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  1. Dave I hope your head still fits in your hat after some well deserved praise. Is there a resource book that is available before I start on my 1923 Moon interior that I should read. Unless you have that mobile upholstery shop ready.
  2. EPA is only worried if you dump it or have an air permit. They still sell diesel fuel but I would not mix with gasoline. I like ATF fluid mixed with diesel fuel. If you want a water based cleaner go to the dollar store and buy their cleaner. It works and is cheap.
  3. Take the leads loose and tell us how big they are. A six volt battery needs larger leads like 0 welding cable. Wire brush or grind the contact location on the frame. Unless the cable ends are molded onto the cable remove them and clean them. Then clean the contacts on the starter switch. I will bet if the contacts are clean it will start
  4. I would use a dremel tool with a small cutter head to break the chrome first. A diamond cutter would work well and not move around.
  5. Can you take the mechanical switch off and clean the contacts.
  6. small series. I have a touring if someone would prefer an open car.
  7. John I was looking for your pictures. Here are several of mine. 6Y engine
  8. I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to provide a solution to the problem. My brother is now back from the Hupp meet and is pulling the engine to make a final decesion as to how to proceed.
  9. Ed thanks again. Could you recommend a qualified individual. Jan
  10. That is the best suggestion I have received. I will forward it to My brother who is on the Hupp tour. He completely rebuilt the engine and this is the first time he put water to it. Have a nice day. Jan
  11. I just had a major setback. I hooked water to the engine to let water run through it while letting it run. Engine ran for about 5 minutes and suddenly quit. I noticed the oil float was down so I decided to change the oil. Pulled the oil plug. At first about two gallons of clear water came out then about two gallons of milky water and oil mixture. Took valve covers off to see if I could see anything. Hooked water up again an quickly found a hole. I am open to suggestions on how to repair this on a 1929 Hupp.
  12. I believe you can buy the nailer strips or hidem welting from model A supplier.