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  1. Did you notice that there are two 1927 Olds in the for sale forum.
  2. If you can not find the specific owners manual try a Dykes manual that covers that year.
  3. Very nice car. With side mounts and a golf door I am going to guess not a lot were built. It looks like someone has done some work in the seat area. What has been said is excellent advice. You need a owners manual which shows grease points. Take each grease point and remove the fitting and remove the old grease. Get a grease gun that fits your fittings. This will do two things. It will get the car ready to run and you will learn a lot about your car. Make sure you drain the old gas and you will probably want to add a fuel filter to catch the crud and eventually clean and seal the fuel
  4. Try Model A and Model T suppliers (Langs, MAC) or anyone in the UK for an electric wiper motor.
  5. The dollar store has a great cleaner that works great in a spray bottle but nothing beats oven cleaner.
  6. I assume any car pulled out of a barn or garage was left there for a reason which was usually mechanical and a Model T was no different. There are so many T's out there that finding someone to assist you is not a problem. Driving a Model T is different from all other cars in the transmission. Find some one who has one and is willing to let you take a test drive before you by one. If the one you are looking at has a Ruckstal and rocky mountain brakes they are nice accessories but not necessary. People buy Model T's as they look and sound like antique cars for a reasonable price and are fun
  7. nothing ventured nothing gained. If you are not going to use it then you have nothing to lose by trying to rebuild yourself.
  8. Thanks Tom. I called them and they said bring it down. I am going to get the frame powder coated and then take the glass and frame to them, Jan
  9. If you are doing it to see if it can be done then go for it else fix the problem. Cont. parts are available as they made many different engines as has been pointed out. I have two cars with continential engines and several Durant blocks in the garage and converting them to electric oil pumps would be a challenge. Model T have had oil pumps added to them but they are a different design. If you want to see how model T's have oil pumps you might try the T forums or speedster forums.
  10. I do my best problem solving when I am asleep and I am obsessed over getting it right. Just my engineering and EMT training I guess.
  11. It does not fit a 1923 Dodge screenside. Mine does not have ribs in it.
  12. Go to the auction site ETBTH and look at the Buick wagon. Great buy compared to this. For some reason it will not let me hyperlink yo it.
  13. I need to replace the front glass (windshield) in my 1923 Moon touring. Is there a source and how have have others done it Thanks Jan
  14. I have been doing this for sixty years and I will say what you want is do able but not likely. The first thing you need to do is join a club or chapter and meet the people. You need to join a club where the members work on their cars and understand how to evaluate a car. You want some one who can go with you to evaluate the car. You seem to be looking at "T" but could you evaluate a "T" and drive it. What ever you buy will probably need tires which is another $500 up front. The touring you listed requires a top and interior. Have you ever installed these. The touring listed says engine
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