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  1. This is an original that will never be restored as long as my name is on the title. I admire the owner for resurrecting what looks like a pretty far gone example. Do you have a photo before you started the restoration?
  2. I purchased Al Edmond's (AACA Past President) 32 Cadillac under somewhat similar circumstances. Al told his wife that he wanted me to have the car before Alzheimer's had completely incapacitated him. The last time we visited his garage he stopped and looked longingly at the car and muttered, "That's a nice looking car, I wonder who owns it" Sometimes I sit down in my car facility with a good single malt and remember all the good times we had together. Consider yourself lucky if you never have to deal with Alzheimer's in a close friend or family member!!!
  3. I was just going to comment that the lines are very similar to my 34 Pontiac Cabriolet with rumble seat. It was my first antique auto purchased from the co founder of Mannheim Steamroller, Your car is beautiful and in much better shape than my original 34. I was always going to restore it but Cadillacs got in the way
  4. I miss touring with all my AACA and VMCCA friends, I miss sitting down in a restaurant as I am getting tired of "take out". I miss getting dressed up in a Tuxedo 5-6 times a year for gala fund raising events. I miss seeing my grandson graduate From OU in June and his sister graduate last week. There will be no re-runs. Zoom just doesn't cut it. So far my wife and I have missed contracting Covid and for that I am eternally grateful. Can't wait for 2021.
  5. i Keep mine covered except for the closed cars I drive in nice weather.
  6. I took the 66 LeMans convert out for a spin on local country roads. Didn't think to take a photo and couldn't be gone for long as my wife had spine surgery on Nov 18 and I am her private duty nurse 24/7. Not even allowed to tie her shoes for 6 weeks. Obviously not getting and time to work on cars. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Can't wait for 2021!!!
  7. Living in Iowa until 2000 I remember the winter drill well, One year I kept the 58 Barritz at home longer than I planned so on Christmas day I drove it on I35 to my storage facility with the top down and snow falling. Truckers loved it. Unfortunately you couldn't take videos with "brick phones"
  8. I know the feeling. It took me 10 years to locate 90 series hood side panels for a 38 Cadillac 40 years ago. Younger members can't imagine what it was like before eBay and the internet. Happy Thanksgiving to all
  9. This becomes a problem that slips up on you. You can afford the next car on your list but forget how much time it takes to properly maintain a pre war car for touring and enjoyment. After a while you realize you haven't driven a particular car for five years. It takes time and money to bring them back. Getting older doesn't help!!!
  10. Stayed there many times. When you arrive by ferry you are met with two aromas, chocolate and horse sh-t. (No cars other than emergency vehicles) Experiencing High Tea is worth the stay. Beverages and scones on the grand porch with a Harp playing in the background. Nice to experience how the rich lived in "the day" for a kid who grew up on an Iowa farm without electricity until I was eight.
  11. Which is why my next daily driver will be leased!!!
  12. 1912 Garford, The only surviving Garford, The earlier ones are Studebaker-Garfords. Historically a few Garfords were produced 1907-08 but none survived to the best of my knowledge
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