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  1. here is a link to my 1929 Chevrolet Rebuild... this goes to page 18 where you can see the old babbitt and the new babbitt.
  2. there are several places out that will do babitt no issue, i had mine done at Paul's Rod and Bearing call and talk with Russ, he is a great guy and knowledgeable. i pulled mine out and sent them to him, had them back in a few weeks. look great. they can also cut them down to numbers if you can provide them. they also poured my mains, then a local shop here line bored it. that is the hardest thing to do is line bore or find a shop that can. they are out there. also depends on where you are at. several shops can freight your engine and do a complete rebuild or just pour babitt and bo
  3. do you have the proper gasket ?? and is water leaking around the threads ?? if leaking around the threads, you could use a thread sealer. just a small amount on the threads where they engage the head. do not was a glob as it will end up in engine and ruin it !!
  4. the original 1930 194 maybe a 1931 194. trans are different though per my interchangeability chart. there were changes from 1929-1932 not many interchangeable parts in the driveline like that. changing the engine would require engine, trans, torque tube, and maybe rear end. and may have to reconfigure the crossmembers for mounting the items. go over to VCCA there are several discussions about changing and swapping. not advised, best thing to do it keep it original !! I own a 1929 and a 1930. not an easy task changing a driveline, gets into custom fabrication and modifi
  5. Sent you a Message Bob well you are in luck one of the regions for Virginia is the Roanoke Valley Region : http://www.roanoke-valley-region-aaca.org/ they are a good region, and have events, take a look at their site and get in contact with them. see what they have on tap for 2021. they are also hosting the ODMA Meet this year out in Natural Bridge, info and schedule is on their site above.
  6. does look like my 1929 frame, but i have a sedan... but front end and rear end look the same
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