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  1. does not look like anything from a 28-32 Chevrolet
  2. "antique" is one of those relative terms !! like hot, cold, early, late, etc... depends on who you ask
  3. i was connecting the meter to the gen connection and then ground, that should tell me if anything is coming out of the generator ?!? the bat side goes from gen cut out to bat, which reads 6.2 v which is what the battery has
  4. did a test run and still nothing on the generator output. adjust brush closer as that is supposed to increase output, still nothing, moved further away and still nothing not getting a single volt or amp coming out ?!? so anything else i can do, or time to pull and have it rebuilt ??
  5. put it all back together and set the third brush to 4 bars away from brush. all back together before adjustments rear brush
  6. figured i would do some other checking on the 1930 , still need to tweak the tuning generator output, used my meter to check generator output to battery, per the specs generator spinning at around 1700 rpm (850 engine rpm) should put out around 16A - 8V, with the meter on was getting zero nil nothing from the generator output side, and reading 6.5V from the battery side (which is what i get with meter on battery). so decided to polarize generator first, just to be safe. turned off, polarized, then fired engine back up to recheck and still nothing. next up was to pull the
  7. When Ted (chistech) did some work on my 1929 Chevrolet, he had a guy pinstripe my car by hand per the Chevrolet Body Drawing I have on hand. shows what colors go where, stripe size & location, etc... guy did a killer job on the striping and if you look at it close you can tell it was done by hand and that is what i like, as it is NOT perfect but oh so pretty !!
  8. also make sure your plug wires are in the correct firing order !! dont ask me how i know if not then check for intake leaks...when it was running if you touched it ?? Check it !!
  9. same as my 1929 Chevrolet with a Trico Vacuum wiper copper tube rom intake manifold through fire wall (grommet) to needle valve in dash (vacuum control switch) out the switch to the drivers a pillar, up inside the wood to header, over to a small portion sticking out, then a rubber hose from this nipple to the wiper motor.
  10. cool little article: The History of Windshield Wipers not sure how true this all is, as many claim to be the first Clear The Way: A History of Automotive Windshield Wipers
  11. need to tweak the timing and tuning a bit, along with idle to get it smooth i wanted to cry and kick myself so hard, but could do nothing but laugh at myself. live and learn, and check your check 😛
  12. well tinkered with the engine this weekend... swapped out coil for a NEW coil on my shelf (SPARE), same issue, not a change. so swapped coils back out. pulled cap off distributor and looked inside to make sure everything was there and looked good, validated that the springs for the mechanical timing advance were free and NOT stuck or binding. all was free and clear. decided that i was going to try and play with the spark gap and timing. see if i could find a sweet spot to make the engine happy at all RPMs pulled the plugs and plug 5 was covered in oil, and
  13. Nice vehicle... would also inquire on the VCCA forum, (Vintage Chevrolet Clug of America) strictly Chevrolets, and broken down in year/age groups and systems. Where I hang out and get a TON of support and knowledge from the Chevrolet Experts. They can definitely help you get the frame and drivetrain on track.
  14. put in the battery, and after a cycle or 2 fired up idles smooth, not issues. if you try to accelerate hard, then it either gasps for air (at least that is what it sounds like) or it stutters down then catches up with coughing (backfire through the carb) if you accelerate slowly then it seems to be ok both of these scenarios are idling, not under load or driving. with the remnants of Sally dumping rain everywhere, have not taken it out.
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