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  1. Garish, excessive, road hog, etc. Yes to all of that. But do I ever want to own that car! Turnpike Cruiser was the best named 50's car to match" made in the USA" dominance of the era.
  2. Good to see some French Car culture, Merci' I've always wanted to tour Paris and area in a Parisienne!
  3. After a strong late winter/ early spring run up of prices in 2021 old car prices are still high, but sales have stalled so the dip has started. Don't know if it's short or long term. Crystal ball is too cloudy and scratched up to get a true read. Besides I probably could not spot it with my old eyes and poor perception. This is in central Canada. Lot's of nice iron still sitting, not selling. I hope it's just a price correction to get rid of the high marked up "flipped" cars!
  4. Always liked the looks of the 190. Only did drive one once, so never got the real feel of it. I had a 65 230 SL and was thinking of making a trade deal on the 190SL. My friend had a very nice looking 1959 at the time, so I was short term smitten. I ended up selling the 230 to a friend who still has it over 30 years later.
  5. Known as a "Shooting Brake" on the other side of the pond.
  6. A have another friend with a rare 1970 442 that has that broadcast card showing it was custom painted W31 for a Olds executive. One of one in that color.
  7. That's the assembly line info card telling what the car is to receive as it goes down the line. That's a seriously important piece of documentation!
  8. I have a 1972 442 convertible that was sold new here in Ontario Canada. So I was able to get the GM Vintage Vehicle documents verifying authentic provenance. Not a W30, but a W29 optioned car. I agree with you, no paperwork? Consider it a clone until proven otherwise.
  9. Have seen a few of these private collector auction this year up here in Canada. Mostly just trying to cash in on the covid price hype. I'm always skeptical of these small private auctions as you never know who you're bidding against. The house, the brother in law or legitimate buyers.
  10. Some more details will go a long way in achieving interest or even a sale. Pictures are a must if you wish to sell a car in 2021!
  11. Finances and room are my prime concern. Having too many cars needing work taxes my mind as well. Just never knowing which one to tackle, drive, spend money on I know i'll never see again or get to enjoy is turning my once dream into a burden. If I sell 4 of them, finish the Chevelle I can't stand to look at anymore and sell it as soon as it's running and in one piece, then I will take at least half that money and buy a turn key finished higher end car.
  12. Growing up in Canada in the 60's Plodge's were the normal cars to see. Usually the base model sedans, usually rusty by the latter half of the decade, but none ever as pretty as this subject car!
  13. I admit to having too many old cars now. I have 7. One is an ongoing project for 1.5 yrs. The other 6 are running and drivable to some extent, but could all use more improvements, i.e. cash and time. I definitely need to sell off at least 5 as I'm storing them off site from home. I'm supposed to be retired, but still have to work daily, mostly on those cars for no monetary return. It's now turned into a job, and I find little enjoyment in it!
  14. Wow! I thought the guy's doing appraisal's in Canada were bad! I'll try to find the copy of the appraisal I received on a 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk that was a long distance and in the winter. The statement that really burned me was " Car has all original body panels" When I got the car later it had fiberglass front fenders and one rear quarter panel! "Engine runs smooth and quiet" Said engine, 289 V8 ran very bad on 5 or 6 cylinders.
  15. It's very simple to contact a shipper. No problem sending a car across the border even with CoVid restrictions.
  16. It's a beautiful car and so rare with the 348. It was for sale 2 weeks ago for $55,000 Canadian on kijiji. Gone 1st day to this obvious flipper.
  17. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1572885027 $29900. I don't know anything about this one guys!
  18. There's 1955 Nomad a few miles from home that's so rusty it's almost broken in 2. He still wants $7000 for it. Even the roof is full of holes and bondo.
  19. I'm in the midst of getting my 1970 Chevelle body redone and everyone of the suppliers has back ordered parts. They say it's due to CoVid. With so many people not working a lot of projects are getting restarted and the off shore body panel factories are also closed. I tried to order a quarter panel for my 1972 Oldsmobile 442 convertible today and same result! Anyone else having this same problem? I'm in Canada and with the border still closed until who knows when I can't even go to the large USA swap meets.
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