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  1. Numbering is OK but you can still see the number of replies at the right side so it's not a total loss.
  2. The one in St. Louis seems like a great one. The Fat Man steering wheel is worth $300. I wonder what the make of the spoked wheels is.
  3. Use plain old graphited braided rope packing. It's much cheaper and works just fine.
  4. Have you tried jumping the solenoid? I had that problem with my '59 Chevy 6 banger. Turned out to be the ignition switch......
  5. I'm using Champion D16 plugs gapped at .040" with great success .
  6. Rings are readily available through most of the major manufacturers. You'd be jumping the gun ordering rings until you know the condition of the ring lands on the pistons. They, undoubtedly, are tapered and need to be machined straight which requires wider rings than original. Slapping rings in worn, tapered, grooves is useless.
  7. You aren't seeking sag. You are striving for a 1/2" of overall movement on a taut chain.
  8. 1/2" slack but not a LOOSE slack. It needs to be a tight "slack" if you know what I mean. "Slack" refers to same way you check a v belt. Any tighter with the old style chain and it will howl like a banshee........
  9. My money is on the coil. My '25 did the exact thing. I KNEW it wasn't fuel related so that left ignition. I told the buyer what was happening and what the fix was. Shorty after he had it home he called and I reminded him what I had told him and that these Dodges are the easiest on the planet to bypass the original coil. He did and that was that.
  10. While Chevy's synchros were a vast improvement over crash box transmissions they aren't perfect so maybe you're trying to shift too quickly? I take my time shifting between gears without any gear clashing.
  11. I visited my grandparents in Milwaukee, WI, in the mid 50's. I barely remember the street cars but the tracks remained for many many years.
  12. That is hardly news. I have known for years that trucking is about 3 × what rail is. Truck freight is 15.6 cents per ton-mile, versus 5.1 cents for rail to be exact. Ever hear of intermodal transport? The point is ALL of it is NOT hauled by rail and even if it was electric semis are still a pipe dream except for short hauls.
  13. ^ Also wider rod bearing journals and stronger rods.
  14. Except ALL long haul is NOT done by rail. There are hundreds of thousands of semis on the road every day.
  15. They might be fine for intra city short hauls but getting stuff hauled cross country? Nope. An engine driven semi can be fueled up in 10 minutes and on the road again. An electric not so much. Unless they develop some kind of "charging on the go" they won't replace conventional semis any time soon and how much charging current is required anyway? They fail to mention the charging time after, what I expect are hopeful mileage figures, when they need charging.