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  1. Ciao Emilio, Hai ancora bisogno di un motorino d'avviamento 724-C? Cordiali saluti Peter (vivo in Svizzera)
  2. There are at least 40 different LH and RH Bendix starter drive springs. Do it once and do it right - post the starter number.
  3. There were five different Delco V12 distributor towers used on the 1915-23 Twin Six Packards. They're all interchangable. I'm pretty confident that Delco 5128 was used on the V12 Buick. It is the 1915-16 Packard 1st Series Twin Six distributor with twist'n'lock caps. The other distributors used clip secured caps.
  4. Here's a Packard Twin Six Bijur generator Type K-646 M-292.
  5. The generator used on all Twin Six Packards from 1915-23 was Bijur Type K-646 M-292. 3rd Series Twin Six Packards also used Bijur Types M-718, M-718-A and M-1426. For the 1911 models Packard offered combination oil and electric side and taillights (the headlights were gas) as an option. They were fitted as standard equipment on the 1912 models. I assume the electric lights were battery powered. The 1912-13 Packard 2-48 was the first Packard to have a generator (no starter and still magneto ignition). It retained the combination oil and electric side and taillights but electric headlights replaced the previous gas lights. The light generator was Bijur Model D-12. I may be wrong but I doubt that your generator was used on a Packard Twin Six as standard equipment. I haven't found any info on starters and generators on 1914-15 Packard models 3-38 and 5-48 (I assume Gray & Davis) but maybe your generator was used there. Can you post a picture of it?
  6. Another Gray & Davis starter type
  7. Al, are you talking about a Gray & Davis Type Y starter?
  8. Yes, but wasn't it equipped with a Packard Twin Six distributor?
  9. To round up, 1916-18 H.A.L. Twelve^s used Weidely V12 engines too. 1916-17 H.A.L. Twelve's were equipped with the above Remy distributor Model 215, while the 1918 model was equipped with Delco distributor 5156 that I posted pictures of. So Delco distributor 5156 was standard equipment on the following early V12 cars: 1917-19 Austin 1918 H.A.L. 1921-23 Heine-Velox 1917 Kissel 1916-17 Pathfinder Delco made three more V12 distributors that looked very similar to 5156: Delco 5136 (predecessor of 5156) Delco 5155 - Haynes Delco 5162 - National (Weidely Eng.) 5155 and 5162 carried the coils in the back of the distributor housing. To make a long story short, Delco made a total of 9 different distributors for early V12 engined cars between 1915 and 1923 (including the early Twin Six Packards) and Remy made 2.
  10. .....and here's the second V12 distributor cap that Remy made for the 1916-17 Enger V12.
  11. BTW here's a picture of the 12 cyl. Remy cap that was used on the H.A.L. Twelve. The distributor had a 6 lobe cam with two breaker points in parallel so all 12 plugs had been fired off one single coil. I'm not sure but I think the Enger V12 used a different 12 cyl. Remy cap. I'll check....
  12. Got one of those too. Since I found it in my neck of the woods I assume we had a 1917 Chevy V8 or an Apperson in our country back in the days.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the 1916-18 HAL Twelve automobiles also used Weidely V12 engines. HAL and Enger used Remy equipment but as far as I found out the last HAL Twelve's that left the factory also used this Delco distributor. Tom, did you ever come across a Remy V12 distributor cap? It's a single 12 cyl. cap.
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