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  1. Does anyone have a picture of what the rims look like complete
  2. I don’t think these are the rims you are looking for.
  3. Go to the post and look at the pictures
  4. Is it stamped to the frame or is there a tag.
  5. What you see in the pictures is what their is
  6. This is the barn find I believe to be 1928 dodge brothers
  7. Thank you for the insight
  8. After closer inspection I found out it is not a Dodge Graham but a dodge brother send you a picture
  9. After looking at a little closer and appears to be a dodge brothers truck frame
  10. I will get you some pictures as soon as I can figure out how to post them
  11. Complete nonrunning 1938 Flathead V8. Clutch and tranny still attached been stored inside Since early 40s . I would like $400 or best offer. Located in South Dakota.