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  1. Alex, I'm sure I could help you out with oil pump and distributor parts. Let me know if you still need anything. Pete
  2. Ron, Are you looking for a 720-D, -J, -Q, -R, or -V starter? Pete
  3. Shawn, Delco distributor 5194 was used on 1920-23 Cole. It was mounted on Delco generator 153. Layden, the distributor is usually not listed in the distributor section of the catalogs because it is part of the generator 😉 Check your catalogs for generator 153. Peter
  4. 1922-24 REO T6 The distributor mounts to North-East Ignition-Generators 3929-L6 and 5006089 (Old P/N 6089-BL6)
  5. Here are some pictures of an old used 16184 cap
  6. The cap you are talking about is Delco-Remy P/N 1839161. It came out around 1932 and was used on the following applications: 1929-31 A.C.F. 1930 Federal 1926-27 Marmon 1924-28 & 1932-33 Pierce-Arrow 1929-31 Stutz/Blackhawk 1929-30 White 1928-30 Yellow Coach The thing is that there were several different 6 cylinder 2 spark distributor caps in use between 1924 and 1933 and they superseded each other. The history of these Delco and Delco-Remy caps is not easy to comprehend but here’s the whole story as far as I can tell: There was a total of 4 different caps between 1924 and 1933. Two caps came out during the Delco era (before 1927) and two in the Delco-Remy era (after 1926). The first cap was Delco P/N 16184, which originally came out for Pierce-Arrow in 1924. It was a sliding contact type cap and found use on Pierce-Arrow (1924-26) as well as on Marmon (1926). The following cap was Delco P/N 16778. It was the first jump spark type replacement cap that superseded Delco P/N 16184. It was used 1926-27. The third cap was Delco-Remy P/N 821694, which replaced the above two pre-1927 Delco era caps and was used until 1931. Finally in 1932 the Delco-Remy cap P/N 1839161 was released. This was the last 6 cylinder two spark cap Delco-Remy made and it replaced all its three predecessors. All four caps are interchangeable (with their corresponding rotor only!) Three different rotors had been used on the four caps (Delco P/N 16228, Delco P/N 16778 and Delco-Remy P/N 1839123). Caps 16778 and 821694 used the same rotor P/N 16779, thus a Delco rotor had been carried over into the post-1926 Delco-Remy era for a short transition time. Summary: Cap 16184 – Delco, sliding contacts, 1924-26 Cap 16778 – Delco, jump spark, 1926-27 Cap 821694 – Delco-Remy, jump spark, 1928-31 Cap 1839161 – Delco-Remy, jump spark, 1932-33 (1924-33) To make a long story short, I’m quite confident that the above pictured distributor cap is a Delco P/N 16778 cap that came into use in 1926 to replace the earlier Delco sliding contact cap P/N 16184, which by then was used on Pierce-Arrows and Marmons, The cap remained in use until around 1928 when it had been superseded again by Delco-Remy cap P/N 821694 and so on. Hope this sheds some light on the topic.
  7. In the early days Delco and Remy were two independent starting, lighting and ignition equipment manufacturers. In May 1916 Delco as well as Remy had been sold to the United Motors Corporation, a syndicate of automobile component manufacturing companies. In 1918 the United Motors Corp. was sold to General Motors so Delco and Remy became Divisions of GM. On January 1st 1927 GM merged the two companies to the Delco-Remy Division. Delco started producing battery ignition distributor caps as early as 1911, Remy started 1915. Between 1911 and 1926 Delco manufactured at least 58 different distributor caps (for cars). Pre-1927 Delco caps produced after 1927 will have a Delco-Remy logo. Prior to 1927 Delco and Remy products were not interchangable. Judging from the pictures your cap is most likely an early twin ignition six cap as used on some 1924-27 Pierce-Arrow cars. I will look up the part number if you wish. Let me know if I can be of further assistance in helping you to identify your early ignition parts. Pete
  8. Let me know if you still need a Model 48 distributor.
  9. Glen, The 1922 Studebaker EJ was originally equipped with Remy or Wagner electric: Generator: Remy 917-A or Wagner EM355 Starter: Remy 720-C or Wagner EM356 Distributor: Remy 606-A and 626-A or Wagner K97 Could help you out with an original Remy or Wagner Distributor as well as with NOS parts such as caps, rotors, points etc. 626-K was originally used on 1925-27 Studebaker Standard Sixes (ER, EU, EY). Let me know in case I can be of help. Pete
  10. Kenny, The original distributor on generator GJ-4014 was Auto-Lite IG-4030A (used on 1922-24 Star Models C and 1924 Model F). The distributor was also used on AL Generator GT-4001, 1925 Star Model F. AL Distributor IG 4036D and IG-4067A would probably work too. I don't think I have a distributor in stock but I might be able to help you out with a good pot metal distributor drive housing. I could also provide you with conversion information if needed. Pete
  11. Pete, I can probably help you out on this. How many weights do you need? Pete
  12. All 1925-28 models used Auto-Lite starter MO-4102 and so did the 1928 Durant 55 (Continental14-L) and 1928 Model Star M-2 (Continental W-5). As a replacement you can probably use an Auto-Lite MZ-4012 starter, which replaced the MO-4012 starter on some Durant models into 1929. I would have to look up where else these starters had been in use. Peter
  13. It depends on which 1926 Chrysler model you have: 1926 Chrysler 50 (4 cyl.) -> 638-B or 638-C 1926 Chrysler 60 -> 637-J or 637-N 1926 Chrysler Model E -> 656-C 1926 Chrysler Model G -> 656-B
  14. The gear you need is Delco-Remy # 820639 (12 teeth, 29/32" x 7/16" x 1/2"). I'll check if I have one in stock if you still need one. Peter