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  1. Thanks Jack M. Your kids drive like my wife. Jack rabbit stops are usually accompanied by jack rabbit starts. My wife has trouble getting over 100K on a transmission. My Honda has 234K and the tranny continues to shift normally. Welcome to the "Old Mans Club"
  2. That is the way I felt at 70 and probably 75 (We went on five national car tours that year and towed a 32 ft gooseneck to each). At eighty one I am slowing down. I worry that I will run out of time before I get to tour with a couple of my projects. When you turn 80 check off all the close friend you have left. Ninty percent of mine are gone.
  3. If my memory is correct I paid $1800 for phone and installation for my new Mercedes 240D in 1979
  4. Joe, thank you so much for keeping us updated and good luck with your knee surgery. IF you can afford it consider paying someone to finish some of the work so you can start driving it, unless your enjoyment is in the mechanical work and not touring/showing it. As I am getting older I find that I can only complete about 25% of what I used to in a given week. The days of working in the shop until 10 or 11 are over for me. Just my TCW
  5. In 1985 drinking and driving was legal in 26 states. A trip from Houston to Dallas was known to locals as a 6 pack trip. Open containers in Texas were outlawed in 2001 resulting in 7000 tickets in the first six months Actually in 1985 it was possible to drive from Key West to the Idaho/Canada border and drink for 3700 miles. Todays trivia.
  6. Am I the only one who finds it odd that the OP is asking for our advice without disclosing what the car is. That can make a world of difference. We now learn the car has several spots of crazing which would lead me to favor repainting especially if I didn't like the color Just my TCW which is actually the value my opinion on a car I don't own..
  7. Ed is correct. This car was my first restoration, won the AACA presidents cup and drove like a dump truck without power steering. The car had very bad vibes. I purchased it from Ron Van Geldren after he was fired and his wife filed for divorce the same week. He had imported it from Argentina. (Don't ask me why??) It had bullet holes all aver the drivers door and the wood was riddled with termite damage. A couple of years after I had finished showing it I divorced my wife and took it to the Leake sale where the buyer walked into the settlement area with a Wheaties box and paid the $110K with 100 dollar bills. He died of a heart attack two weeks later and I lost track of the car. Overall it was a great day for me!!
  8. A few years ago a friend in College Station purchased a Model A in Anchorage. He and his wife flew up and drove it to Texas. Took a while.
  9. Well Said! You can apply that to everything worthwhile in life from the stock market to Marriage.
  10. Do you think it sways when it meets a semi?
  11. Condition, Condition, Condition and then rarity. Using a porcelain sign for target practice detracts from the value somewhat. Still an interesting Wall Hanger and signs in this condition are being actively purchased every day and for more than your offer.
  12. As an example there is a 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo on BaT right now at $136K with seven days to go in the auction. Unless you can predict the future buy what YOU like and forget the investment idea. It is a hobby for 99% of us and hobby's usually cost money. A good friend loves to gamble and goes to Las Vegas two or three times a year. His average loses is 20K per trip and he can afford it.
  13. Great philosophy. I have been collecting for 45 years and never purchased a item because it was a good deal. If something doesn't speak to me I don't buy it. If the value goes to zero you want to be able to look at it every day and still be glad you purchased it. Some evenings I sit out in my display room with a single malt and listen to music. It doesn't get much better.
  14. After my divorce settlement 35 years ago I do not want a car that attracts women!!! I agree Terry
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