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  1. Mike since your Hershey finds are non Mopar can we assume we will see some of them in your next auction?
  2. Ed if my memory is correct there was a pre-15 RR on a Reliability tour in the Florida panhandle several years ago that had been fitted with front disc brakes for safe touring. I even have a photo of it somewhere?? Have you considered this option for stopping? Just a thought
  3. Thank you for pledging to keep it original. Forty years ago i thought everything needed to be restored. Today I would trade my restored 341B pictured above for your unrestored purchase even money. Half of the cars in my garage today are unrestored originals including a 23 seven passenger, 41 model 63 and 58 Eldorado Barritz
  4. Again Thank You. By the way what was your search engine phrase. I had used "Off to Egypt, Globe Theater, Boston" with no luck
  5. Terry, thank you so much for the information. Although not auto related I thought memorabilia enthusiasts would enjoy seeing a early lithograph. Your research would go along with the info provided by the seller who was an east coast "picker" now deceased who dated it around 1890
  6. Another early litho from my collection. Attempts to date it have been unsuccessful so far. As I have mentioned previously I like images depicting action. This one fits the bill.
  7. What a great advertisement. Have you been able to determine the age?
  8. what do you mean, we have all been riding along. When is our next trip?
  9. Another lithograph from storage that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. 18 by 27 heavy cardboard. The wood crate it was shipped in is dated 1905. Additional research reveals that this sign was produced in 1910
  10. Thank you for posting. The photos of middle America are great. Reminds me of growing up in rural Iowa. One summer we took our 51 Plymouth to Colorado and back. Only vacation we ever went on as a kid. Summer was work time on the farm.
  11. I get part of my medications from a out of state pharmacy and they are shipped 2 day express mail They typically take 7-9 days to arrive
  12. I would check my vin/serial numbers as column shift didn't come out in Pontiac until 1939 except for the "Safety Shift" option in 38. You may have an early 39 that was registered as a 38. Just a thought
  13. Great collection, especially like the Fisk Brake Fluid. Thanks for sharing. You could stock a vintage gas station.
  14. If my memory is correct the thread was started by Terry Bond
  15. I don't know about Pontiac but Cadillac got column shift in 38
  16. Another Gulf poster from 1977. I purchased these in Germany in the early 90’s and always thought they were German. Google tells me they are Dutch. Again thanks to google I have translated this one.
  17. Mike reported this on May 7th. It sold yesterday for over $81K and I don’t think that includes the auction fee. If interested it is discussed in a separate thread started by Terry Bond
  18. Still at $43K with one day to go. It is worth what someone is willing to pay. It will be a long time before a unrestored survivor with those docs comes around again. If i were 20 years younger I might be a bidder
  19. I agree. I have followed the GTO market for years and if you get $75K for that car you are either lucky or found a buyer with too much money. Unless you are providing the labor yourself you can't finish that car correctly for $40K in my opinion. The 66/67 GTO market has been soft in the last 24 months. Go to Bring a trailer/GTO to see what you could have purchased for $75K
  20. At that price you can afford to have Vintage Air installed which is superior to factory AC. I really like this body style. One of the cars I lost was a 55 Imperial two door hard top.
  21. Based on todays Richmond auction I would guess at least $6K depending on the condition of the reverse side
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