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  1. You are correct, I was referring to a J, Not SJ. It was a seven figure offer that didn't include and ones or twos.
  2. I don't think anything is cheap in Florida right now. A friend just received a cash offer on a Gulf front lot in the Panhandle that is not for sale which has doubled in price in the last 6 months. To give you an idea of value it will buy two Duesenberg SJ's. He paid $175K for it in 2000.
  3. Ed, CONGRATS on your speed run and don't do it again. I am sorry that I am not going to be joining you on the Florida tour but it was in conflict with the Pate Swap Meet (Texas version of Hershey with more antique spaces but a greatly inferior car corral or old stuff). Need to sell a bunch of advertising and the wife's non profit has a fund raiser gala .that week end
  4. I have owned a MB 107 intact parts car for 30 years. Always kept in CC storage with my other cars as I was not organized enough to sell it. A year ago my wife's pristine 81 380 SLC with 55K miles suffered catastrophic engine failure when a timing chain guide broke (interference engine). With luck I will have the parts car roadworthy tomorrow after a 3 month rehab. Plan to drive it 5000 miles and then do a oil analysis. If that comes put OK will do an engine swap with the wife's car. When your wife has put up with this antique car/advertising obsession for 36 years you need to keep her hap
  5. I agree 100% If not accepted I would rotate to CL or FB marketplace and get it over with!! Recently sold a 96 Dodge 3500 with the desirable 12 valve that hadn't run in 12 years. It was gone in three days and out of my hair and I didn't even wash the filth off of it. I had three buyers interested and a 19 y/o kid showed up with a trailer and 6K. Gone in 30 minutes. Rehabbing that truck would have taken 3 months out of my life for a possible 4-6K
  6. Correct me if my assumptions are incorrect but if you haven't touched the cars in 10 years your interests have shifted for whatever reason. I am also going to assume your standard of living is not related to these sales. If the above is true I would list them on BAT as "Projects" without a reserve and take the money and run for all the reasons outlined in many of the above posts. This would require having the cars detailed and professionally photographed. I am rehabbing a Mercedes 107 that sat for 12 years and the process is going to cost 5-7K. This was my wife's favorite and she wants it
  7. I think this is the Three Speed Suburban model. They also made a Touring model. If my memory is correct the Suburban had a detachable rear seat.
  8. Life resumes for me in two weeks with the return of the Pate Swap Meet with 8500 spaces sold. Thirty per cent of Texans have been vaccinated and we have been vaccinating 18 and older for a week. Hopefully we are getting close to Herd immunity. Can't wait for Hershey!!! On the topic of car clubs the greater Houston area has over 4 million people and can't support a CCCA club.
  9. The Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway Company was a streetcar and later a bus company beginning in 1919. It was in service until it was acquired by the Bay Transportation Authority in 1968. I purchased this sign at the fall Mt Doro Antique Show 20 years ago. Although I was attracted by the graphics I always thought this was a fantasy piece. Today I noticed that it is dated in the lower right hand corner A-M 1-63. What do you think??
  10. Interesting booklet that came with some EMF literature I purchased years ago.
  11. Went to that downtown first Friday celebration last night:
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