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  1. Shed radio, car radio and truck radio....all PBS Music Station.......always.......
  2. The unregistered title wouldn't bother me in the least. It was unknown to me until AFTER I bought two cars from people who never registered the cars. When it came time for me to license them I simply used the name on the titles and they went through without a hitch. A DMV that researches every little detail on old hobby cars doesn't have enough to do.
  3. Turning the phone would make the difference between nice scenery and great scenery. We don't view life through a doorway.........at least I don't........
  4. Maybe some of you will be able to tolerate this longer than I could........but here it is......
  5. One of my grandmothers was born in 1904. I don't think mom ever witnessed her driving but grandma showed me her license which she got for either a quarter or 50¢........no test no nothing. The license was not of paper, it seemed leather like and had stood the test of time well.
  6. My dad imprinted upon me to always shut off the gas no matter WHAT when it's possible to do so. It's also good to shut off the gas and run the carburetors empty too at season end.
  7. Bloo, your travelogue is some of the best stuff I've ever read along with your outstanding photos. Your writing style makes me feel like I'm there with you.
  8. ^ This doesn't answer your question but it's an interesting read. https://www.motorious.com/articles/features-3/frank-sinatras-cars/
  9. The best part about digital is you can see results instantly and the second best part is you can make them better if necessary, or worse if you're no good with photoshop or the like. Then I upload them to Walgreens for prints on real photographic negative paper........cheap too!
  10. When I had my '65 Mustang (WORST POS I ever owned) the speedometer failed so I ordered a new one from one of the most well known suppliers of Mustang parts. The speedo arrived and the box had a fancy, iridescent, label on it proudly proclaiming it to be authorized by FMC. After installing it (another pos I might add) I backed the car out of the shed and upon moving forward the speedometer jumped to something over 40 MPH (I forget exactly how stupid it was) and stayed there. I called the company where a fairly crabby lady answered and reluctantly sent me another one. THIS time, when I got on the road, it hunted all over the place........ 🤬 I called RA and asked the person who answered what their experience rate was with the speedmeter THEY sell to which he replied 100% satisfied so I ordered it and went through the whole stinking process A G A I N. The only difference this time is it worked! Needless to say the previous vendor was not happy. Well DUH.......neither was I!
  11. I am a super mod at SmokStak.com Go there for steel wheeled tractors>>> https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forums/antique-steel-wheeled-old-iron-tractors.22/ Go there for rubber tired tractors>>> https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forums/antique-farm-tractors-with-rubber-tires.23/ We look forward to seeing you there........
  12. Some years ago when the HCCA was a feature at the Iola Old Car Show a great number of participants passed through my small village on their way to Iola from Stevens Point. Several stopped at my machine shop where I had a few of my OLD tractors parked outside. One of the memorable ones who stopped was a fella who was driving his Mitchell but I digress. A bunch of participants went to the Wisconsin Lions Camp located only two miles away so I had to take off a bit of time to ogle the cars, one of which was a Pope which could have been a Pope Mitchell. What I most remember about that car is I thought it was the most beautful old car I ever saw and I believe I have never seen another that would change my mind.
  13. I'm glad I started reading this thread from the beginning or I'd have missed this! I have a similar combo as well plus a '59 Chevy for a kicker. I've had Model T's, enjoyed all of them and my '27 Tudor won't be for sale any time soon. For lazy back road sight seeing it's hard to beat a T. You won't want to go fast enough to miss things which makes them ideally suited to seeing the countryside.......
  14. Here's the Big Boy schedule >>> https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm
  15. I had a great aunt in Terre Haute, IN, who was shacking with a fella named Ermil. Ermil's car used AWL........ 🤭
  16. Don't take the word of the first DMV person with whom you speak. Some things in Wisconsin suck but our DMV isn't one of them especially if you get the right person the first time. I studied things well before I bought my '32 Chevy from the state of Connecticut knowing CT does not issue titles on cars after a number of years. I called our DMV, mostly just for kicks, to see what they would have to say. I first got in touch with what sounded like a young man whose first question to me was "Do you have a title" to which I replied "There is a title but why? Connectcut doesn't issue titles for cars that age" to which HE replied "We are going to need the title" to which I replied "Having the title is only a nice keepsake. Never mind. I'll send in the application with the current CT Registration and fees" to which HE replied "Good luck". Almost immediately I called back knowing the odds of getting the same person were near zero and sure enough, A nice young lady answered and I went over the spiel again with she fully agreed so that call ended quite differently. Sometimes you have to take no for an answer........but not always.......
  17. Here in Wisconsin having ANTIQUE plates carry some fairly steep restrictions though I doubt any cop in their right mind would ever stop anyone driving a car plated that way. One is offically restricted to driving the car only to and from car shows and for "maintenance".......needless to say the cars I had plated as such required a LOT of maintenance...... 😜 COLLECTOR plates have few restrictions and the law reads "SHOULD not be used for every day transporation". To me that's a suggestion so I drive one of them just about every day when the weather permits. A retired County cop friend of mine said any cop that would stop me for driving any old time with the ANTIQUE cars needs to find something better to do....... LOL
  18. When I first got the '24 Dodge Brothers sedan I had my wife named it the "Gangster Car" about 3 minutes after it rolled off of the trailer it came on.......
  19. If you are trying to seal the welds get a bottle of Loctite 290 Threadlocker Wicking Grade or the Permatex equivalent https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/permatex-medium-strength-threadlocker-blue-2-oz-24200/7160099-P and paint it over the weld area. Both perform the same function by wicking into unseen porosities and once cured is permanent.
  20. "One off"........One off of WHAT?....... .......I cringe every time I hear or see it. All my life the expression was "one of" as in one of a kind. Did this bastardized expression originate at some car auction house?
  21. The part I bolded says everything. The Chinese, and everyone else, WILL produce quality products IF the vendors DEMAND it but you'll pay for it. As much as I like to buy American in too many cases it isn't even possible anymore.......
  22. I hear you! A few years ago I was at a localish engine/tractor show where there was a guy, probably 10-15 years my senior, who had an immaculate Buick Big Six skid mounted engine on display. He was at his display and I remarked to him what an outstanding job he had done. Crickets......I mean.......N O T H I N G I said a few words, actually more than a few one of which may have been hole, under my breath and walked away....... 😈
  23. I likely don't fit the norm but even as kid, now pushing 70, I was always attracted to old stuff and always will be. Haggerty insurance puts out a first class magazine but I find most of the issues nearly unreadable as the stuff I like is pretty well ignored. I've always been a fan of everything from horseless carriages to near 1960 cars with preferences from pre teens to early thirties. I live 17 miles from the largest old car show in the midwest and quit going because of the dirth of cars I love........😞
  24. I hung onto Carl's message for a reason.........this must be the reason. Laws don't care about hearsay but the pasted message came from Carl and could have come from no one else which can be verified by this site. It is uncontrovertible evidence that Carl had no intention of relinquishing his car, AT THAT TIME at least. Anyway.......Carl and I spoke to each only twice but 1 minute into our first conversation (and he could talk!) I felt like we had known each other for years. I regret not speaking with him more often.......
  25. I haven't been here for a while and am shocked and saddened by this news. Whether appropriate or not (at this point I feel it is) this is part of a conversation between Carl and me: C Carl Started conversation: September 10, 2019 Looks like we are doing the same thing at the same time 2 time zones apart. Things have been rather tough here lately. But I see some light at the end coming up. My '27 Cad has been stuck in'Vegas for over 3 years now. I don't feel comfortable whining and crying on the forum too much. But I hope to be able to go get the car early next year. I might say something about the reasons for the delay, but I would rather just focus on the delights of getting back in the saddle again. Right now, it is past my bedtime, so I will take a shower and hit the sack. - CC
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