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  1. IT is not the one with silver on it. Give me a couple of minutes and I will post pictures of the information you need. I used to be one of the technical editors for the Durant club so I probably have all the information you need and there is a great Durant Club that publishes a monthly magazine call the standard.
  2. No matter what you do you still have bicycle tires on it. The best was is the way Fred Flint Stone did it.
  3. I can't get it to work on a laptop.
  4. That is an aftermarket bumper. I have several but they are not chrome.
  5. I have no inventory, no pay but still I spend money.
  6. Ron where did you get your floor mat material?
  7. There is a sucker born each day and it only takes one.
  8. The gentleman who might have a MOON do you have a name and contact.
  9. Joe what this gentleman wants to do the factory service manuals are a little over kill but I agree for major work they are mandatory.
  10. Kenny you should post this in the Durant portion of the forum and check out the Durant Club. Hard part to find as they are pot metal.
  11. I would also get two copies one for you and one for him. If I remember right the fluid information is on a sticker under the hood. This car is new enough that there are still examples in junk yards. Buying parts from a junk yard especially pull and pay is a great way to learn about your car cheaply. He may also find some options that are not on his car that he can add.
  12. First thing he needs is a service manual and owners manual which will give him the specifications for the car ,and then a "chilltons" or" motors" manual. His local library may have these.
  13. While you are at it anybody have any Moon stuff. I also have a complete ( its apart) 1930 Canadian Buick touring Cheap, cheap, make offer.
  14. You should get a split rim tool from ebay where they are available for around $30
  15. Where are you and what is the price and best way to contact you.
  16. Make sure you paint it with a good quality hogs hair bristle brush,
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