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  1. Interesting photo. Cole was the first company to offer balloon tires as production standard on an automobile in 1923 with their Firestone partnership. From the book 'The Firestone Story'
  2. 1920 Cole Aero 8 Roadster powered by a 346.4 cubic inch V8
  3. The top picture is a 1923 Cole 890 Aero Volante. The picture was taken at a Cole dealer for advertising purposes. Cole switched to the drum headlights in 1923 through 1925. The Cole Aero 8 which was from 1918-1922 used the headlight style on the 1919 Red Sportster that is pictured.
  4. I did some digging and Here is the old thread about this one with more pictures. Looks like the chassis is a Chandler and not a Cole.
  5. I was looking at getting this one for my shop, You can choose the color.
  6. I just read the same article and was going to post it. Just yesterday I was talking to someone who owns a classic car dealership and he said over the last thirty days he has sold twelve cars which is even with last year. He said he was surprised and most of the cars were higher priced.
  7. I am new to the hobby in the last three years, in my 40's, and am just getting going. My 19 year old son and my 22 year old daughter love the old cars. My daughter drives a 78 VW westfalia bus as her daily driver. I hope the prices come down as I would love to add some more pre 32 cars to the stable. Now that being said, I looked through the Vanderbrink auction that was posted earlier in the thread and I am not really interested in a car like those that have been sitting in a barn forever and needs a lot of work. I want to drive and have some fun with the cars and don't really want to spend a long time working on it and getting it running. Don't get me wrong, I love working on the old cars and am learning every day, but I enjoy maintaining and improving. I am currently in discussions right now with someone about a 1914 auto that I am looking to purchase, but not being able to lay eyes on it is slowing things down. Bottom line for me is that Return on Investment isn't a factor for me as it is all Return on Fun that I can have that drives my ownership decisions.
  8. See my reply to zephyr. There is actually two separate wings to the main shop as well. One wing is a paint booth and clean room and the other wing is a blasting and parts washing room and then a machine shop area. I am not sure why the previous owner put the compressors in the loft, but there is a lot of setup to them. Metal piping is all setup and run from the compressors to every spot in the shop and wings that terminate in quick connects and drains. So it would be a chore to relocate them. They don’t come on very often at all unless I’m using them and I turn them off when I am done working on something so it hasn’t bothered me yet.
  9. Yes, extremely loud, but since the shop is just for me they don’t come on if I am hanging out in the loft since no one is using air working on something. I turn them off when not in use. I wouldn’t have put them up there if it was up to me but the previous owner who built the place put them up there. and thanks, I feel lucky to have the place.
  10. In addition to earlier pictures of the workshop earlier in the thread, I thought I would post what I did with the loft. About a month ago, I made the loft area above my workshop home office and full bathroom into a sitting area and cigar lounge. I have a Harley Davidson pinball machine, an arcade machine, and the humidor cabinet is on the way. I still have to start adding the automobilia on the walls, but it takes time.
  11. Here is my garage complex.that I have had since February. I am still getting things organized and have a lot to put on the walls. I was working on my wife’s car just yesterday.