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  1. In conjunction with the Gilmore Car Museum Pre 1942 car show and tour, we will be having a meetup of Cole Motor Company Cars for the 110th anniversary of the company. The dates are May 17th and 18th. More details can be found at http://colemotorcarregistry.com/cole-car-meetup-2019/. The Gilmore has the largest Cole Motor Company archive in their research library and the CCCA museum on the Gilmore campus has the collection from Helen Cole, granddaughter of JJ Cole. Besides the meetup of the cars and owners, we will be having a talk on the history of Cole, Cole artifacts, and some presentations on the cars. We have a good core of Cole cars slated to attend, however we are looking for more owners willing to bring out their cars so we can get together and keep the spirit of these fine automobiles going. If you know anyone that would be interested, please pass along this information. Thanks, Kevin
  2. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Wayne, Thanks. Our Cole coupe is on loan to the Gilmore right now as well and my son and I were noticing some styling similarities between our Cole and the Model A. The Cole is more square at certain points. Cole never went to production with the 2 person coupe and only built the one we have as a test car and for his son. It has a wheelbase of about 6 inches shorter than the standard Model A and that appears to mostly be in the cowl area. The model A also has a nice straight line for the front and the back of the car, while Cole dropped the back end a bit lower than the hood line of the car. Here is a picture of a Duesenberg Model A coupe and the prototype ad for the 23 Cole Coupe. JJ Cole put disc wheels and some other embellishments on ours including two spares as it was the balloon tire test car and Cole used it at the closed auto shows as a display car for the balloon tires and other advancements.
  3. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    You picked a special one at that. That 1927 model a was Augie Duesenberg’s personal car that he drove until he passed away.
  4. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    As others have said, it is in southwest Michigan by Kalamazoo. The Gilmore is a great museum and is said to be the largest auto museum in North America. Besides the main Gilmore museum, on their campus they also have the Classic Car Club of America Museum, the Pierce Arrow Museum, the Franklin museum, the Ford Model A museum, the Lincoln museum, the Cadillac-Lasalle museum, and a pedal car museum. Definitely worth a stop if you are even close to the area. It is a destination for many people around the world as they had about 123,000 visitors last year.
  5. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Some more pictures. I have more but it won’t let me post them,
  6. kfle

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    My son and I had the opportunity to go to the opening champagne reception the evening before the exhibit opened. There were 18 cars there that evening and they said they would be rotating some in and out throughout the life of the exhibit as owners need them for events. A few of the owners were gracious enough to let the small gathering of people sit in the cars and take pictures. They also started the Mormon Meteor up for us. We also had a presentation on the history of the cars. It was an amazing evening and it is a wonderful display. The Gilmore did a great job putting this together. it is a must see exhibit and I would try to get to this in person!
  7. kfle

    1922-23 Haynes big 6 question

    Some makes did have a different color body and disc wheels. I do believe that the most common was having the wheels match the body. The Cole motor company aero 8's in the early 20's offered a body color and then the wheels were a silver/white to give a contrasting pop. Here is an ad that shows it, though the body color is not as contrasting in this ad. I have a dealer catalog that says you can get the body in that tannish color, blue, red, and many more with the different color disc wheels. Also, here is my 1923 Cole two person coupe in the original paint scheme. Primary color is tuxedo grey and on this particular car the disc wheels match the body color.
  8. Just adding this content to this thread for archive history purposes. If someone does a search and finds the thread, I want them to be able to find the registry website. I wanted to let others know that my son and I have taken over the known Cole Motor Company Car registry from the now defunct Cole Motor Car Club of America and are in the process of updating the known car information and seeing if we can find more survivors. My son and I own two Cole cars. One is a 1913 Series 9 touring car and one is a one of one 1923 2 person coupe that was a test car that JJ Cole built for his son. Both cars were Cole family cars and we have picked up quite a passion for the car brand and history. We built a friendship with Leroy Cole who was the leader of the Cole Motor Club and registry until it dissolved in 2010. He transferred to us all known information about the cars as well as lots of Cole history and documentation. He also passed on the bulk of his extensive Cole library to the Gilmore Car Museum research library. Our goal is to update the registry as well as to share and expand the knowledge and history about the brand. We have created a website that we will continue to update and add to. I have posted the known car registry on the site minus any personal information and will make updates to it as we obtain it. I also will be adding more pictures and other information about the cars as time goes on. The link to the new registry website is http://colemotorcarregistry.com/. If you own a Cole or know someone that owns a Cole, I would love to hear from you as another goal is to create a network for Cole car owners. Thanks, Kevin
  9. I have added some new pages to the website with not often seen pictures from the family photos. The two new areas I have added are about Cole Racing and the original Cole High Wheeler. Kevin
  10. Thanks! Yes there were a good number of Coles found at the time and now it will be good to know how many are still on the road as they say.
  11. Thanks for sharing! This is going to be the biggest challenge, which is tracking them all down again after they changed hands.
  12. Thanks Ron. Yes the 1923 Coupe was at the Orphan car show in 2009 when Leroy Cole owned the car. May have been there another time as well. I do recognize some of your wonderful cars on your list to what I have seen around the area. Preserving the history as well as the cars is important. Kevin
  13. Thanks! If you dig it out of the box message me a picture of it. I may be interested in it. kevin
  14. Thanks for sharing. You said until recently....do you know where it is now? kevin