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  1. What a great thread. Thanks for digging it out of the archives
  2. I originally jacked up the passenger wheel. No movement at all. As m-mman stated i assumed with a limited slip there would be resistance but some movement. there was none. With both wheels jacked up they turn in unison but with resistance. Could I have a Detroit Locker rather than a limited slip differential??I will try backing the brakes off first. Thanks
  3. Agree with Tinindian but would check the valve clearance first before I drove it several hundred miles
  4. Jacked up the 66 to confirm the rear end ratio yesterday and discovered it is a closed rear end. My question is that there is a fair amount of resistance to rotating the wheels. Is this normal for a closed rear end or do I have brakes dragging? Car is new to me but essentially everything was replaced by the PO two years ago and has been driven approximately 1400 miles. Thanks
  5. Who would you use in Texas for a 24 Cadillac? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the updates and information on the emissions lawsuit. Interestingly several companies now sell bypass kits to protect the engines in case of pump failures.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Thankfully my Duramax is a 2007. It went into "Limp Home Mode" 20 miles outside of Oklahome City on my way to the 15 Glidden. Was running again in three days thanks to a $1800 infusion. On my way to the 2017 Glidden in Hastings I blew a turbo in Fort Worth and not one dealership in Texas had one in stock so it took five days to get it repaired and we missed the tour. So much for reliability. I have many friends who have had no problems. I think I got a lemon!!!
  8. As I understand it this has nothing to do with emissions. This has to do with the pump that produces fuel pressure extruding metal shavings into the fuel system after the fuel has passed through the fuel filter and causing catastrophic engine failure. GM is no stranger to Diesel problems to those of us old enough to remember the GM/Oldsmobile 5.7 Diesel.
  9. Larry, that reminds me of a close friend who specialized in restoring C1 and C2 Corvettes. One night a physician client called him because a car he purchased a year earlier quite running in the middle of the freeway. Upon inspection there was no oil in it. He was sued because the client stated that he was never told to check the oil!!!
  10. If you are towing with a 2011-2016 Duramax you may wish to check out the recent class action lawsuit filed against GM for reportedly selling diesel trucks that were not designed for US diesel fuel resulting in the high pressure injection pumps (cp4) extruding metal shavings into the fuel system. The previously used cp3 was designed for US fuel while the cp4 was allegedly designed for European diesel. As with all class action suites I do not know if the claims are valid or if this is BS. I do know that as the fuel rail pressure goes up there have been an increasing number of engine failures. Ford went to the cp4 with the 6.7 engine while Ram didn't use the cp4 until 2019. Ford and Ram may be less susceptible as they use a in tank lift pump. If interested you can find the article by Artie Maupin on
  11. Thanks, makes me feel better except for my V63
  12. Does the fire risk go away along with the vacuum tank in 32?
  13. I still have a supply of R12. PM me if you need some.
  14. I agree with mercer09. Paypal and credit cards can be clawed back for 6 months Don't accept more than you are willing to lose on any transaction.
  15. Your agent will be able to email it to you. Store it in your cell phone. I use the wallet app on my iphone