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  1. I think it goes to a Mercedes model 190c. They made them from 1961-65.
  2. Henry Tried to send you an email and it bounced back. please confirm your email. Jeff
  3. Your car would definitely get more money in Germany. I had 2 many years ago. A 930V sport cabriolet and a 830 BL pullman limo. Both went back to europe. I believe there is an active Horch club in Germany. I have a couple of contacts in Germany that have Horch autos. If needed I can get their contact information for you. Where in europe are you located? Any possibility of a picture? I might have a sales brochure for the 450. I will check. My email if you would like to contact me is rockingchairmotors@yahoo.com. Jeff
  4. Price and Location should be a requirement for several reasons: This section is : CARS FOR SALE!!!! I do not know anyone who has bought a car with widgets. We use MONEY. Give me a price. 1. It wastes everyone's time. Put a price on it. If its high, I move along. If its in the ballpark I will inquire. If nothing is there 9/10 times I just pass it by. 2. Location is just common courtesy. I'm not buying a $2500 car that is 3000 miles away but I would if it was 100 miles away. If both are stated in the original ad, it saves everyone time
  5. That works!!! You can drive anything into the Flea Market. Only the car corral is 25 years or older. So let us know where your flea market spaces are.
  6. Just to let everyone know, I did buy the car in Ontario Canada and did get it over the border in Alexandria Bay with no problem. Thanks for the input. If anyone need or wants me to review the process that I used please feel free to contact me.
  7. Long time AACA member that has hundreds of past "Antique Automobile" magazines. Are they available to read and reference on line? I would like to pass on my magazines to others but I do not want to get rid of them if I cannot access them on line.
  8. Just an FYI that I have a 1959 wagon rear window for sale in the "parts for sale" section of the forum. Thanks
  9. I am not an Edsel guy. I was told this is from a 1959 but might fit other years. Also that it might fit other ford wagons of the same era. It is in good used condition. Not perfect, not rusty, glass is good. Located in Shoemakersville Pa 19555. Local pick up only. I do not want to ship. No idea what the going rate is for this so I'll start at $175.00. If its a thousand dollar item please let me know. I'm not looking to get rich but I have kids in college. Thanks for looking
  10. The car is a 1967 Mercedes. I don't know if that is going to be a problem? Not sure if it is a US delivery car or ROW (rest of world) Also seller is looking for the VIN plate. Not sure if it is with the car. I know the VIN is stamped on the front frame. @danleblanc Do you have the name and number of the broker you used? Does anyone else have the name and number of a broker/importer? In the Buffalo area that can handle this? Thanks again for the help. Jeff
  11. nHello Does anyone have any experience with importing an antique car from Canada? I have read a few articles and it does not seem too complicated. Anyone here have first hand experience? Car is a 1968. I live in Nazareth PA and the car is in Toronto. Planned on going through Buffalo. or not? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. I am not a ford wagon guy. I was told that this is for a 1959 Edsel wagon. Someone else told me that it fits other ford wagons also. I don't know. It is in good shape with no rust. glass is good but not perfect. I can bring to fall Hershey if needed. Not sure what its worth. More interested in getting it to someone who can use it. That said 2 kids in college so its not free. Asking $125.00. If its too much or I'm giving it away your input is appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  13. Thank you for your offers. I am looking for driver quality priced reasonably. Not interested in "best in the world" cars but thank you anyway
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