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  1. When i was Young ..very young i lived right across from one of the now call junk yards ... it was so big..infarct it was consider one the biggest in south America at one point . i used to get out of school and RUN across the street or that was call hwy ( single lane ) because it was located about 11.5 km off the downtown point area. and many time i had to walk home all the way from school ,so the 11.5 km was a painful reminder that this day i wont be able to play with cars..! I remember round windshields and ALL kinds of dash boards in my mind . My Dad was A lucky guy since he inherit a big chunk of land , so hi was a well known guy in town , and THAT kept me out of trouble most of the times.. But the nice's part was when i ask my dad one time , if i could spend the day with him , it was summer break, so he had no excused to say no, and that day he took me nothing less that ACROSS the street to the main office of this Junk yard, the junk yard guy apparently want it to buy a piece of land from my dad .. so i was very excited to go, can you imagine that..! so i'm going to explain first the size of this junk yard... our home was located up from the street level , something like a semi truck high or 20-30 feet above the street level .. we had stairs to go up from the side walk. and on the other side of the street or hwy , the terrain was the opposite , it when down 20-30 feet from the street level . so here's the awesome part.. the field of cars where 2.5 hectares big..! and the stack of cars pile up on top of each other surpassing the top of our home..!!!! It was a building of cars piled up..!! crazy that i was not killed by falling from climbing those cars... So back to getting into the office and section where they crush and dismantle parts out of the cars.. when my dad and I got into the office , i couldn't believe it.. the hole room and the next office wall was fill with radiators mascots and ornaments...! something i will not forget ever..! In fact .. about 10 yrs ago , i had the chance and desire to find the now LONG gone junk yard , and have a look on our home as well.. just to find that the blond kid i used to see there working in the yard was one of the son's and i was able to ask about the entire operations and what ever happen to ALL of the parts.. well like always happens, the parts where sold to collectors from USA and EUROPE, but it was very interesting knowing that it was not a dream ..! my wonderful years as a child where spend on cars too..! i only regret one thing... not be able to find a picture of my childhood with this junk yard..! Apolo
  2. so what's the trick to load more pics ...? do i have to erase some ..?
  3. Hello guys there.. Thank you very much for all your good vibes on my new project..! and thank you Hugh for the steps to follow on the car. to answer some questions here . i think one of the guys recommended not to disassemble the car , or else it will end up like many cars do now this days. my intentions are to get the car running fist, since i know by taking the top and bottom off the engine , this was rebuild.. like the previous owners mention before,\ so i'm working on getting the water pump unlock from seating so many years out of the car . same thing i'm doing with the starter gen unit and distributor.. i already spray some oil in cylinders first day i got the car ., but i have not try to turn it yet, i will do the tapping and oiling on top of valve train as one of the guys recommend it. i just had about a month ago a shoulder surgery ...so i can't even look at the car right now i even took it to a friends pace so i do'n't even have it here for faster recup on my surgery ..you know if i see it every day i will definitely work on it ..and i shouldn't. but i'm getting knowledge as much as i can on this car, wile i'm a cripple guy for now. i think i have a very complete car so far ...but small items like door handles and hood handles and some hood hold down latch are missing some parts from trying to restor it over the years. one think is that over the time this car change hands a couple of time , i'm pretty sure a few parts where lost on this transition but they are parts i can probably get them with time . i will try to get the books for parts , but i have a few that came with the car. in regards of contacting the administrator about moving this chat to the correct one , can i do it from here or i do have to get in touch with him on some other way..? thanks for all your help , i will need it ..! and will try to post all the pics i can , for now on the parts i have. cheers guys ..! Apolo. PS. the cadillac shown on the picture still for sale from the guy i purchase the buick. his in Northern CA
  4. Hi there . i was reading about the Door handles Larry and Hugh were making on the Foundry in Maine back in 2017 . can i still get a set purchased from anyone that have an extra set ..or i need to get them made.? for my 1924 open car part # 184591 thanks. Apolo
  5. Hi there. My name is Apolo from southern CA and i know i have to introduce myself like when i was in kinder garden.. well to make this pleasant and short i will let my new car speaks for itself, i like to hear what you guys think about it.. i definitely will need help finding some small parts for this guy , but all the mechanical hard parts are there like water pump , starter generator and a lots of sheet metal from around the car is here . for what i was able to find from the ex ex owner of this car is that he thinks the engine was rebuild back in the late 90's, i have pull the valve cover and everything looks like new still . this car was always garage, and there's no rust. looks like the did start a frame off restoration , since the frame and other parts are nice finish . if anyone knows any more info is well appreciated. cheers and thanks for having me ..! Apolo
  6. Hi there . your right Jan arnett.. i have done that before and i know what is like... i have the water pump and the starter generator that i will start to restore it so i can run the engine and see what else i need on the engine mechanical side of the process.. i haven't look into to the Buick club yet ,but is a good idea' Apolo.
  7. Most of the mechanical parts are here . and soon i will get my hands on it to see if we can get it to start. looks like they did an engine rebuild on this one long time ago.. i was able to find here a 2015 post from the ex ex owner of this car and contact him , that was nice.. i got a lot of info from the car. Apolo
  8. Hello guys. I'm a new member here , and i just got this 24 Buick open car. just like to see what you guys think of this one . also may need some small parts . Cheers..! Apolo
  9. Hi there ..is the windshield still available by any chance thanks Apolo 949-205-9903