Importing an Antique car from Canada

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8 hours ago, Barry Brown said:

Please elaborate !  I lived in Quebec for 25 years and got to know some of the finest collectors and upright citizens  there that I have ever met in the hobby. 

You are correct with Quebec having many many great hobbyist that are wonderful people to deal with. But Quebec  does not have the same strict rules as Ontario does for selling a car with a title search done . So you have to be carful as the scammers out there know this and take advantage of it.  Quebec is not in the system  with the rest of Canada to search a title if there is money owing on a car. If anyone in North America  phones the Quebec  DOT to have a title checked out you are out of luck unless you can speak French. The scammers know this and use it to their advantage.

My last dealing with a fellow in Quebec was for an enclosed Wells Cargo trailer.  The ownership was not in the name he told me it was and I just looked for a signature on the back. (My error for not checking closer)But so far it has not bit me in the back side thankfully. In Ontario the trailer has to be inspected every year and it had a current new sticker on it.  By the time I got home I was on two wheels having to take the front ones off because of rusted shoes from sitting so long. But somehow he was able to get a DOT sticker on it saying it was fit for the road. I know 3 car dealers in my area and buying a car in Quebec is a no no.

But I say again Quebec has a very large car club with I believe 1,200 members that I have met and will be going on tour with this summer coming. But it is the scammers that take advantage of the system not the true hobbyist.

Do not mean to offend as we have scammers here also and they are just as nasty but not as many.

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Interesting.Thanks for the explanation and as you say there are crooks everywhere ! I don't think I would be apprehensive purchasing a collector car from a  Montreal Quebec dealer such as John Scotti

but I see your point about the worry concerning possible  liens. I think a statement from a Quebec notary would be prudent for any purchase. When I lived in Quebec I always had the Provincial Police ( Surete) search registrations and/or serial numbers.They were always courteous and happy to do so. As with buying a collector vehicle anywhere first hand inspection and due diligence are paramount.

  Trailer and modern car dealers are a different kettle of rotten fish.

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