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  1. There was a fire last night on a movie set that destroyed twenty vintage cars. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/a-total-loss-fire-destroys-set-of-hbo-series-starring-mark-ruffalo-rosie-odonnell/ar-AAB9WKA?li=BBnbfcL
  2. Mike I agree with you that who ever did the radiator did a lousy job and I would be worried about other solder points. I see that you are missing the webbing that goes around the edge of the shell. When install it should keep the hood from bouncing on the radiator. As Ivan mentioned there are different melt points for solder and I have had success using a small butane "not propane" torch and low melting point solder. I have not had success trying to repair a solder joint without taking it loose and starting over. That is a very creative way to hold the end if the hood.
  3. First you need to determine if it has baffles in the tank. If it has baffles it makes it harder to put something hard (pebbles, chain, ect.) in it to shake around. If it does not have baffles in it you can put pebbles, or nuts and bolts, or chains in it along with a solvent (kerosene, toluene) and then mount the tank so it can be rotated (someone used a cement mixer) or hang it from a tree and swing it. You then need to seal it with one of the tank sealers on the market. There are several good threads that go into more detail on the forum which you can find through a search.
  4. Mine is easy and the 2 is because I was hacked on my first try.
  5. Could you take a penetrating oil straw and heat it to allow you to bend it then squirt something behind the handle. Slid a plastic shield over the upholstery to prevent stains.
  6. Run like the devil is chasing you or go and see what goodies are there. I would run.
  7. I believe you have come to the proper site for your project but there are a couple of things to remember. This forum has a cars for sale section, cars wanted and then sections for various marques. Remember to make your request as clear and informative as possible. The are also many facebook groups that members post to. What are you looking for so people can help and what part of the country are you looking in.
  8. David I have used both systems and found KwikPoly a very easy product. I usually controlled the viscosity using temperature. I have used the west system and I guess it is like many products you need to learn the ins and outs of the product. I have not used the fast cure but it looks like that is the route I am going. I have an area on my Moon that I need to build up due to some powder post beetles that I am going to try the west system on. Wish me luck.
  9. Here is my front turn signal on my Moon, converted cowl lights.
  10. Do you have access to McMaster Carr? Look at their mats.
  11. What are the rest of your dimensions. This one is 61 inches. It is under stuff which I need to pull out to get better pictures.
  12. My 23 Moon has a continential engine and the same arraignment. The important thing to remember is the oil level float. I put a white mark on it so I can see it. Have a great day
  13. I purchased brown linoleum from Tony for my 23 Dodge and I was very satisfied. I used rubber matting for my Star running boards and purchased it from MacMaster Carr. I purchased counter molding from Lowes for edgeing.
  14. There have been several discussions on this forum regarding aftermarket turn signals but I don't remember anyone having a good solution that is wireless. Electrical systems on antique can present a whole new problem with interference. Check Model A supplier to see what they have. I just bite the bullet on mine and add wired turn signals same as a brake light.
  15. IT is not the one with silver on it. Give me a couple of minutes and I will post pictures of the information you need. I used to be one of the technical editors for the Durant club so I probably have all the information you need and there is a great Durant Club that publishes a monthly magazine call the standard.
  16. No matter what you do you still have bicycle tires on it. The best was is the way Fred Flint Stone did it.
  17. I can't get it to work on a laptop.
  18. That is an aftermarket bumper. I have several but they are not chrome.
  19. I have no inventory, no pay but still I spend money.
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