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  1. Makes it a lot easier. I kept trying to imagine how to practice social distancing at a swap meet with friends. Back in March I commented that I couldn't imagine the Hershey Corp being comfortable with the liability. We are all going to save a ton of money! I suggest we donate some to the library fund.
  2. Another day and no magazine. Is it possible to pay extra for first class mailing???
  3. A 26 Model A Opera Coupe sold on BAT May 20th for $211K plus 5% auction fee. I don't know how it compares to this car but I would take either one.
  4. May 27 at 4 pm. Checked the mail and still no AACA magazine. Has anyone else still not received the magazine? You can make excuses for the Post Office but something is still wrong in the system.
  5. May 23 and I haven't received mine yet. Any explanation as to why there is such a disparity in mailings or is it because I am in Texas?
  6. Also more low end torque which was important in accelerating out of corners or getting on "plane" quickly.
  7. You might also check with the vintage sprint car groups as the engine was used in sprint cars and racing boats in the era.
  8. Randy I hope you are getting counselling from a Licensed professional. Lets get back to cars!!!
  9. When my wife and I married 38 years ago tomorrow we each had two kids and both received full custody. Putting the two families together required a fair amount of family counseling. A quote from our counselor that i never forgot. "you are expected to love your children, no one said you had to LIKE them" He also stressed that nothing is more important than the lasting relationship between you and your wife. Children are transitory. After I retired we took in two different foster children at different times, neither of which worked out well although we hope we instilled a sense of love and family in their memory.. No one who hasn't been there can appreciate your situation All you can do is your best.
  10. Agree, How about a photo of the boat?
  11. Loved your latest photos and I like the single Pilot Ray. Had a similar set up on my 29 Cadillac Dual Cowl and have a pair on the 32 . From an asthetic standpoint it parallels the design of the human face You already have dual running lights,mirrors, headlights and horns. Dual Pilot Rays make it look cluttered in my opinion. (Which probably isn't worth much)
  12. What a time capsule.. Congrats
  13. The new Iphone SE is available for less than $400. It is like having your own personal assistant in your pocket. You see someone on the forum mention a car you have not heard of and you say: Hay Siri show me a photo of XYZ and it comes up You can then ask for information on the brand. Not perfect but faster than going to your reference library.. Having a high quality camera to take photos/videos of you grandkids is priceless. I was at Lowes buying assorted bolts, nuts and washers. Instead of writing the code down take a photo of the bar graph for each item and the cashier will scan it on your phone. With Apple Pay you don't have to hand your credit card to the cashier who hasn't used hand sanitizer since her lunch brake and has been handling DIRTY cash all day. Ever see anyone use hand sanitizer on doller bills? The big negative as Terry mentioned is finding where you left it especially since we dropped our land line Three years ago. If this hasn't convinced you how about sitting in your doctors office or exam room for 20-30 minutes reading the AACA forum posts and replying. Enough rambling, Have a great day and stay safe
  14. Somewhere between 40 and 50 years. My wife must be correct, I'm getting OLD!!!
  15. Steve, as a Life Member what is the best way to contribute that supports the magazine and forums I have received more than I paid since Al Edmond twisted my are to become a life member years ago. Bob Smits