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  1. Trying to clear these guys outta my garage... Pretty much willing to sell at shipping and handling cost. Anything here First of march will go to our Annual Swap Meet
  2. It's that time of year again and the Tidewater Region of the AACA (TRAACA) is getting ready for our annual swap meet. This is a great event, tons of vendors, people, and stories. We will have Indoor and Outdoor spaces to sell all your Antique Car Treasures. We will have a food vendor onsite for breakfast and lunch. as well as HOT Coffee and HOT Chocolate to keep you warm. We will also have a section for Car Corral, so if you are trying to sell an antique car, or looking to pick one up. Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 3373 Pruden Blvd. Suffolk, VA 23434 Link to Google Maps for Directions Saturday March 7, 2020 (Rain or Shine) 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Information and Details can be found here: TRAACA 2020 Swap Meet flyer is in the link above to click download and mail in, or bring for day of event. if you have any questions you can contact me via message here or message me, I am handling Registration for this event !! PreRegistration Deadline is February 29, 2020 There is a reduced price for PreRegistration !! so take advantage of this while you can. Indoor spaces: 10’ x 10’ - One table and two chairs provided per space. ($30 preregistered/$35 after) Outdoor spaces: 10’ x 30’ Bring your own tables and chairs. ($25 preregistered/$30 after) You must purchase enough spaces for all your stuff including trailers and tow vehicles. Tow vehicles may be parked in spectator parking. Car Corral vehicles for sale must purchase an outdoor space. Vendor setup begins 7 AM Saturday. Inside Vendor setup is available Friday (March 6) from 1-5 PM. Site must be vacated by 3 PM Saturday.
  3. I Agree, hoping all goes SMOOTHLY from here, and at a little quicker pace. I will take Quality and Craftsmanship over Speed any day !!
  4. Well Christmas has come and gone as well as the New Year. WE are now in 2020 and time to get back on the ball. Goal for now is to have the car back running by end of March. so is the plan !! Got a call from Russ at Paul's Rod & Bearing he has cleaned up the parts and poured the babbitt. said the mains are already rough machined to .060 under and ready to ship. Connecting Rods are poured and rough cut, waiting on final numbers to machine to from the Machine shop. Going to call the machine shop to see where the crank is in line, and tentative machine date. Once they get that done we will have final numbers to send to Russ @ Paul's.
  5. just remember it is never to late to start, and you are never to old to learn to young for that matter. i love to learn new things an d figure things out, probably because i was born with "The Knack" Dilbert fans will understand. when i get to old to learn something new, then it will be time to go
  6. congrats Ted on the win, now to see which one you get you deserve any and all you get for all your hard work time and dedication on the Olds !!! still would love to have you here in 2022 for our grand national hosting, car would look great with the rest of them, plus you have been here a few times picking up and dropping off a 19929 Chevrolet this time you could come to hang out and show off the ride. both of you !!
  7. got my Distributor back on Thursday !! man does it look sharp. this was done by VCCA guru Skip Geear, top notch quality work. tested on the Distributor machine and good to go !! what we started with, 2 spare distributors end result,. one show quality sharp distributor
  8. currently idling and circling the airport waiting on the machine shop to magnaflux and grind/polish the crank so that we can get numbers to Russ @Pauls to do the babbitt. also got update that my distributor has been rebuilt and should be on its way here in the next day or two. had 2 spare distributors and had VCCA Guru rebuild me a spare from the two, plan to use the spare as the main distributor and the current one will be my spare/emergency one. will have to post pictures of it when it arrives !!
  9. VCCA is teh Chevrolet place to talk and learn Vintage Chevrolets, i own a 1929 just know many parts are not readily available, only a small aftermarket for general items, other than that is it finding someone that has the part, or is parting out a car. here are my resources outside ebay !! remember it is NOT a model T or A or a Tri Five !! *The Filling Station in Oregon ....Website: The Filling Station ....Phone:(800) 841-6622 *Gary Wallace in Missouri.....Website:Early Chevrolet Parts.....Phone:(314) 293-1991 *Lonny Ekstrand in Texas.....Website:Stanleys Parts.....Phone:(817) 478-7265 *Bruce Bugay in Virginia (Posts on here as chevy b) also want to try*Bob Marx in Wisconsin (Posts on here as marxparts).....Website:Marx Parts LLC: Antique and Vintage Car Parts.....Phone:(715)
  10. just an update for anyone following... Parts (Mains and Connecting Rods) have been received and verified by Russ at Paul's Rod and Bearing. looking at about 4 weeks turnaround time. machine shop has NOT started on crank yet, have a few in front of it, hoping by end of month to have the done so we can send numbers to Russ.
  11. agreed, really cool info. heard of all three and i know that my 1929 Chevrolet is either Slotted/Flat Head Screws or Hex Head in a Few Places.
  12. know Chevrolet used the diaphragm fuel pump starting in 1929, as 1928 had a vacuum fuel tank on it. rebuild the one on my car, and a spare on the shelf
  13. few shots of the bearing inserts and connection/pistons before disassembly
  14. pick up the connection rods/pistons and the main inserts today as well as the crank the connecting rods and shims along with the main inserts will be going to Russ out at Paul's Rod & Bearing the crank shaft is going over to another shop that will do the work on it. clean it up, magnaflux it, then grind and polish to provide numbers for the babbitt !! same shop that will be doing the line boring of the block as well.
  15. oh yeah i figured that much, 3 bearings, each a different diameter = setup time and tool time