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  1. This is only one of the reasons the only gas tank sealer I will use is POR-15 gas tank sealer. I never used any of their metal prep or degreaser and never had a problem.
  2. I did the same oldford. I bought a '27 Tudor which over heated from the get-go. Along with the car came a tool box and in that tool box was a water pump which appeared to be slightly used if not NOS so I installed it. It worked TOO well so I had to get a thermostat so it would run hot enough........ Needless to say that was that. Too many are quick to poo-poo water pumps but not everyone has the $800-$900 it takes to buy a new radiator.......
  3. I'm the same way. If I even THINK about selling something my mind is already made up. If it's price right it will sell.
  4. Having had 3 "UNimproved" T's there's a reason my '27 Tudor is the keeper. It's a tad lower to the ground, has vastly superior transmission and services brakes and has an improved crankshaft as well. The body is all steel except for the roof which is a major plus. And the best reason is they're just fun to drive and nearly everyone LOVES to see them...... 😁 Just a few days ago I had my '27 out and stopped at the local lumberyard. There were some vacationers in for some plumbing stuff and a lady complemented me on my "spectacular" old car.
  5. Ditto on facebook marketplace.
  6. ^ Your NEXT questions should be where was the car born and where did it spend its life? Things can go south real fast in Wisconsin if the car wasn't properly stored or even worse, driven on salted roads.......
  7. I was also 57 when I was finally able to indulge my car habit........ 😏
  8. I was born into a machine/welding shop family and was the 3rd generation owner as I have "the knack". Just because I was born into the business doesn't mean my grandfather, father and I shared the same outside interests. Some yes, mostly no. I've had many hobbies and collecting interests. My "problem" is when I take a real interest in something I'm in head over heals. I truly hope I'm in my last phase.......after I FINALLY indulged my car affliction at age 57 I can't afford any more hobbies........ 😬 I lost my grandfather when I was in the 5th grade but my dad and I shared few common hobbies though he never discouraged any of my endeavors and often took a "sneaky" interest in my old tractor hobby. Granted things like fishing, sports, camping, hunting and the like run in some families but in others not so I don't think it's either nature or nurture Trying to nurture an interest in something where there is no interest is the sports parents who rag on their kids to excel to THEIR satisfaction whether their kids like it or not........ 🤬 Nurturing an already obvious interest is something else altogether.
  9. That's a lovely car. In my estimation you should have no problem selling it at that price.
  10. When one agrees to a uship offer there is an option for insurance. Don't tempt it.
  11. Sell it and get something you will drive. Currently the car isn't doing anyone any good........
  12. If you get a Group 1 battery it will fit easily. If you want a tighter fit and more amps get a Group 2 if you have enough cable length to reach the battery posts. I never had any problem with Group 2 batteries in 4 Model T's and a '29 Model A.
  13. While you might like the idea of a 4 door Touring T the reality is you might be disappointed. I would bet money you'd would wind up getting in and out from the passenger side anyway. It might sound clumsy but really isn't and is whole lot easier than navigating the brake lever. There isn't much room between the brake lever and seat which makes getting in and out from the driver side very difficult unless you wear size 4 shoes....... 🙄 I moved the driver seat back one hole in my '27 Tudor and, with my long legs, it's still a pain getting myself in....... 😬
  14. Don't touch a thing. Take the window unit to the glass shop so THEY can measure how the finished glass should fit. Tell them you want plain, laminated, safety glass as there are many kinds some of which can get pretty expensive.
  15. My little village of 500 in central Wisconsin is in a rural area so driving the old cars is barely an issue and having an abundance of back roads will get me anywhere I want to go and avoid mainstream traffic mostly. The times I have to use a highway (ALL 2 lane around here except for one 4 lane) the only appendage I get is a thumbs up....... Maybe folks around here are more appreciative simply seeing old cars out and about. From salt free to salt season I drive one of them nearly every day weather permitting.