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  1. Just sent some more parts to Librandi's plating near Harrisburg. A Amco bumper guard for the TR6 as well as a flip top gas cap. Bumper guard had previous owner drill holes in the bar to install driving lite. Quoted 400+ for welding the holes shut and doing the chrome work and about $140 for the gas cap. I don't think that is that bad of a price. I'll let you know how the pieces look when I get them back. They are still quoting about 8 to 12 weeks. Will be sending all my Durant parts for Nickel when I get to that part of that restoration.
  2. Sent my 1971 Triumph TR6 front bumper to Librandi's in Harrisburg. Said it would take about 8 to 12 weeks and the cost was estimated to be $600. Shipping was $90 from Florida to them. I'll be sending them my rear 3 piece bumper and some other parts, but don't want to send them all at one time in case they are lost in the shipping or process. Didn't think that was that bad a price for chroming the bumper.
  3. I think it was L & L that I found on Facebook a little over a year ago, you might check them out. I corresponded through Facebook with they guy and he made up some running board trim for my 1928 Durant fairly quickly. I think I got it in about two weeks. I'm satisfied with his work and response. Mike
  4. I've tried the last two days logging into the AACA web site and keep getting the below message: Error code 20 The proxy failed to connect to the web server, due to TCP connection timeout. If I do a google search on AACA then I can log directly into the forum pages or the store, but can't get to the main front web page without getting that message. Anybody else having this problem?
  5. Since this thing has started I have not worn a mask and don't intend to start. I had to wear one at my doctors office the other day and that was the only time I've worn one. Common sense must prevail. The masks are only good if you have it and don't want to spread it. Not good for keeping you from getting it so they say. Here in Florida, things are beginning to open up and the Virus is not running amuck since they've started to open. I filled out our questionnaire and said I'd plan to attend and with no reservations. Common people this thing will be gone by October. This is only the end of May, we have 4 months to shed this thing and I feel confident that it will be mostly burnt out by then. Will there still be some isolated cases, probably, but think if the Governor of Pennsylvania will loosen things up like the other Governors then it will be a great 2020 Hershey!
  6. Good Morning you all! Thank you so much for the help. I sent my brakes to Rochester Brake and shoe in Rochester N.Y. They've been in business awhile and were recommended. I'll find out how the car stops once I get them together correctly and get a rolling chassis. Engine is not done yet so once she's moving on her own if need be I'll take them apart again and have different shoes put on. I also found out that the proper adjustment is critical in these old cars. I knew someone would come through for me on this forum.
  7. Does anybody have a period brake manual which describes how to rebuild the Bendix 3 shoe braking system that was on cars around 1928. My car, a 1928 Durant Model 65 has these and I'm trying to put them back together after repainting and new shoes being put on. I took a number of pictures and have instructions provided by the Durant Motors Automobile club on how to adjust them, but I need to know what parts go where. For the most part I have them in place but the number of shims on the top cam and some springs I can't find where to place them. Maybe some pictures or instruction in an old motor manual would be helpful.
  8. I've used Eastwood Extreme Chassis black on both my Triumph TR6 and my 1928 Durant. You can buy it in quarts and get it in spray cans too for smaller parts. Holds up great and easily repaired if it does get a chip.
  9. I was there at the auction yesterday when the car crossed the auction block. Room was packed and you could hardly see the car. #.4 million not including buyers premium. Only thing made this car worth that much money was the movie participation. Looking at the car inside a plexiglass case one saw a very old used mustang with some cancer spots and paint chipping, very dirty inside. You could see the metal welded to the underside to mount the cameras. I don't think it even runs as it looked like it was pulled into the arena. A lot of excitement being there and lots of nice cars crossing the block. Not many classic cars that we all like, a few. A couple of Packards in the 30's a Chrysler Air Flow, 1928 Pontiac 4 door sedan right off the bat, Lots of 50's and 60's cars, and of course muscle cars, Ferrari's and quite a number of Lambo's. But then again Mecum is not known for it's classic pre-war cars.
  10. Yes they are. Norman DeVaux was Durant's man in California for Chevrolet prior to and when Durant was with General Motors. After Durant left General Motors 1920 and created Durant Motors, Norman DeVaux came along and ran the assembly plant in Oakland California for Durant. When Durant Motors ceased operation in 1931 and declared bankruptcy, DeVaux teamed up with Colonel Hall and built DeVaux automobiles using a lot of left over Durant parts. They had a plant in California and in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That company only lasted two years before it went belly up. Then the engine manufacturer Continental picked up, also using left over Durant parts and made their car for one year. The Depression just killed them all.
  11. Members of the Durant Motors Automobile Club Inc. have created a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization in the State of Michigan named the Durant Motors Automobile Museum Foundation Inc (www.durantfoundation.org). The Mission of the Foundation is to raise awareness and build a 10,000 square foot museum building in the design of a 1920's Durant Dealership and displaying the history of William C. (Billy) Durant and the automobiles associated with Durant Motors Inc. We are int he process of fund raising now and hope to construct the building in the future. For more information visit the Foundation's web site to learn more about how you can help to make this a reality!
  12. Not sure if your aware of it, but the Durant Motors Automobile Club located at www.durantmotors.com is a club that covers the DeVaux. We have a number of members that have them and that would probably be the best place, on their forum, to post parts requests. There are several members that deal in parts for these cars. FYI
  13. I'm glad to see these posts, I was just thinking that I didn't see the parking stickers and info come in yet, unless my Wife had put it somewhere and didn't tell me. I guess I'll get mine tomorrow when mail delivery resumes after the hurricane. I was getting worried.
  14. Was born in Delaware and lived there up until I was 18 years old. The two lower counties Kent and Sussex are very rural and have an number or nice areas to live. I was born in Wilmington, but moved to lower Delaware in my teens. Graduated High School in Lewes. Went back last year to the area for family business and you probably want to stay away from the Lewes and Rehobeth area as it's become very touristy and crowded with traffic, especially in the Summer months. Very nice area and lots of good eating places but busy. If you head West from Lewes towards Seaford and Georgetown you get into the farmland area. Less traffic and nice areas to live. Even west of Lewes has some real nice rural land. In Kent county west of the Capital Dover again has some very nice areas. If you plant yourself in these areas then it's a short drive to the bigger populated area of Dover, Lewes or Rehobeth.
  15. With the high humidity we are having right now in Florida and the high temperature it's taking the paint much longer to cure. I've been painting small parts in my Garage on my Triumph TR6 and what should take hours is taking days using spray cans. Another project is a wine cabinet I'm making out of cherry wood. About a month ago tried to spray the Minwax polyurethane coats. Sprayed the first coat, and it flashed on me with a foggy blush. Sanded it down, thinned it a bit with mineral spirits and it flashed again and that was spraying it at 8:00 in the morning. I've given up until this 90 to 100% humidly leaves us. Without a booth with controlled atmosphere, it's tough this time of year.
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