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  1. The increase in engine rpms when switching to mag is as it ought to be. Heed JFranklin's reply.
  2. That's my standard answer pretty much. With a smile on my face tell them "I don't know and I don't care".......
  3. A lot of the old pot metal is more pot than metal.......much of it contains too much zinc. Many TRUE white metal pieces can be welded but it is never easy and is ALWAYS experimental. You don't know until you try.......
  4. I think that number is a bit high but whatever for my purpose. Hooray for the 150 dealers who chose buyouts. Not so hot for the more than 10,000 employees who are having their jobs sold out from under them....... 🤬 🤬 🤬
  5. Not on any of the tractor engines on which I have worked. Granted these are antiques with a top end of around 1000 rpms but invariably when there has been an irregular idle which goes away with the slightest increase in load it has been weak exhaust springs. I know it doesn't make sense but I also know it cured the problem every time. hddennis's reply ruled out this as being a factor.
  6. I'm still driving my '59 Chevy as long as the weather permits.......and it has been........
  7. If it is skipping beats only at idle and straightens out the second you put a load on it the most likely cause is weak exhaust valve springs.
  8. What is the carb model number? If it's a Rochester B you will find what you need to know at Mike's Carburetor Parts. https://www.carburetor-parts.com He also has a lot of youtube rebuilding videos.
  9. Here in central Wisconsin we had another 70 something degree day so it was prime time, and possibly last time, to drive the '32 Chevy to church for the FIRST TIME this year since early March due to Covid having shut down all churches.
  10. This is THE reason I usually stay out of these threads. I've heard entirely too many times "I heard........." or "You can't weld cast iron" or whatever other words of wisdom too many times. Reminds me of a time in the shop when I was straightening a school bus driveshaft. A customer walked in and asked what I was doing and I told him to which he replied "You can't do that". Mind you I was the 3rd generation to own this machine/welding shop.......I replied "I wish we had known that 25 years ago, we'd have stopped doing it"....... I wish I knew how many manifolds we gas
  11. We bought one of these about 2 years ago at which time I believe I found it at their website without much difficulty. This time I couldn't find it........ .......so had to google the battery group number (3EH) in order to find it........go figure. Anyway it's there >>> https://www.batteriesplus.com/productdetails/replacement/battery/us-battery/3eh/sli3eh I don't know what the difference is between a 2H and the 3EH.......they look identical.
  12. And I used to buy DELCO until THEY priced them out of my range. Then I switched to Carquest who decided they should have more money too which led to Batteries + Bulbs where I have bought several Duracell batteries with which I have been entirely happy. Batteries + Bulbs can even supply these (ironically a DELCO)>>>
  13. The last few days around here regular ethanol gas has been $2.069. Tomorrow who knows........
  14. A friend's son has been rummaging through an old "dump" on an abandoned home site and found this. So........any ideas?
  15. Last November while on the way back to town from picking up a choir director (I'm the organist) for an evening church service I smoked a BIG deer with my 2002 Chevy S10, pretty much ruining the entire front end except the passenger side fender........luckily the doors were spared. I bought it used for $6500 with about 35,000 miles on it and it still has just under 80,000 miles on it. While deciding to have it repaired or settle for a totalled payoff I spent some serious time searching for similar vehicles and even THEN I was STUNNED at the prices for used pickups. I wound up sti
  16. Posting photos is a cinch once you know how....... In my attached image I have highlighted the lower left corner. Click on "choose files" which will invoke a popup of your desktop where your photos may be. If they aren't it's easiest to have them there before you begin......makes finding them real handy. You can add more one at a time or highlight several and upload them all at once.
  17. I turned 16 on October 4 of 1967. Even then Driver Ed was a big part of our lives because just about everyone, especially us boys, were salivating over the prospect of getting our tickets to freedom. At that time I had barely begun behind the wheel driver training which, frankly, was kind of redundant as I'd been driving my dad's '49 Jeep pickup around and in the woods for well over a year already. I practically learned how to drive in reverse using mirrors. My driving instructor could see actual driving was not an issue for me and after a short (required?) time flat out to
  18. My cousin has owned and babied this car for many years but it's time to sell. 5 window coupe originally had a trunk but was converted to a rumble seat. The true colors are Chickadee and Chickadee Drab. You can 262 contact the seller 388 directly at 0105 for more details.
  19. So were Chevy LUV trucks........don't ask how I know.......
  20. Wow......I had nearly forgotten about this already....... Thank you so much!....... 👍
  21. A friend in south central MN sent these photos asking if I have any idea what it's from. Who does he think I am...Keiser?....... Anyway, what you see is what there is........whatever it is. Thanks.
  22. Echoing Terry's seat remark! I've had 4 Model T's all of which had comfortable seats but, especially, the '27 Tudor I still have. I bought a '29 Model A and was terribly disappointed with the seat........talk about taking 9 backward steps.......
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