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  1. There are a lot of variables with this and I am no expert but did a lot of research. It really depends on what you are going to be doing on your epoxied floor. For example, are you just parking, showing, and doing an occasional oil change on your car or are you doing restorations, body work, pulling engines, etc. I have seen some people who have been extremely happy with the Home Depot epoxy like Rustoleum and then i have seen more heavy users be happy with a more expensive commercial epoxy. I am doing over 1500 sqft in the main shop work area for the first round. I want a nice looking floor, but the epoxy is not for car display, it is for ease of cleanup and concrete protection. I am going with Armor Epoxy and then a clear coat on top of that. Probably will cost between $2000 and $3000 for materials. Prep is key. First I hit all of the oil spots with dawn dish soap, let it sit, then scrubbed them good. It is amazing what Dawn can pull out of the cement. Then I am doing some sanding in a few areas, then pressure washing the whole floor with a degreaser, and then doing an acid etch. After all of that I will do a good vacuum. Also, during the process you should fill any cracks with a 2 part epoxy cement crack sealer. When the prep is done, I will put down the epoxy and let that cure. Then I will put down the clear coat with some scuffing or anti slip additive. A lot of work and i know it wont be perfect when it is done, but it will be better than just the regular cement floors that are there now.
  2. That should be easy enough, though my latest discovery is that HO (High Output) fixtures were installed. The fluorescent bulbs are actually only 46 inches as they have the special HO connector on each end. I tried to find HO LED replacement tubes and the options appear to be very limited. The closest i found was at 1000bulbs.com and it was only a 4-5k output.
  3. I will have to look into those lights. The shop building has about R20 foam in the walls and about r35 in the ceiling. The storage garage has R25 batts in the walls and R35 batts in the ceiling.
  4. I only have one garage where i work on cars and this is it, so that should be easier for me.
  5. Great advice from you and others. I was wondering if the LED tubes that worked with a ballast were good to use and it looks like a no. I will probably end up getting new fixtures and replace them all out over time.
  6. you have a wonderful building you are putting together! I have been following your postings and you are doing it right.
  7. Will do. He setup a down draft air filter and circulation system. There is one in the paint booth and one in the main shop floor if you are going to paint something large or for just pulling out any exhaust fumes. The picture is of the two air circulation units.
  8. No house on the property, though you could build something there. Lots of lakes in the area as you know, so you can find properties such as this with pole buildings but no house. The counties have started to crack down on new development such as this one as they can tax more on a property with a house.
  9. The room wont be for open air blasting. The room is setup to put in a large sand blasting cabinet, parts washing station, etc. I am going to get a large TP Tools blasting cabinet to put in there. The room also has its own dust collection system, but any big blasting would be done outside.
  10. Yes, the guy who built it owned an auto body shop for 40 years and he built this place as his personal man cave for his own cars. He is now in his 70s so he sold it off.
  11. I was just looking at LED replacement tubes this morning. There are tubes all over the shop for great lighting, though it will add up to run them all of the time. Internet/wifi is being setup next week and shortly after that the full video alarm system.
  12. We live on a lake not far from the new shop. Because of the limited land on the lake is why I went this direction.
  13. I got some Amerex Halotron fire extinguishers. They say no mess and are the 'same' as Halon. I guess i will find out as it was not easy to find a Halon fire extinguisher.
  14. I was actually looking for land to build something when i ran across this. Even though there are some things I would have done differently, I am very happy to have it done and built so i can just move in and start using it.
  15. It is situated on the edge of a small village with its own fire department. Surprisingly, It has all city services (water, sewer, natural gas, etc.) and there is a fire hydrant at the end of the driveway. I will find out where the fire department is exactly, as this is a great point! I did install several fire extinguishers around the shop and will be having an alarm system installed with monitoring that includes fire for when i am not there.
  16. Thank you and that is very sound advice!
  17. Of course! I already have a lot of stuff to go in it. First the epoxy floor coating is going down.
  18. Well, now my addiction to pre war cars has spread to me buying a workshop and storage building. I found a 1.5 acre property that is 9 miles from the Gilmore Car Museum. The main building is about 40 x 80 with 16ft interior ceilings, has a full bath, an office, a lift, a paint booth with air circulation system, a separate room for blasting, and a separate wing with a 24 x 15 machine shop area. Also there is a an balcony/loft area above the bathroom and office that will be the cigar lounge room. The shop also has two 80 gallon air compressors with metal piping and hook ups throughout all areas of the building. The second building is a 32 x 40 storage garage with 9 ft interior ceilings and two garage doors that are 12ft W by 8 ft H. This building will store cars when they are not in the shop to keep them clean. The storage garage is climate controlled by a mini split system. The third building is a 100 year old carriage garage that was moved to the property by the previous owner and it will be a great shed. I also have an additional four post lift on order for the main shop building. This will lead to years of fun, learning, and working on cars with my son and friends. Any tips for someone starting with their first workshop?
  19. I am glad to hear it. Carol is the executive director of the CCCA museum. Kevin
  20. Did you email Carol Vogt directly? She is usually responsive. cvogt@cccamuseum.org
  21. Excellent event and my son and I will be attending again this year for the tour and the weekend show. It is not just a show either as you can drive around the campus, participate in car games, and see lots of demos. My son loved driving the 1923 Cole giving people rides all day on the Saturday. I highly recommend attending this weekend event!
  22. This document is for Al who gave me a call today. Hopefully you can find the serial number on your 24!
  23. There are probably differences between earlier brass cars to the early 20's to the big classics in the late 20's and 30's. Also differences between the engineers at different manufacturers as well. Here is a direct copy from the 1920 Cadillac Type 61 Shop Manual that was given to the mechanics and service departments for Cadillac. This is their guidance on Spring lubrication and also from troubleshooting on the ride of the car. The troubleshooting section points you to the lubrication as well as replacement if the lubrication doesn't work. The Type 61 was the big Cadillac with the V8 engine. I was lucky enough to find this shop manual and it is excellent. I have two V8 Cole's from the early 20's that are similar to the Cadillac and a Cole shop or service manual is not known to exist. A lot of what you see out there today is from people applying modern knowledge to fixing and how they would do it. I try to go by the recommendations of what I can find from original materials.
  24. Thanks for sharing and I have not seen that picture before. That is a 1919-1921 Cole Aero 8 Tourster. 1922 had side mounted spares and then for 1923 they went to big barrel headlights. Here is a nice picture of 1922 Cole Aero 8 with the side mounted tires. Otherwise very similar wo the picture you shared.
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    For whatever reason I watched the live bidding on the car and it got up to $375k which didn't meet reserve so they passed on the lot. I was shocked that the bidding made it that high.