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  1. cahartley

    1947 Super Six anemic engine performance

    If the timing is running late the engine should overheat. The gas of today needs as much advance as the engine will stand. Try opening the spark plug gaps to .050-.060" and see the difference which there WILL be. I ran two cars that burned almost as much oil as gas without a readily noticeable lack of power. There's more going on with your engine.
  2. cahartley

    Resistor spark plugs okay ?

    They are called resistor plugs for a reason so the spark had better be in top shape especially if you open the gap from specs for better running on the gas of today.
  3. cahartley

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    That's where my '19 Touring T went to be used in that program........
  4. cahartley

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    In the fifties our phone number was 2 longs and a short....... (seriously)
  5. cahartley

    DB and Ford

    They actually did.......sort of. Ford wasn't paying and the Boys made a deal for a line of credit.
  6. cahartley

    New trimmer in the works

    You're thinking backward. You need to decrease the size of the driver, increase the size of the driven pulley or both.
  7. cahartley

    Interesting side-mount mirrors...

    I have a pair of these and they are first class mirrors.,3052.html
  8. cahartley

    DB and Ford

    ^ Not everyone was looking for the cheapest car they could get. There were plenty of people who could afford better.......much better.
  9. cahartley

    Just retired - need some advice

    Some retirees I talk to say the same old thing....... "I'm busier now than when I was working" to which I reply "You're doing it wrong". Don't get yourself tied down YET. Give yourself some time to "retire" first....... 👍
  10. cahartley

    Model A gas tank leak

    You don't mention which year. Early A's have the steering column support bracket riveted and soldered to the gas tank and are prone to leaks but if it was leaking there you'd smell gas like crazy IN the car. Beyond that that is all I know for sure.......
  11. cahartley

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    You can sink way more than you bargained for into a Model A too....... There is a lot of wood in the Model A. If the top is not in GREAT shape the chances are the underlying wood isn't either. That's a common thing to look for in most 20's and earlyish 30's cars and no part of doing the fixing is easy, pleasant or cheap.
  12. cahartley

    New Years Drive today in the 1929

    I would have LOVED to have gotten out with one of the cars but the roads are white with salt........ 🤢 The weather was friendly enough but not the roads.......
  13. cahartley

    Thinking about a 1927 "T"

    Main and rod bearings consist of a very thin layer of Babbitt. Of course before that disappears they are shot anyway. You have two choices neither of which are cheap. Have the crank attended to and have the block Babbitted or have the mains line bored for modern bearings. I would stick with Babbitt as there is a great deal of future adjustment in them.
  14. cahartley

    Cadillac Gurgling

    My '32 Chevy has no thermostat yet I STILL had to drive it for a considerable time before it finally burped. It would tend to get hotter than I like but not overheat except on one particularly hot day . Just before I drove the car to a church picnic display on a brutally hot day in August I checked the coolant level which was down a quart or more. I topped it off before I left for the, approximately, 20 mile drive figuring this would be a real good test. It was an excellent test.......the temperature needle hardly wavered over the medium mark.
  15. cahartley

    Time to part with a car, with out regret....

    My strategy has been if I haven't played with it for a year, be it car or tractor, it's gone. A good '12 correct T should be worth between 14-17K now. I helped a friend sell this survivor '12 Touring T a few years ago. It finally sold to a well known T collector who absolutely knew its worth which is how I am basing my numbers. I doubt it will gain value sitting in your shed. Sell it knowing it may see the light of day more frequently.......