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  1. See also Remy distributor 209-A and 209-E to compare (same mounting). These distributors use earlier style Remy caps and rotors.
  2. Charlie, as far as I can tell Chalmers used the following ignition sytems: 1908-14 - magneto ignition 1914-16 - Atwater Kent battery ignition 1916-24 - Remy battery ignition 1923 - Auto-Lite battery ignition The following distributors had been used: 1914-16 - Atwater Kent K-2 1916 - Remy 209-A and 209-E (manual advance only) 1917-23 - Remy 355-A (manual advance only) 1923 - Auto-Lite IG-4039A 1924 - Remy 616-F They should have the same mounting (not sure on IG-4039A and 616-F). See below drawing of Remy distributor 355-A. Hope this helps Peter
  3. I usually buy them from Classic & Exotic Service, Inc.
  4. Wayne, I just happened to find a 636-X distributor. Let me know if you still need one. Peter
  5. ....can't upload the remaining pages as I'm only allowed to upload 9.77MB.
  6. See how they did it back in the days:
  7. Keep in mind that the distributor runs half the crankshaft rpm. So crankshaft advance angle and speed will be twice the distributor advance angle and speed.
  8. The 1936 Delco-Remy Distributor Service Manual explains it as follows:
  9. Does anyone recognize these windshields?
  10. ....and some examples of badly rotten North-East distributors
  11. North-East # 10845 distributor. 1929-30 Dodge DA
  12. See how an early 8 cyl. Bosch distributor cap is being developed and pressed: