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  1. I told the wife and kids. Unfortunately they are still short about $154, 798. Damn! I love this car. It is worth every penny!
  2. It would be nice to know how much you are asking for your car.
  3. And while nobody has to vouch for Barney, I got these and they were perfect and worked well.
  4. This is my dream car. As Father's Day and my 65th birthday are this month I have made a request to my wife to buy this for me. Unfortunately she doesn't have any money. Donations are gratefully accepted. ?
  5. Good reminder why to always pull your license plate first when removing the tail light assembly.
  6. Thanks! I read it twice and missed it both times. May be time for new glasses.
  7. Hey, he saw one just like it go for more on Barrett Jackson. Well maybe it was a Cadillac, an Eldorado, and a convertible, and a few years newer but this one is almost the same.
  8. My favorite color and a '91 to boot. If I was in a different place and time right now on my life journey I'd be all over this.
  9. Keep in mind that the extra weight on the deck lid will probably overwhelm the old trunk support struts.
  10. I agree. The biggest impact to price and sale ability is the paperwork. The prices given should be close if he has the titles. If they are missing all bets are off. Also, confirmation on location would help.
  11. Wow! I know nothing about Wildcats so I'll leave that to someone else, but I gotta say a 4 speed convertible is pretty rare. Your 4 door Skylark is probably not worth much as it it appears to be very rusty. That said, it does have factory AC. If it is all there, that alone might be worth some bucks. Also if it has a 4 barrel carb, the carb and manifold are worth money too. If the taillights and center emblem are not too pitted, they too are hard to find in good condition. Those items may make this car interesting to someone as a parts car. The 2 door hardtop seems to be a better car. It appears to be a Skylark that someone added a Gran Sport grille emblem to. Your best bet may be to package the 2 cars together which I surmise is what the prior owner had in mind, have 2, make 1. You're not going to get rich off these 2 but you should get enough to make it worthwhile for your efforts. Of course it will be a tough sale without titles. Missing those will hit the value severely. Good luck!
  12. OK, i guess it's my turn to be the contrarian. The are many aspects to today's cars that make any comparison to yesterday's cars apples to oranges. First, I am no millenial having almost completed my 65th trip around the sun. I also love many old cars, particularly Buicks of the 1960's having owned and restored many. That said, I love my "new" car and vastly prefer driving it to driving an older car. Mine is a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it has that dreaded touch screen. I don't know how much fiddling you all do while driving but basic functions like volume and fan speed or temperature control are also on buttons, most of them at my fingertips on the steering wheel. When you think of all the functions of my radio, AM/FM/CD/satellite/MP3, the control buttons would take up half the dash and be distracting as well just to locate them. Having options like blue-tooth where I can answer calls, make calls, or even have texts read to me all, without my hands leaving the wheel, are much safer than fumbling with a cell phone while driving. I do not have a built in GPS but I do have a portable Garmin that I find very helpful and useful. The seats in my MKX are amazingly comfortable on long drives, much more so than the reupholstered buckets in my old '65 Skylark. Air conditioning was a rare option in most non luxury cars of the 60's but almost standard in today's cars. You haven't lived until you experience the AC blowing through your seat on a hot summer day. Let's talk mileage. I can transport 5 people in relative comfort on a trip and average 25 MPG or better. Around town I get 20-21. By the way, my MKX has AWD and a 305 HP V6 engine that has plenty of scoot. It also has a satisfying growl when you accelerate. Of course, I'll concede that doesn't beat the sound of a Buick V8 dual exhaust note through Walker turbo mufflers. It is also impossible to do a burnout with traction control. AWD and traction control do make driving safely much easier on our NW rain soaked streets. Let's talk safety, I don't have the options of lane control or automatic braking but being surrounded by numerous airbags means a much less chance of injury in an accident. Also knowing how a vehicle fared in a crash test before you have one is information worth having. Pre-tensioned shoulder belts are way more safe than lap belts or no belts at all. My MKX also has safety tie downs built in and engineered to keep a child seat restrained if I want to take my grand kids along. The back-up camera in conjunction with back up sensors, are safety features that, now that I have used it, I can't imagine doing without. It doesn't eliminate using your eyes and swiveling your head, but it does give a better view of what is behind you than you could see without it. One touch power windows take the distraction of rolling up a window like in older cars. ABS makes stopping much safer. Built-in alarm systems, and immobilization have made it much more difficult for some lowlife to steal your car. Having chipped keys makes hot-wiring or even shaved keys useless. Finally lets talk about reliability. My wife's 2005 Escape Limited went 130,000 miles with nothing more than oil changes, a couple of brake jobs and 2 rear shocks. When I sold it I knew the new owner would still have many more pleasurable trouble free miles. My MKX has 55,000 trouble free miles on it so far. It still has the original brakes and tires on it. Annual tune-ups are a thing of the past. Spark plugs last up to 100K. Oil changes are done at 5,000, 7,500 or even 10,000 miles depending upon the make and usage. It is expected that a car gets to 200K miles or more before it is worn out. Twice what was expected back in the day. Suspension and steering components are sealed and lubed for "life". New car warranties today are for up to 100,000 miles on drivetrain components, much superior to yesteryear's. Valve jobs are almost unheard of at 75,000 miles, often going for 200K or more. I love old cars and I also love driving them. The one thing I'll never get in my MKX is a thumbs up from a passing motorist or admittance to a car show where I get positive comments from people seeing my car. But then again, that's why I owned the old cars too. I also agree that in 15 to 20 years no one is going to want to restore an MKX or any car of today. Both vintages have their place. It is all about using the right tool for the job.
  13. Also if it is a 4 barrel carb, the carb and manifold are probably worth more than the whole car.
  14. Where is this car located? I agree that 4 doors generally are at the bottom of the heap in desirability. If they have some of the hard to find parts that are common with 2 doors, they have some value as parts cars. If it runs someone may be interested to use it as a driver. Disclaimer, The above was written by someone who was stupid enough to do a framectomy on a '65 Skylark 4 door. Harold is still running and alive thanks to me!
  15. This is going to be interesting. I think Ford is just going with what sells and where they make the most profit. I don't know if CAFE is still in the picture but not having small fuel efficient cars in the mix will make any government mandated target harder to hit. I always thought I was a GM guy and a Buick guy in particular but having owned several Fords as drivers has swayed me to them. My 1999 F250 Superduty with the V10 was an amazing tow vehicle. My Ford based RV never faltered and gave many miles of happiness. My wife's 2005 Escape Limited gave us 130,000 miles with no issues except for maintenance. My current daily driver is a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it is probably the best vehicle I have ever owned. The driveabiity along with the performance is only surpassed by the luxury. It is probably a moot point for me as this Lincoln will probably be my last vehicle anyway. I also liked Bernie's statement about corporations confusing shareholders with customers. I worked for a large Telcom that that also forgot they were a company and focused on their stock performance rather than their customers. They lost that battle badly. The company was divested and sold while the CEO went to jail. Too many companies are focused on how they perform on Wall Street and lose sight of how they do on Main Street.
  16. OK, I guess we'll wait... Things that would effect value. Body style, 2 door vs 4 door vs convertible. Rust, rear quarters, chassis, trunk and around rear window. Which engine is actually in the car not just by the data plate. condition of chrome and pot metal parts and options like bucket seats, air, power windows, floor shift, tach, console and PS and or PB. Overall completeness. As it stands right now, you're asking how high is up.
  17. In '64 the 300 had aluminum heads and intake manifold along with a hot water choke. All 1 year only I suspect this one is a transplanted 340 although the 300 and 340 look similar. As a note of interest I had a '65 300 4 barrel in a '65 Skylark. I changed the rear end to a posi with 355 gearing. That car had grunt! The 300 V8 was a remarkable engine. My friends and I have resurrected some that others would have declared dead only to get several more years service from them. I'd also suspect the odometer claim on this one. Young kids today forget that they turned over every 100K which doesn't give you a new car!
  18. Don't forget your new strut mounts! It's one of those "As long as I'm in there" things.
  19. Make sure the points aren't grounded out.
  20. If you do get the CD player, be sure to pull the wire harness and mounts for it as well. The deck is kinda useless without it.
  21. For me, it isn't being afraid of being judged. It is more knowing what it takes to win an award at a 400 point show and knowing that the mods I made keep my car from even being considered. That said, I never did enter my '65 Skylark (which was an amazing car) for a points judged show. I did enter my '90 Reatta convertible in the Portland BCA National where it won a Gold Award the first and only time I did that.
  22. As of right now, I have no Buicks in my garage. That is a first after probably 20 plus years of having at least 1 Buick. When it came to daily driver cars, newer cars I tried to like the new "Buicks" but couldn't find a good reason to like them. I think that Buick leadership of today have missed the mark in a lot of their business decisions. Bringing a car to market with the GS name badge that is an Opel, cars made in China, having a very limited line and models to choose from, and then high tech cars that are problematic are all issues they have made on their own. Dropping the name "Buick" from the car is just another bad decision but I can understand why when others are making your cars. That said, I like many of the newer cars and the technology that they have brought to the table. Currently, my daily driver is a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it is the nicest car I have ever owned. It has 52,000 trouble free miles. Prior to this we had a 2005 Ford Escape which was trouble free from the day we bought it new to the day we sold it 130,000 miles later. I was amazed at what a big leap cars had made between 2005 and 2013. I love old cars and especially old Buicks but they can't compare with the comfort and safety the newer cars provide. It's too bad that Buick hasn't stayed up with the rest of the market. Greg
  23. I seem to remember this discussion here a year or so ago. It was possibly in the Buick General discussion. First I'd like to say that I would prefer that price be required and if an ad doesn't list price, it should be excluded. That said, I believe the AACA discussion if I recall correctly, revolved to price is suggested for ad placement rather than required. If an ad doesn't have a price, I usually don't contact the seller. That also goes for mileage (for vehicles) and location. If they don't disclose this basic information, they are hiding something.
  24. If life hadn't intervened, I would have been interested in the whole lot. Now I have no storage and with my wife's illness my money goes elsewhere. Sigh and so close too...