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  1. did a light CHECK as well to ensure the lights worked and there were NO issues at this point... everything worked like a charm i used a set of clips and connected ground to the mounting bolt, then touched the positive to one of hte two points inside the bayonet connector. Light Test: Parking/ License Lamp Light Test: Stop Lamp Light Test: Parking/ License Lamp & Stop lamp Light Test: Parking/ License Lamp Light Test: Stop lamp Light Test: Parking/ License Lamp & Stop lamp
  2. i went with these bulbs based on my notes and research actually got my Original Stop/Tail lamp built and almost ready for Install !! just need to mount it and test are a the [pictures of the assembly, i bought the lens mounting kit for the clear lens. i also cleaned up the copper bars/strips, housing, etc to ensure a good clean ground and contact. A Look Inside before Bulbs Close Up of Tail Lamp Holder New Hardware for License Lens View of Clear License Lens NOS Lens, Gasket, Trim Ring Assembly Side View Angled View Tail Light Lens
  3. looking at bulbs, can someone help verifyManual says the tail lamp (lower lamp) is 3 candle power:#63base: Ba15sVolt: 7.0Amp: 0.63Watt: 4.41Candle Power: 3Life: 1000 hoursthen the STOP lamp (upper lamp) is a 15 candle power#87base: Ba15sVolt: 6.8Amp: 1.91Watt: 12.98Candle Power: 15Life: 300 hours
  4. a few shots of a 29 Landau, not rare but not many of them out there. i know 2 owners very cool cars
  5. one thing that does baffle me some in the original picture, the cars looks to have a squared off rear upper body ?!? see the red outline in the picture. this is not Chevrolet ish, the other body lines, reaer tire, cover, etc looks to be clearly defined hard edge, vs rounded on the Chevrolet ?!?
  6. looking at the picture of the car in front of the church it looks like an older or different car, based on the roof. or it is NOT a Chevrolet ?!? the vinyl on hte roof was clearly defined . also that car at the church looks way more SQUARE in the rear then the Chevrolet. also does NOT look to have the spare tire on the fender either. a few shots of my roof, you should be able to see the outline of hte vinyl section.
  7. that is cool, i have been restoring my 1929 4 door sedan for almost 6 years now, and soon it will be back on the road.... learned a TON about the 1929 Chevrolet, options, features, etc... the original picture you posted, 1 & 2 look like the standard 4 door sedan. very mush like what i have. as for wheels, Disc were standard and wire wheels as an option as well as wood spoke. 95% of the 1929 i have seen are disc the last picture you posted has a optional spare on the side, tail light is on the side vs in the spare carrier (center) which means they either have a trunk in the center without the spare or just moved it over to fender. assume no spare since it is on the front fender. it also has the landua bars and roof look. see picture below. also has the plates on the running board, has cowl lights. no mirror in the options as i see, but may be wrong on that one. and the signal/ yellow loghts are all modern, not a feature or option on 1929. I have tons of info and specs on the 1929. there were 2 engine variations in 1929... gen 1 was solid valve cover and flat open style push rod cover air filter return went from oil fill tube ( this is what i have in my 1929) ...this allowed dirt & debris to get into the engine where pushrods were, also sealed valve cover did NOT let engine breath, and trapped moisture inside the top half. many valve covers rusted bc of this gen 2 was vented (3 slots) valve cover and stamped/shaped sealed style push rod cover air filter return went from rear boss tube ...corrected the issues noted above, this was the design that was improved upon on the 6 cyl as it was used for many generations. shot of rear w/ spare tire carrier, bumpers and brake light all before I got the car good shot after car got back from Interior, roof, and pin striping ( Thanks Ted [Chistech]) 1929 Gen 1 Engine with Sealed Valve Cover, air filter is NOT installed yet, but you can see the connection point on the Oil Fill Tube behind the generator 1929 Gen 1 Engine opposite side where you can see the Flat Open Push Rod Cover (open around spark plugs) this is a gen 2 push rod cover i found, notice the stamped/contour shape to help seal out debris still looking for a gen 2 valve cover, 1929 was a single year, then 1930, then 1931-32 are very similar, but vary in height. any will fit, but would require replacing the studs with longer ones to be able to hold them on with the acorn nuts !! Yes i HAVE THOUSANDS of pictures of 1929 through the process
  8. round here Pollen is in FULL BLOOM !! anything and everything outside for more than 5 minutes is COVERED in Yellow Green DUST !! then it rains and washes it all into the lakes and rivers, and starts all over again. vicious cycle. figure eventually it will get warm and stay warm and the pollen will stop.
  9. should be a serial number on the data tag usually on the left door sill there was NO vin 1929-1939 Chevrolet Car Numbers
  10. Here are few of the LED conversion Housing inside, clean shiny white few angled views of inside back of LED housing, ready for original hardware to go back in
  11. updated on my painting insides... got a few coats of paint on them, all cured, and removed the tape... should be ready for rebuilding, and yes i will remove paint from target areas to ensure proper ground at least i hope here are a few of the Stock Housing Rebuild back of stock housing inside, gloss white background, silver reflector lower half for tail/parking light (original hardware) rear of stock housing angled
  12. got my stanchions from TFS and opened them up to start laying out and building my front end question, are they supposed to be straight up and down (90 degrees post to base) or should they be angled ?? mine are angled one more so then the other. attached are a few pictures of them stanchions side by side for comparison, yes lean to right stanchions top down, bases are square to each other, notice difference looking straight on, notice the angle difference stanchion 1 against the square stanchion 2 against the square
  13. per a recommendation i painted the inside of the housing gloss white, it should help reflect the little bit of light that the bulbs put out i painted both the standard housing and the conversion LED housing. Tail Lamp housing that will be restored all original This is the LED housing
  14. actually installed my rear bumpers today, as well as the signal lights i made up for the car. these are NOT factory but more for safety ( too many crazy drivers out there)used all new hardware as well, they look great, and notice the spare tire carrier is installed as well left side view showing brackets good angle view of left side bumper and signal/brake light head on view of left side bumper and signal/brake light head on view of right side bumper and signal/brake light angle view of right side bumper and signal/brake light
  15. as many of you know I am a die hard Chicago Bears Fan, and if you did not know, you do now if you want to go back further BEFORE the Bears, Decatur Staleys a little history for you all... i follow them and have done a ton of research on them from start to current. A recent article was posted on their site and it made me smile. it is a picture of the principal owner, Virginia McCaskey who recently turned 96, she is daughter of George Halas, founder and coach of the Bears and one of the founding members of the NF, sitting on a 1920 Hupmobile. you can click on the link above and read the article, who says Football and Cars don't go together... just thought it was a great story and since it contains a great antique car, it would be AACA related !!