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  1. I had a '56 Cadillac. The brake pedals were twice the size of a normal pedal. I suppose so you could use both feet if the power boost failed. Would that big pedal fit?
  2. I think that you can benefit from a "tip", but there are no "tricks" that you can or should try. If I was buying a car from through a more complicated situation from one to state to register in another state, I would find out as much of the process as possible, beforehand. In your case the auction house was very helpful and supportive. I would contact the local state Highway Patrol that has the main responsibility in enforcing vehicle registrations and title transfers. I'm sure that you could find a very knowledgeable officer that could help you. Likewise I would contact the State Highway Patr
  3. Second on that ID plate. It was obviously removed and riveted back on. It might not even belong to this particular vehicle. There are usually secondary VIN numbers stamped on the frame somewhere. Your local Highway Patrol office can advise you on that. In California that VIN tag would be a huge red flag. This car would probably be impounded until the numbers could be verified. I wouldn't consider this car until it got a clean bill of health from the State Police.
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