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  1. The 1937 Buick 40 used Delco-Remy distributor 663-Y. 1937 Buicks 60, 80 and 90 used Delco-Remy distributors 663-Z if equipped with Stromberg carburetor and 663-ZX if equipped with Marvel carburetor. All 1938-48 Buicks used Delco-Remy distributor 1110801 (some used 1110805). I'm quite confident that a 1110801 interchanges with a 663-Y. I can gladly look up what the difference is.
  2. That's a late 20's to early 30's 8 cyl. distributor. But the ID number is not complete. A letter following the number is missing e.g. 652-E. What letter is it?
  3. Here we go..... Your engine definitely came off a 1942 Plymouth P14 and according to the head casting number you provided I can tell it came off a 1942 Plymouth Special DeLuxe Model P14C. 1942 Plymouth P14 engine numbers: P14-1001 to P14-149161 So the distributor on your car is correct for the engine. The generator is not OE. It was originally used on a 1935 Chrysler C6, 1935 DeSoto SF or SG, 1935 Dodge DU, DV or DV DeLuxe (CAN), 1936 Dodge D-2 or 1935 Plymouth PJ DeLuxe. The OE generator on the 1942 Plymouth P14 was Auto-Lite GDZ-4801B (GEB-4801A (City Po
  4. Interesting mixture.....Auto-Lite distributor IGS-4203C-1 was used on 1942 Plymouth P-14 (with cast iron pistons). The correct cap for IGS-4203C-1 would be Auto-Lite IGC-1107S, rotor IGS-1016B, point set IGP-3028ES (consisting of copntact arm IGP-3028 and contact point IGP-1086RM). Old buicks 2 can help you on these parts. Auto-Lite generator GAR-4608-5 had been used on 1935 DeSoto's SF and SG. Is there also a starter? What is the engine number? Look for a stamped number on the block. (The head casting number you provided doesn't match 1935 DeSoto).
  5. If you scratch off the paint it might say IGS or IGC-4203C-1. It is definitely an Auto-Lite distributor and GAR-4608-5 is an Auto-Lite generator too. But both are newer than 1929. Your Peerless might not be equipped with the original engine..... I'll look into the numbers.
  6. According to the car S/N it is a 1929 Peerless 61-A with Continental 11-E engine. So your car originally used Delco-Remy distributor 631-F. Can you confirm that starter and generator are Delco-Remy and not Auto-Lite? However, the distributor you are using came off another vehicle. The tag is hard to read. What does it say?
  7. Looks typical Cadillac to me. V8 between 1932 and 1936 I'd say.
  8. For the Continental 10-E or 11-E engine?
  9. This is a 1925-26 Hupmobile Model E generator.
  10. Do you still need info on Gray & Davis starters? Peter
  11. Build Sheet (engine # 89530)
  12. French army vehicle ID numbers
  13. John Victor Meynet (1883-1938)
  14. Well, the car is located in Switzerland. The owner didn't know much about it. All he knew is that his grandfather had purchased the car in the early 1920's and that it had been used as an officers car in the French army. Since all car papers got lost I contacted the GM Heritage Center in Detroit and ordered the builld sheet for the car (thanks to Charley). According to the sheet the car had been shipped from the Cadillac factory to Geneva in Switzerland on June 20th 1913 to a gentleman named John Meynet (we didn't have Cadillac dealers in the country at that time). Meynet was the founder of th
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