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  1. those wondering how good of a job AGBackeast did on my Fisher body tag, I'd say he did a superb job. here is a comparison picture. Original on Top - Repro on the Bottom
  2. got the other tags/plates installed on the generator and distributor last night.also installed the new Fisher Body Tag i got, used the rivet bolt kit from TFS worked great !!
  3. car is looking good Ted and coming along nicely !! that wood floor looks like a museum show piece
  4. called and talked to the plater yesterday, he said the reflectors should be done in the next day or two. said they are looking really good. they will be all polished nickel, ready for Bill @ Uvira !! hoping to get them out to him within a day or two of receiving them from plater.
  5. also installed the repainted front fender supports. what a difference, will touch up the bolts and paint them black as well to blend in.
  6. ended up get some custom gaskets made, a local company cut me some graphite gaskets to my dimensions. these are high temp, high heat gaskets so they should be perfectly fine. plus being graphite reinforced with steel mesh they should hold up just fine. they are made to be compressed and once assembled worked great. while assembling i also put some high temp grease on the parts that need to move. everything was going fine until i tried to thread the rod end bolt into the new brass bushings for the trunion. one ended up breaking, they were really hard to thread out, as the bolts were mangled and bent up pretty bad, i tried to straighten them out, but seems the were a little weak, but at 90 years old, hey. i did some looking and hunting and found many rod ends but the ones that were 5/16" to match are all threaded 18 threads per inch and the ones on the car and mating hardware are 24 threads per inch. luckily i found a company that makes blanks in various lengths. so i bought 3 5/16" diameter by 3 inches long. this gives me one to tinker and learn on and 2 for the brake assemblies. the blanks will have to be drilled for the clevis pin, and then threaded the full length of the bolt. yes all three inches. they should be here by this weekend, and then i will tackle those !! but got most everything else assembled on the front brakes. once i get those rod end completed i can complete the assembly and hopefully installed on the car !!
  7. talking about vinyls, strolling down the street friday we walked passed a Porsche Panemera, it was wrapped in plaid, yes plaid. thin line plaid !! wish we would have gotten a picture of it. definitely catches the eye !!
  8. would those numbers mean the diameter in mm and then number of contacts ?? 15-s being a 15mm single contact Bulbtown helped me decode a lot of my bulbs and find replacements
  9. looking at the components to put back together, there were 2 gaskets inside the assembly wondering what the material is/ should be goes on the flat surfaces of the round cylinder that the cam goes through, they sit between the ends of the round part and the housing. they seem to hold the parts apart to keep metal from metal rubbing, but allow freedom to turn a small amount for the brakes to work. assembly housing, gasket, rotating part , gasket, cover gasket against rotating part gasket against the inside of the housing assembly, other gasket goes against the cover, bt the rotating part and cover
  10. put on two coats of primer and 2 coats of gloss black bought some of those paints stands in the paint department for holding parts off the surface, look like little pyramids, they seemed to work good on keeping the part off the cardboard cleaned up the shafts, chased all the threads internal and external, straightened the bent threaded rods, etc...
  11. spent some time blasting all the front end brake assembly parts
  12. well cleaned up the fenders and top coated them, man what a difference. then primed and painted the brackets. everything looks great now, once i get the new hardware in i can install them and move forward. inside fender another view brackets other side
  13. looks weird, like maybe was taken apart then assembled and painted with rusty old hardware, which would NOT be the only old rusty hardware i found. along with mismatched and whatever hardware could be found. blasted the bracket, primed and painted them tonight, as well as worked the inside of the fenders, removed rust, and blended in black to clean them up. may need another coat tomorrow, but will know then.
  14. while working on the Front Brakes and removing to rebuild and replace the trunion kit i noticed that it looked like the fender brackets were painted while on the car, as i could see a shadow in the underside of the fender. so last night i decided to remove the fender brackets so they could be blasted and primed, as well as touch up the underside of the fenders. actually had to CUT off several of the bolts, as they were rusted and painted in place !! as well as whatever was lying around for replacement by previous owner. few picts of the hardware after removal