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  1. My cousin has owned and babied this car for many years but it's time to sell. 5 window coupe originally had a trunk but was converted to a rumble seat. The true colors are Chickadee and Chickadee Drab. You can 262 contact the seller 388 directly at 0105 for more details.
  2. How much up and down play does the needle have in the lever?
  3. So were Chevy LUV trucks........don't ask how I know.......
  4. Wow......I had nearly forgotten about this already....... Thank you so much!....... 👍
  5. A friend in south central MN sent these photos asking if I have any idea what it's from. Who does he think I am...Keiser?....... Anyway, what you see is what there is........whatever it is. Thanks.
  6. Echoing Terry's seat remark! I've had 4 Model T's all of which had comfortable seats but, especially, the '27 Tudor I still have. I bought a '29 Model A and was terribly disappointed with the seat........talk about taking 9 backward steps.......
  7. Those more familiar with how things work at Carlisle might find this interesting. Carlisle Show Goes On
  8. My High School car was a 1959 Chevrolet 2 door Biscayne with the 235 six and 3 on the tree. I paid $200 for it in 1968, basic insurance was $300 a year and I loved that car. Even being only 9 years old the rear floor already had rusted through some.......nothing a couple pieces of sheet metal couldn't take care of. It left a trail of blue smoke all 17 miles of the drive home so a set of rings was in order which I installed and took care of that problem. Did I mention I loved that car? I loved that car so much I needed another one, wanted it equipped the same way and lo
  9. Sorry GKM........I went through all the OLD seal books and interchanges at the shop today. The number on your seal is, without a doubt, a proprietary number. You will have to get your seal OD measured with a micrometer. I expect you know the shaft size or can determine what it is. If you are lucky it will have an OD that can be matched by a currently available seal. You could get lucky and find there is something with a metric OD that might also work. Once provided with that information I'll check again using a progressive size listing and see if I can come up wit
  10. I have looked until my eyes are crossed........ There are some old seal catalogs and interchange books at the shop I used to own. I'll try to check tomorrow.
  11. So you know the real photographic magic happens in the darkroom much the same as using a program to manipulate digital photos. Also one can take 40 shots of something which cost nothing, they're just pixels. I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from using their period cameras but, by comparison, they're a lot of work with results that are much more difficult to correct.
  12. International Harvester built 215,551 McCormick Deering 10-20 tractors in which the engines all had ball bearing crankshafts, one bearing at each end. I have never heard of anyone having to replace the crankshaft bearings but just because I haven't heard doesn't mean they haven't been but it's definitely a very rare thing.
  13. I was going to question the fineness of the emulsions of today versus shooting digital B&W or shooting digital color and simply desaturating the image so I thought I'd find a decent quality digital color photo of the 1919 Model T I had saved and give it a test. This is the result of desaturating the color with no other adjustments. In this case I think it turned out very well.
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