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  1. Thank you! I did a search for vacuum tank but didn't think about doing a search for Stewart Warner
  2. Hchris, we know that the vacuum tank is filling with fuel. The last time we tested it it died we took the top of the vacuum tank off and the outer tank had plenty if fuel in it. We then started it, and the engine ran for several minutes off from that fuel in the vacuum tank until we turn it off. Once you put the vacuum tank back together and restart it it will only run for about a minute and then die. The pressure that you stated is one of the reasons we don't want to go to an electric fuel pump. We would need a regulator to get it down to one PSI or less.
  3. The truck does not have a fuel pump. We have checked the height of the float, and the carb bowl has fuel in it when it dies, ( or more accurately, immediately after it dies).
  4. I am helping someone with a 27 chevy truck that is having a fueling issue. Background info: it has the original 4 cylinder engine that utilizes a stewart warner vacuum tank (the taller skinny one) to get fuel to the carb. After being in storage for several years it was time to get it running again. Gas tank was previously sealed with a gas tank sealer that decided to become a big ball of gunk in the bottom of the tank. When last run, the vacuum tank and carb were completely drained and on inspection were completely clean and free of any gunk. due to the condition of the gas ta
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