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  1. I tried the products without the methyl chloride mention and they failed my needs. I was in the process of stripping a hood panel with a product from Lowes called Goof off. I had one half of the panel stripped and ran out. I went to lowes for a replacement and they said they no longer carried it. I bought a gallon of Kleen Strip and tried it on the remaining panel with very little success. The part of the hood I had stripped with GOOF OFF took 45 minutes the Kleen Strip left on for four hours and it still didn't remove but one layer. I took it back to lowes and they had already had thre
  2. Most of us use paint remover but how many of us has heard of Methylene Chloride. It is the product that makes paint remover really work and is toxic. Without it the remover it is very weak. I have been purchasing paint remover from Lowes, Home depot, ect. but got a surprise this week. All the big box stores have removed it from inventory. The only place I could it was Advance Auto and they were removing it from their shelves. If you are going to need paint remover in the near future you better get it now.
  3. No body suggested a bumper jack, thank god
  4. IK have some jack stands made from old ford banjo rear ends that are quite sturdy but I still wouldn't trust my life to them.
  5. Sounds like it. I would sell him a new car.
  6. You might find what you need here. http://antiqueautotophardware.com/
  7. Probably more parts then I find for my Moon. Looks very reasonable from the picture.
  8. It was Glytal and it was supposed to make the oil flow better. When I raced I did it but I am not sure it did anything. One old timer said it kept the engine from rusting. That sure didn't make sense.
  9. where there is a will there is a way and you found the way.
  10. One of our member had the material and sold it o me. Thanks for you input. Jan
  11. Nice looking truck. I wouldn't let it out of my sight.
  12. They used to make accessories which spread the leaves and then allowed you to lubricate. I have tried the Teflon strips and they look weird. Have not tried the chain lubricate but I will try it on my moon.
  13. When t I got my 1930 Buick touring I started removing the interior and found leather loops originally designed to hold glass bottles of shine. No moonshine but the engine did have a split manifold an dual carbs.
  14. I purchased mine from S.W. Stutzman, Peebles Oh, 937-386-3368 "community Carriage & Leather". Another company is Witmer Coach in New Holland, PA. I chose Stutzman because my bows had fallen apart, they could order the correct radius, and they were located an hour from my home. I also wanted to talk to them amount some interior work. Witmer Coach, New Holland, PA are vey good as is Mels. Hope this helps.
  15. I just ordered new bows for my 1923 Moon touring and now I need to get top material. Does anyone have about eleven yards of stayfast. Black outside with a tan inside. Thanks Jan
  16. Our prayers go out to anyone involved in this disaster.
  17. You might want to post on the HCCA site on this forum.
  18. You need to remember that serial number on old cars are not like serial numbers on a new car. There are no VIN numbers. You will have engine numbers, frame numbers and on early dodges you have a plate on the floor board with a number which can be worn off and not readable. Are you concerned about these numbers for a tittle?
  19. A barbecue rotisserie works well and is the right speed.
  20. David how close do you want to be?
  21. I think this person is super. He is fast and does an excellent job. http://www.mojoartworks.com/contact.html
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