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  1. I just wanted to give an update to this event. The response has been great and we have a good amount of Cole cars confirmed and another list of hoping to attend! We also have the just found 1909 Cole High Wheeler that was not known to exist. It will be unveiled at the event. We will have the first model of Cole car at the event from 1909 and then we will have the last model of Cole car at the event from 1925 with many in between. The updated information on the event, the agenda, and more details is located here: http://colemotorcarregistry.com/cole-car-meetup-2019/ For those wanting to check out the Coles in one place or if you have a pre 1942 car and want to join the tour or the show, you can go to the Gilmore's site at https://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org/event/donald-gilmore-pre-1942-showcase/?instance_id=533. The show is not just a static show as you can drive your car around the wonderful Gilmore Campus throughout the show and then they have demonstrations, a 1 and 2 cylinder car race, car games, and other fun events throughout the day.
  2. kfle

    What does original mean?

    This is a good summary.
  3. kfle

    What does original mean?

    Great topic and conversation. Many do get confused with the term of original, meaning it is as it was as it left the dealer versus restoring a car to original appearance versus a resto mod or hot rod. I wish there was a 'standard' definition of this in the community. The other way I look at it is that the car is the 'original' paint, body, interior, and accessories as it left the dealer at original purchase. Also you need to take it to the next level such as there are many things on a car that are expected to be changed to drive such as tires, fluids, belts, etc for usual maintenance. From a public historic agency perspective here is a good example for reference. I recently acquired a 1925 Cole Brouette with a body by Willoughby. It was the personal chauffer driven car for Mrs. JJ Cole and she used it until the early 30's. It was then put in the basement of the Cole Factory building and the family maintained it and used it occasionally after that. The family owned the factory building until the 80's and kept it there and then moved it to the Cole mansion after that. It left the Cole family in 2007 to private ownership. The national historic register added the Cole mansion and the 1925 Cole Brouette to the Register in 1997 and their historians reviewed the house and the car and wrote up the history. The car is predominately original with interior, body, and paint original except for cosmetic updates to the paint over the years and then the park service notates that other things have been replaced for maintenance reasons. That is how they define originality. Now I am the next conserver of this car and my intent is to preserve it as original as possible and maintain it to keep it functioning and in the public eye.
  4. Love the pictures and story from the original poster! Such a great memory. I am very fortunate that my 18 year old son loves the old cars and even loves the history of them. Here he is taking the 1913 Cole out for a drive last summer. He has a passion for and has built his own library of historical car documents and books. He also goes to every car show with me and loves talking to others to share the information and history. It it truly is a wonderful thing to get to share a passion with your children. Also besides my son, my 22 year old daughter drives a 1978 Volkswagen bus westfalia model as her daily driver!
  5. kfle

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    Here is a driving school using Model T’s😀 https://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org/events-calendar/model-t-driving-experience-2018/
  6. kfle

    seafoam vs stabil

    I guess we are lucky in Michigan. We have lots of lakes here so you can get ethanol free with no additives all over in Michigan. Marine engines do not like ethanol one bit. It costs about $4 a gallon during the summer on average. That is the only fuel I burn in the cars. It has really helped for both driving, maintaining, and storing the cars. Absolutely agree that getting the better the gas will save you money versus the repairs down the road!
  7. Here is a place in Canton Michigan that opened a year ago and is full. They do antique, classic, to exotic and I believe the building used to be a chemical warehouse. They can store about 140 cars plus more motor cycles and have events all the time. Weekly cruise nights, cars and coffee club during the winter and they have one of those large inflatable movie screens for outside movies during the summer. Their Facebook page has lots of pictures, events, etc so you could check it out. Here is their website. http://cantoncarcave.com/index.html This is very similar to the concept idea that you are thinking about and they made their pricing not too far above what a storage unit would cost.
  8. kfle

    Museum cars?

    I have acquired two museum cars. One from an auction for a smaller museum that did not maintain the cars and the other that was on loan to a major museum that maintains their cars. My 1913 Cole came from a small museum and it was there for 10 years without much maintenance done on it at all. It cost me about $7k to get everything going and working again well. The car was fully restored before it went into the museum so cosmetically it was fabulous and it was even overhauled mechanically, but sitting that long without use necessitates a good going through again of all systems. Also, you don't want to start it without getting it prepped. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they didn't drain the gas out of it. So, I have had no issue with getting something from a museum but just be aware of the price going in to it.
  9. This was interesting to see in the Wall Street Journal today. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-best-investments-of-2018-art-wine-and-cars-11546232460
  10. kfle

    1915 Naxwell rubber mats

    Impressive work and I like it! I will have to think about doing this for my car.
  11. kfle

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    I am in my 40's and a Gen X'er and got into classic cars 2 years ago. Since I bought my 1931 Model A at that time, I was bitten by the bug and purchased 3 more pre 1932 cars and a 50's car for my wife. All are 'stock'. Last year, my 22 year old daughter purchased a 1978 VW Westfalia bus that she pretty much daily drives. When people are younger, they buy what they can afford and what they know. Then as you are more stable with your income and you build some confidence around cars people tend to expand their horizon and get into new things. I started with newer specialty cars such as the Toyota FJ Cruiser, then a Dodge Challenger SRT launch edition, then a Porsche. Over the years I didn't have any idea that old cars were really out there and were attainable. When I made the transition to older cars it took support from another person in my neighborhood who owned a model A so that I could get some confidence with the car and working on it. After that I discovered that it wasn't bad at all and a whole lot of fun! Last summer I talked to people who were millennials at the car shows that had the 80's car or something newer and they were actually quite engaged learning about the older car and many mentioned that someday they wanted to get something like that. I only started going to car shows over the last two years, so I have no idea what it was like before with old cars attending. I would say though that most people who own the really old classics are getting up there in age and don't bring their cars to shows because it is some work, harder to maintain their cars, or just don't like the new crowd. I honestly do not think that the lower amount of old cars at car shows has anything to do what people like at the shows, I think it has much more to do with the people that own the older cars do not like the current shows or just cant get to the shows anymore. Whenever I bring one of the old cars to the local show or cruise night it typically has some of the bigger crowds and most engaging conversations (Except of course the common question of wow, how much is that worth?) It looks like the Hagerty data is showing that the younger people are getting into cars and of course they are starting with what they know and can afford. If the antique car clubs want to help more of the newer generations get into the older cars, then they have to find a way to connect with them and even make them aware. Too much information about older cars is in paper form, in people's heads, and in a library some where. We need that knowledge on the internet and searchable, we need sharing on social sites like Instagram, and we need parts swap meets online and not in a city somewhere. If that support and awareness network was in place, then the interest by younger generations would increase. As they say - If you cant find it with Google, then it doesn't exist!
  12. kfle

    What is the best fire extinguisher?

    is Halotron the same stuff? I saw Halon is not available easily any longer, however they say Halotron is the same but environmentally safe.
  13. In conjunction with the Gilmore Car Museum Pre 1942 car show and tour, we will be having a meetup of Cole Motor Company Cars for the 110th anniversary of the company. The dates are May 17th and 18th. More details can be found at http://colemotorcarregistry.com/cole-car-meetup-2019/. The Gilmore has the largest Cole Motor Company archive in their research library and the CCCA museum on the Gilmore campus has the collection from Helen Cole, granddaughter of JJ Cole. Besides the meetup of the cars and owners, we will be having a talk on the history of Cole, Cole artifacts, and some presentations on the cars. We have a good core of Cole cars slated to attend, however we are looking for more owners willing to bring out their cars so we can get together and keep the spirit of these fine automobiles going. If you know anyone that would be interested, please pass along this information. Thanks, Kevin
  14. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Wayne, Thanks. Our Cole coupe is on loan to the Gilmore right now as well and my son and I were noticing some styling similarities between our Cole and the Model A. The Cole is more square at certain points. Cole never went to production with the 2 person coupe and only built the one we have as a test car and for his son. It has a wheelbase of about 6 inches shorter than the standard Model A and that appears to mostly be in the cowl area. The model A also has a nice straight line for the front and the back of the car, while Cole dropped the back end a bit lower than the hood line of the car. Here is a picture of a Duesenberg Model A coupe and the prototype ad for the 23 Cole Coupe. JJ Cole put disc wheels and some other embellishments on ours including two spares as it was the balloon tire test car and Cole used it at the closed auto shows as a display car for the balloon tires and other advancements.