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  1. VL2, I was in the market for a Model A and then this showed up on BAT!!!
  2. After looking at your ad It should have sold in my opinion. I could be interested if it weren't a $2000 ride to central Texas
  3. 54 HP advertised, Restored by Harrah a few years before he passed. His research indicated it was the sole survivor although there are a few Studebaker/Garfords around. I have heard rumors of a 08/09 Garford somewhere in the Northeast but never able to substantiate it. Garford made a few cars 1912/1913. They premiered a 14 model at the New York Auto Show (One Eyed Garford with a single headlight in the center of the radiator which turned like a Pilot Ray) but never produced any.
  4. Good start. Having the original motor is of little value. I would be more interested in the condition of the motor that is in the car along with the transmission assuming it is an Olds motor. If I were buying this car I could care less if it was original as long as it ran well. Again just my opinion.
  5. I agree that your problem is what you are selling. The market is flooded with them. Don't overlook CL if the price is right. Two weeks ago I sold a 81 and 87 Mercedes Diesel, a vintage boat and a 94 Motorhome in seven days
  6. Also the upper grill bar extensions (the part attached to the fenders) are impossible to find, You could spend $1500 to 2000 just restoring the chrome on the front of the car.
  7. Get on the Web and Hagerty value guide to get an idea of average pricing. From what I can see your car is probably no better than a #2. Oldsmobile's from that era are not in high demand and as John said you can probably find a much better one for less than the cost of refurbishing. Just my TCW
  8. It would have been a lot cheaper to throw up a commercial metal building like I did but the result speaks for itself. Out here on the ranch esthetics don't count for much. Most people think I store hay in it.
  9. We had 89 cars registered with 30 cars on their first tour. Don't tell me the hobby is dead!! A unique feature of the Tour is that you do not have to be a AACA member to tour. This is our 65th year and we had one member who had been on all 65.
  10. Carl it was good to hear from you. I consider $500 for a rebuilt 65 389 including intake manifold, starter, fuel pump and chrome valve covers to be a deal too good to pass on, especially since I had ridden in the car a year ago. I don't have a recent photo of the 23 and can't get one as my kids sold their house and moved everything into my building while they are finishing their new home. Attached is the Garford
  11. Picked up a spare 389 Pontiac motor the other day for a song. Fifteen thousand miles on the rebuild. Plan to use it on a future project but will probable be a couple years down the road. Sitting on a motor cradle in my CC shop. My plan is to put 1/2 oz Marvel Mystery oil in each cylinder. Should I turn the motor periodically or just leave it sit. PO switched it out for a built 428. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  12. I suspect the $$$ you sunk into it may have something to do with her opinion. Wife's always know that no matter the size we will FILL it.