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  1. thats sad, at least his shoe made the shot !! car would hide him anyways no matter where he was standing on the other side
  2. great photo other that that guy in the background... geesh, way to photo bomb the perfect shot Ted. :)congrats hope it goes through great promo for the paint company maybe they can come out and do a photo shoot great time of year with the leaves color changing
  3. congrats on selling good looking car was great to see and meet you in Hershey and see the Vega
  4. well night two of disassembly. man i forgot how many parts i had to put on after the engine went in. going to take a few days to remove everything and clear the path for the drivetrain to come out.
  5. thansk, Kantor gets theirs from Egge, heard they have cleaned up their quality in the last few years and are doing good stuff. i may have found a set of NOS/NORS cast iron pistons .020 or .030, waiting for confirmation. I am on top of the shop, they said they could have it all done (minus babbit if needed) in a month or two. if i need babbit i will probably send the rods and bearings to Pauls then have shop here line bore it all and get it going. In the process of removing the engine, man so many things to remove, disconnect, etc... trying NOT to damage anything in the process. was NOT planning on taking any of this stuff out again !!
  6. that is next after i pull the block and such going to start at 020 and see if we can clean up 90-95% off the walls if not go to 030 new pistons, pins, rings at the least
  7. Yeah a warped head may be a good thing vs a cracked head.... head should be done by the end of the week, and for under $500 i hope want him to go over valves even though they hold vacuum to make sure the guides are good , while it is off. then i can pull the block and get that to him and get started on that. trying to do one thing at a time, and plan one step ahead
  8. dropped off the head at the shop during my lunch, and just got a call back, head checks out fine, no cracks and intake and exhaust hold a vacuum. so the seats are sealing. however the head is 'warped like a banana' so he is going to mill the head flat, also check the manifold surface and machine that if NOT flat. also asked him to pull the valves and check the guides and the seats, inspect and check everything and let me know the outcome of the valves and manifold surface...
  9. nope was done recently, was few years ago, but car was never driven... car totally has less than 50 miles and 2 hours run time on it !!
  10. Thought I would share some photos i took of Ted's Olds. pictures do NOT do it justice at all.. (Ted I will email you the full size photos for your collection) I did get a shot of Ted & his Wife with the Olds, but will let him decide on posting that one or not. Ted is in a few as well as Joe. others not sure who they are, many spectators, and he had a good crowd stopping over talking and asking questions. Car was top notch and looked it. Nothing but the best !!
  11. That would be the Hornets Nest Region Usually First weekend or so of April at the race track. never been myself, but many go, it is like a small spring Hershey there is ONLY ONE HERSHEY !!!
  12. ok, tried to post these pictures last week, but the WiFi at the campground was horrible. (hey trying to keep up while hanging out after dark) You can clearly see the difference in the cylinder walls, there is a clearly defined lip/ledge near the top where the rings do not run. the pistons are sloppy in the bores. do NOT have a mic to measure the inside, but will get the shop to do that for me later, once i pull the block. you can also clearly see the scoring and pitting in the walls as well.
  13. Ted it was great seeing you at Hershey and was good to catch up. no problem, that Olds is immaculate !! Poor Joe worked hard to detail, and you got stuck talking to everyone. the guy at the shop inquired about that as well, machining the manifold face on the head as well as the manifolds to ensure everything is FLAT. goingto try and go by tomorrow and drop off the head for them to do their magic. well magnaflux...
  14. Was a good Year at Hershey this year for me, beautiful weather. Found the pump and lug wrench for my 1929 Chevrolet, and picked up a few new Signs, Dial Indicator Set, and a few other odds and ends. saw some nice cars in the Corral and on the field, no money to buy, ventured through the auction tent as well my goodies other stuff around