicle for some time before his passing. I've already ordered some Buick Heritage books to help me compare what I have to the Buick illustrations. Your help will be very much welcome and you can anticipate my registration into the BCA Mason Dixon Chapter!
  9. Larry, I can share a little more information on this collection. Because I bought the 1914. The 1914 was not a B-38 but a B-24 Roadster and it was partially dismantled. Luckily the gentleman who dismantled the vehicles was pretty good labeling which Buick the parts belonged. It appears as if the B-24 is 99-98% complete and there are some notes as to what the previous guy had done prior in regards to the body and wiring. The 1918 was in a state of disassembly as well and would need a complete re-restoration (cracked paint, hole in the top, missing running boards, etc) form my brief look at it. You are correct that there are not titles, which has me a little concerned. They had to have the cars & parts out of the garage by today before an auction company came in and took everything left, so I boxed up everything for the 1914 into my trailer and took it with me before they made things worse by relocating the cars and parts. I've attached some pictures of the 1914.
  10. I am in search of Mopar Part # 2275143, a tailgate window regulator for a 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer Wagon. Thanks! Kyle
  11. Yes! He has a set and lucky enough he is located close to me! Thank you all for your help with this project!
  12. I'll be calling Buckeye on Monday! My car had running boards originally as it still has the brackets for the board and the holes for the attachments to the body. So I'm still looking for a set! Of the 1941s I've seen they all have running boards, I'd be interested in seeing one without them if anyone has one to share pictures.
  13. Thanks for the contact! Unfortunately they were not able to help me either. The hunt continues!
  14. Please help! My winter project is a 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner 4 Door sedan that has been sitting in storage for 30 years (longer than I've been alive). When the car was put away in storage the engine was taken out and rebuilt but then never put back in the car. What I thought would be a simple "plug and chug" project is becoming difficult mainly due to missing or misplaced parts by my father and grandfather. One item that I've had absolutely no luck finding are the running boards. I've contacted all the major salvage yards that advertise in Hemmings and no one has them. I need both sides of the car. I'm told that the car came with them but my family has no recollection as to where they were placed so I'm looking to buy a set. Anyone that could offer any type of advise as to where to contact that might have a set for sale I'd be very appreciative!
  15. This too was my first AACA National Meeting! I'll have to agree that this was a great experience and that Mike Jones and his team put on a first rate event! The seminars and the fellowship of the other members proved to be the true highlights of this event for me. Being one of the younger members there (in my mid twenties) it was great to hear all the advice and tips of restorations shared by other more experienced members. This is an event that I plan to add to my calendar for years to come! I strongly encourage other members to attend! Kyle Blake Queen City Region Cumberland, MD
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