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  1. Thought I should provide an update. Restoration process has been slow due to major issues with differential, however , have now managed to replace the crown wheel and pinion from a 1919 Case Car differential. Almost the perfect match , and with some good old Kiwi ingenuity , I have a fully functional differential with a much better gearing ratio as well ! Chassis has now been stripped completely , cleaned and painted. New set of tires to make mobility of chassis easier. Gearbox stripped, checked and re-assembled. Brakes all stripped , hubs machined and cleaned up , new brake linings etc. Newly cast Davis hubs and I have been experimenting with a colour for the wheels. Fatman steering wheel restored and back on car with overhauled steering box also in place. Radiator will need replacement. Engine rebuild about to commence. I have attached some photos.
  2. Hi Yes , realised my error and have sent email to the right person. Cheers PS - I am also in NZ - do you have a contact telephone number ?
  3. Hi How is the Davis restoration coming along. I have had a mould made for Davis grease caps( from original caps ) and can have them cast in two different sizes. Do you need any for your Davis ?
  4. Reproduction Davis Vintage Car Grease Caps. Two sizes- will fit 1920 - 1925 Davis . Larger caps fit my 1920 Davis Phaeton. Smaller cap will definitely fit 1925 Davis. Both sizes have been cast in aluminium from original caps. Will need threading to be completed. Can have this done at extra cost and will need thread size. Caps are $ 100 US each plus postage/freight.
  5. How tight should the lug nuts be on demountable rims. studs have 3/4" nuts. Hand tighten or what torque wrench setting ?
  6. How tight should the lug nuts be on demountable rims. studs have 3/4" nuts. Hand tighten or what torque wrench setting ?
  7. Hi All I have found a 1924 Case Car chassis with a Colombia differential that the crown wheel and pinion are a perfect match for my Salisbury differential . Davis used Colombia differentials in both their earlier and later models, after the year of my car ( 1920 ). What is even better , is that the gearing ratio is better than what I originally had , so it looks like I will get some more speed from the car.
  8. Engine was rebuilt / reconditioned approx 10 years ago but not run until 3 years ago when it was fully restored and road worthy. Has had very low use. I now use it on a regular basis for rally runs and general use ( most weekends ). Does not burn any oil and runs really well. Originally had 25W/70 oil used by previous owner but have been advised that 20/40 is ok.
  9. Hi I have a 1920 Oakland 34C Cabriolet Roadster running a six cylinder engine. Would be interested in your comments on what is the best oil type / grade to put into the vehicle. I have had a lot of conflicting " advice ". Some some a heavy grade and other say lighter grade. Thoughts please
  10. Hi Lots of people corresponding on this issue. I am still waiting for my motometer to arrive from overseas before I attempt to fix the red line problem. I have posted photos on my post dated 17th August.
  11. Currently restoring a 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer. Differential crown wheel and pinion need replacement. Salisbury Differential in the car. Have been informed that the Auburn differential is a possible match
  12. Looking for differential. Currently restoring a 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer. Salisbury Differential needs new crown wheel and pinion. I have been told that the Paige differential is a match.
  13. Thanks for all the information on the Salisbury differential and possible alternatives. Will place request for a 1920 - 21 Paige or Auburn differential. Cheers
  14. Thanks to everyone who has replied - plenty for me to try. Im still waiting for it to arrive from Norway of all places !!
  15. Thanks to everyone who has replied - Im still waiting for it to arrive from Norway of all places !!