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  1. This is the car that tripped my trigger when I was a young teen. It was in the basement of the local Ford dealership in my small village. The owner's father had bought it but it got relegated to the basement under the garage for many years until his son got it out of there and into the show room where it was on display for several years. I stayed in love with it until I got my first collectible car at age 58.......a 1920 Model T Coupe.
  2. The torque curves for both the 4 and 6 bangers are remarkable.......
  3. I'm in America's Dairyland, Wisconsin where we have lost 551 dairy farms in 2019 after losing 638 in 2018 and 465 in 2017.......
  4. I don't GET how everyone is scared to death of that aluminum block....... 😲 If we had operated that way the shop wouldn't have lasted long enough to go 3rd generation (me) and still going strong with the 4th owner. So what if there is some oil? You cook it out and get busy. My FIRST move would be to lay down a bead of aluminum weld and check it for integrity. If that panned out it would be game on!
  5. ^ Hagerty works the same way. I have 3 now but had more and it worked out the same way as yours. The cars I still have are all licensed as COLLECTOR cars so there are very few restrictions.
  7. Call my friend Dale at the number in the link. He's parting out cars all the time and has tons of stuff that isn't advertised or on ebay. and his ebay store
  8. ^ When I got my '32 Chevy the engine turned over a little on the slow side but better than any Model T I ever had. EVERYTHING on a Model is anemic........ Anyway I didn't like the crimp on the starter end of the hot cable so I took it off and cleaned it as best I could and soldered the connector. After that the starter spins the engine as if the spark plugs were out....... 👍
  9. My question is WHO told you it's irreparable and there is more than one way to skin a cat. I dealt with enough unobtainium to know.
  10. Sorry's the other way around....... .......but you know that. My fingers get dyslexic too........
  11. That would be my kind of show TerryB........ FUN........the thing a lot of people don't know how to have.......
  12. I LOVED the suicide doors on the '20 Coupe I had. So much easier getting and and out vs regular doors. I wish my '27 Tudor had suicide doors.
  13. You'll likely have better luck there >>>
  14. Furthermore you can't even buy a DECENT 8 volt battery. They're all crap batteries.
  15. ^ There isn't ANY engine braking and it's murder on the brakes....... 👎 On my '32 the free wheeling lever was "locked out" with coat hanger wire and I have no intention of changing it.