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  1. Says something about our aging hobby when that many of us remember Kookie and Brylcream
  2. Hard to imagine that it went to #4 in the USA. Tastes were different in 1959.
  3. When I went through a similar situation 37 years ago a close friend gave me two pieces of excellent advice that helped me through the conflict: 1. No one said it would be FAIR 2. The reason it costs so much is because it's worth it. BTW I love your Caddy and hope you get to finish it soon.
  4. I think you might be surprised at what you would get on eBay. List it with a $500 reserve. I recently sold a 72 inch and 36 inch Sinclair signs that were far worse than yours for $750 each on Craigslist. The purchaser drove 500 miles to pick them up. I see increased interest in signs with "patina", This may be because the good stuff is hard to find and expensive. I purchased a group of five 42 inch DSP dealer service signs for $200 each in the early 90's. Today they would bring 3 to 6K each at auction. dsp
  5. I keep 5 or 6 running at all times and try to rotate them although my 41 Cad is always on call.
  6. Congratulations. You will smile every time you look at it and it didn't cost you $2500
  7. I have been into advertising as long as cars. They don’t require maintenance
  8. Sometimes when I insert a photo it rotates to horizontal. How do you fix that on the forum? Thanks, Bob Smits
  9. I was invited to bring my 1940 sprint car to a private Race Car reunion held every December at a farm in rural Texas. The owner invited me in to his one bedroom farm house to see his advertising. Every square inch of this house is covered with pristine porcelain signage This is the dining room.
  10. Hard to type on a iPhone when you have arthritis
  11. I've never seen one with an asking price over $500, nevermind a grand. It's just not an in-demand piece. Three on eBay right now. A rusted POS for $250, a moderately rusted one for $750 and a nice original for $1450. If you have not kept up with advertising prices you will be astonished. I recently turned down $15K for a 42 inch NOS Cadillac Service DSP
  12. From your description I think you left $500 to a $1000 on the table. If you have more to sell i would advise you to get an appraisal from a knowledgeable sign collector in the future. On the other hand if you were happy with your profit it really doesn't matter.
  13. Marty you are making me homesick. I certainly miss NO. Happy New Year For those of you within driving distance of College Station Lucky's Rod Run is Jan 12. Usually draws 300 to 400 Antiques and Rods