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  1. Hylomar Blue has never failed me.
  2. The float in the one I had failed too. It had a crack and got "oil logged". I soldered it.
  3. The spokes suggest they might be Dodge Brothers wheels.
  4. I've always been a BW fan but my '32 came with WW and, to be honest, they really dress up the car....... 😍
  5. The "I have to ask the wife" phrase is the death knell right then and there. More sad is the MEN don't have the guts to come back and let you know one way or the other........
  6. You have a 420S.......Standard (or Wheatland in the larger tractor series). The S is not to be confused with a 420T (tricycle) with a wide front. The Deere 20 series is kind of an island as most collectors want either a 40-50-60-70-80- or a 430, 530, 630 and so on. The entire 20 series has rarely commanded much more than their 2 digit predecessors. It's a nice tractor but should be wearing the yellow hood stripes. "Common" tractor prices have been in a slump for the last 3-4 years. 4 or 5 years ago it likely would have been worth more than now. Anyway, the 3 point and live hydraulics are good selling points but any Deere collector would know that. You don't need any paperwork to prove you own the tractor. FOR SALE asking prices are worthless. I have to agree $3500 is about right.....if the tires aren't shot. As for trying to deal with DEALERS forget that too. There are aren't a whole lot of dealers left who are even familiar with the two cylinder tractors much less care about them.
  7. YARD ART? That wouldn't be art at a scrap yard........
  8. Every Bosch magneto I have seen calls for a 1/64" gap or .015" The DU4 is an especially good magneto too....... 👍
  9. I can't imagine even the most zealous environmentalists laying the current state of things at the feet of car hobbyists. Even if they were when one is facing zealots there is no dealing going on........ 😬
  10. I imagine this car has been shared at the mtfca forum but have you advertised it there? In the Model T world the Stynowski name is tantamount to Picasso.
  11. Love how they give Henry a couple shots........ 😛
  12. This is far from new. Ebay wised up a long time ago because sellers were circumventing final value fees by selling a $100 item for $20 with $80 shipping.
  13. GOLD MINE? Someone (everyone?) at Hagerty was sleeping at the wheel when they published THAT.........
  14. For the record, in all three failed AirTex pumps the soft parts were like new so.......
  15. On my '32 Chevy I experienced the death wobble twice. Thankfully I was going only about 25 MPH when it struck but WOW. I experienced in a few times in the '19 Model T I had too but that';s a different setup entirely. This Chevy was purported to be a very low miles car which was substantiated by the original owner's family. At any rate I was driving and the steering column tube came out in my hands......YIKES. I stopped, pushed it back and drove home slowly where I tightened it<<< that part is relevant to the rest of the story. There also was too much steering slack which made it uncomfortable to herd down the road. Long story short is the final cure was taking up end play in the steering box. Due to the low miles it never dawned on me until recently that the looseness of the steering tube allowed the adjusting nut on the steering box to turn as the tube also squeezes on the adjusting nut to help hold the setting.