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  1. I owned a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door when I was in my early 20's. 225 Slant 6 with push button automatic. It wouldn't burn any rubber but it got me to my job which was 27 miles one way. Despite burning a quart of oil every 100 miles that engine never failed to start, never missed a beat and didn't foul a plug. I loved that car. I've watched prices on these cars for a while.......I wouldn't doubt he gets his real price......
  2. Yes, one is for the adjusting rack pinion and the other holds it in place once adjusted.
  3. If you're going to drive it into the ground why would you care if you wound up with a salvage title? Last November a deer materialized directly in front of my 2002 S10 with an estimated cost of repairs of about $2900. A few minutes of online shopping made the picture crystal clear for me. There's no way I could replace mine for that kind of money so I had it repaired because I KNOW what I have. I bought it used with around 35K on it and it STILL has less than 80K on it. The insurance adjuster was throwing the salvage title thing at me and I told him, straight out, I couldn't care less about the title because I'm going to to drive it until the wheels fall off. Insurance adjusters are right up there with lawyers....... 🤬
  4. With a name like Keiser you never know.......
  5. Within the last week gas went up to $1.499........ 😡
  6. I think 2016 might be the last year Point Brewery made a special run and that one was a special run as there were some skipped years in between.
  7. When that link opens>>> Make a donation to the AACA library online this is what I get........ Please give us the name of the account recipient.
  8. A local newspaper had a story about the Iola Car Show scheduled for July 9-11. They haven't yet thrown in the towel. The planners are holding out hope this Corona thing will have settled down by then. I am hoping along with them as cancelling the show would be catastrophic for the more than one hundred organizations who benefit as well as the greater central Wisconsin area and beyond.
  9. Here in central Wisconsin there has never been a better time to take out the old cars and I have been, almost daily. Highway traffic is almost negligible compared to what is normal around here. Having gas prices hovering around $1.35 + or - doesn't hurt either....... 👍
  10. There can be no guesswork with the needle/lever engagement. It has to be right......close won't cut it. Once you get it right you shouldn't have to fiddle with it ever again. That's the upside.......
  11. I feel your me. Until you get that carb straightened out you can't chase other problems. It's like a carb/ignition problem........both have identical symptoms (which are almost always ignition) but you have to eliminate one to chase the other.......
  12. The reason I asked is because, at no time, should there be any space between the lever and the adjusting screw at idle. Also bear in mind the setting is opposite what you likely think it is. When you turn screw down you are enriching the mixture. You have to think backward which isn't easy. Many old Farmall tractor carbs have the same eccentricity as do many old Ensign can drive you nuts.......
  13. Are you CERTAIN the return spring IS, in fact, pulling the lever back all the way every time? Something looks fishy.