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  1. I am looking for two screw caps for the distributor for my above mentioned restoration project. Distributor cap is a Delco # 5207. Check out the photographs attached for details - has anyone seen this type of distributor before ?
  2. Interestingly , I had engaged Motormeter Central in the USA to try and source an original Davis motometer. Before I could get to the EBay site to view the listing , it had been sold. Guess who to - Motometer Central. Currently , they are attempting to restore the temperature mechanism before I would consider purchasing it from them ( at cost price as I had paid a finders fee )
  3. Hi Folks Another update on my Davis restoration. Some more photos. Next steps are wiring and exhaust system and hopefully all systems go for a start up ! Then the big job of starting the body work - all panels are ok and repairable - woodwork is a mess.
  4. I have just completed a rebuild of the motor in my 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer restoration project. I am looking for advice on how to adjust and set the Idler and Camshaft adjusters. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Jeff - I have emailed you the contact details for Jim in New York. Agree with previous comments - a really nice original condition Davis. ( would like to see a close up photo of the motometer to see if it has the Davis badge in the face ) plus some other photos. Also agree - change out the oil in the motor , gearbox and differential
  6. Hi from New Zealand Jeff Great to see another Davis surviving all these years. Same comments as Carl - more photos please , Could you take a photo of the motor meter and radiator surround with the Davis badge. I have been trying to source an original Davis motometer for the last 12 months - very rare and hard to find. Is your car in running condition ? Also what motor do you have - mine is a Continental 7R. If you have the same motor , I can send you a copy of the complete manual for the engine and also a parts manual.( provide your email address if you want these items ) I have a contact in New York , Jim Davis who owns 4 Davis cars - 1920 , 1922, 1926 and a Davis Darby. He may also be able to help you out with parts ( I will email you his details when you send me your email address ). I thought I should give another update on my restoration of the 1920 Davis. New Radiator core had to be made $$$$$'s but looks great . I have repaired the radiator surround and headlamps and had them nickeled. Rebuild of the motor is almost complete - once stripped down , it was found to be in remarkable condition. Bore was great , no wear , valve guides etc all fantastic. Only new parts I replaced where a new set of rings.. Almost ready to be installed onto the chassis , with new exhaust system to be built and fitted in January. Still plenty to do on the electric side of things before i attempt to fire it up. Some photos attached - before and after of the motor and a couple of photos of the radiator, surround and headlamps.
  7. I have recently purchased an older Boyce Motometer , however the red line heat indicator tube required replacement. Looking at the motometer , I cannot see how I can get the stem off the motometer face to replace the tube. The fluid in the existing tube moved up the glass under heating , however it has lost its colour and is almost a powdery substance. Any advice welcome. Photos attached
  8. Thanks. My email address is Much appreciated.
  9. Hello from New Zealand. This is long shot request , however , does anyone know what has happened to this engine and/or does anyone have one of these engines as spare parts , as I am needing some parts for a Continental 7R engine rebuild I am completing for the restoration on my 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer .
  10. Thanks Jan. I have emailed EGGE for the piston parts , so will await their response. I have also managed to get a local company here in NZ to supply new rings for the Davis , so that will save me some time searching across the internet !
  11. Hi Jan I am restoring a 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer
  12. Hello from New Zealand. I am currently restoring a 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer which has a Continental 7R motor. The motor was stripped down and packed away in a packing crate and put into storage 50 years ago ( same as the car ). I now have an almost running chassis , once the motor has been fully reconditioned and put back together. The motor has only run 48000 miles , so is in remarkably good condition , however , I am missing some parts to complete the rebuild of the motor - drive pin between distributor and rge oil pump - piston big end bolts and nuts ( 3 of each ) - piston big end spacer shims 3-6 ) Does anyone have a spare parts motor that I could purchase these parts from ? ( see attached photo )
  13. Wanted - parts from 7R Continental engine. Looking for Distributor / Oil Pump drive connection. Also Piston bolts / NOS rings Contact me on anything you may have available - I have attached a photograph of a Continental 7R engine
  14. Thought I should provide an update. Restoration process has been slow due to major issues with differential, however , have now managed to replace the crown wheel and pinion from a 1919 Case Car differential. Almost the perfect match , and with some good old Kiwi ingenuity , I have a fully functional differential with a much better gearing ratio as well ! Chassis has now been stripped completely , cleaned and painted. New set of tires to make mobility of chassis easier. Gearbox stripped, checked and re-assembled. Brakes all stripped , hubs machined and cleaned up , new brake linings etc. Newly cast Davis hubs and I have been experimenting with a colour for the wheels. Fatman steering wheel restored and back on car with overhauled steering box also in place. Radiator will need replacement. Engine rebuild about to commence. I have attached some photos.
  15. Hi Yes , realised my error and have sent email to the right person. Cheers PS - I am also in NZ - do you have a contact telephone number ?