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  1. Hi 46 woodie - I am right next to New Paltz - the next town over - I do not want to put a public access to my personal info - my email is tent.rentals@gmail.com please send me an email and I would like to have you - or a member of the woodie club to have a look next time you are in the area - thank you
  2. Hi Everyone, This forum is amazing!! I have tried for years to get info and in one Day - wow - so many knowledgeable people. Thank you all for your time, info, and comments. I don’t know anything to add to all these questions. Hope this pic helps. Special thanks to Bearsfan315 - you seem to know exactly what I have And to to the eagle eyed viewer 63 redbrier - yes that is a Packard in the back. 1939 model 1700 - another inherited vehicle. Here is the ‘paperwork’ handed down with the vehicle - my family has owned it since then.
  3. We are from apple country in New York. I believe this was used as a market wagon for fruit by my great grandfather
  4. Hi Everyone, Thank you to everyone for your information - wow - I never expected this!! I will try to answer private messages later today. Thank you. I got 4 more pics on this morning. Hope this helps. Thank you again to all of you.
  5. I am told the wood is in great condition - I am no expert - it is pretty though. I don’t know about nameplates - I would have to look i am not allowed to add more pics at this time as the website will not allow it. - I do have plenty pics though it has ran many times in my life - not since dad passed though - we don’t know how thanks for the reply -
  6. Hi - sorry if I am in the wrong section - I have never joined a forum. I am in New York and inherited a Chevy Woodie after the passing of my dad many years ago. I have tried numerous times over the years to find info on this car. I even hired an IVAN appraiser - to no avail. I am looking for anyone that could help me - or pass the info to the right person. I am looking to find a value on the vehicle and eventually sell. The car has been through several generations of my family and it is now time to move it on to someone who appreciates the unique qualities of this antique. ANY help would
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