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  1. Hopefully someone on this forum will have figured it out or found a system that works. There are many systems designed for motor homes towing a Toad but they also report problems with connectivity.
  2. Getting the signal from my 48 ft trailer to the receiver in the truck is my concern. What brand of wifi transmitter do you use? Thanks
  3. If Texas is any indicator of CCCA health adding more cars to the brand hasn't worked too well. There is no CCCA activity south of Dallas and Houston with 4 million population can't support a club. The North Texas CCCA web site is promoting activity's for 2015 and a proposed CARvan for 2016. When I moved to College Station in 08 I dropped my membership and haven't missed it. I was never made to feel welcome in the eight years I belonged to the Florida region in spite of owning six classics including a 31 Cadillac V-12 Sport Phaeton that scored 100 points many times over a 25 year period.
  4. What brand of Tire Pressure Monitoring system are you using and would you recommend it. Searching the internet it seems most companies have gone to the Schrader valve stem type monitors rather than the internally rim mounted systems. On the RV blogs many complain of having to use a repeater when towing a trailer or Toad. Your thoughts and recommendations appreciated. Thanks, Bob Smits
  5. I agree with Bhigdog!! If we were mentally competent we would’t have all these cars. Of course we wouldn’t have all this fun or friend’s either!!! The best way to beat the inheritance tax ceiling is to be in the old car hobby.
  6. Jim dropped off my Pontiac pictured above this PM. I couldn't be happier. He picked it up in San Diego on Sat and was in contact with me via text daily. I appreciate the personal service as compared to my experience last year with a national carrier who damaged my car. 5 stars
  7. You may wish to talk to Joe Bortz. I know he specializes in helping heirs and estates. You can go to his web site for information.
  8. In 1994 I loaned a large Art Glass Collection to a Museum associated with Texas A&M. A couple of years ago they hired a new director and there focus changed so I was able to reclaim my collection. So glad we resisted the pressure to donate it. Museums are like your kids, if you give them something of value it will probably disappear over time.
  9. My wife had a 65 convertible with the I-6 and now has a 68 convertible with the I-6. Great cars to drive and easy to maintain. They draw a crowd at car show and shine events as many of the younger generation has never seen the engine compartment of the I-6 and didn't know it existed. Also a great low budget entry to AACA and VMCCA touring. I almost forgot to mention that the 68 has 230K miles on it. Major overhaul at 170K. Still looks good enough that it was shown at Amelia Island about 10 years ago. Speedometer reads 30K and most people think it is original mileage.
  10. With my wife serving as president of a large non profit board we are at a banquet once or twice a month. In my limited experience Hilton's are at the bottom of the barrel. I certainly agree that anyone sponsoring a banquet should "audition" the meal. In the final analysis you are there for the people, not the food.
  11. It would be interesting to know your age. In my 20's and early 30's I too would have hesitated to take a flier and lose $500. Today that is the cost of taking your triplet grandsons and their parents out for a nice dinner with wine. Other questions you ask yourself are do I have the knowledge, tools, space, or money to tackle this project. Collecting antique art glass for years I soon learned "If you snooze, you lose". Because of this blog I am sure you gained a lot of knowledge that will be useful in the future and now know how to access the wealth of information that is at your fingertips.
  12. Purchased a car on BAT last week from a dealer in Washington. He emailed me wire transfer instructions late Sunday night to his local bank to a account in his business name. At 5 AM Monday I received a second wire transfer email from him telling me the account in his first email had not been activated and instructing me to wire to a different bank in a different state and to an account that was NOT in his name or his business name. The email header was identical on both emails. This immediately raised a red flag and a telephone call confirmed that he had been hacked. The cyber security people on his end indicated that they have seen several cases associated with on BAT transactions. From now on I am going to confirm all emailed financial transactions by phone.
  13. I have been told that polished concrete is not resistant to oil stains. I used Epoxy Coat on my 6000 sq ft building 6 years ago and have been very happy with it. Lowest bid was $4.00 /sq ft. I did it myself for $2000.00. Many of my cars drip and there has been no staining.
  14. You are not alone living in a old car vacuum. College Station has 120K population and no antique car activity other than a Model A club. Lucky's car show is the second Sunday of January every year. Totally unorganized with no advertising or structure of any kind, cars just show up. This year over 450 street rods were present. Nearest AACA is 100 miles away in Houston which by the way has a population of 4 million and can't support a Classic Car Club.
  15. Public is always welcome, can’t show a car unless you are a member.