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  1. Selling a rare station wagon that's been an ongoing project, but forced to see due to declining health. This white wagon is an early 1964 wagon. There are tons of new and NOS parts included in the sale, including : NOS Grille NOS Rear Quarter Panel - Passenger Side NOS Center Link New Carpeting ReChromed Rear Bumper NOS Back Up Lights (Mount in Rear Bumper) Extra Side Mouldings Used Steering Wheel (Original is cracked) 14 inch Mag Wheels Door Panels are in very good condition. Seats need some repair. Could be redone, but it would be expensive. Pictures upon Request 300 V8 Engine with Rochester 4 Barrel Carb Extra carbs included, along with several extra NOS carb kits. Rebuilt 300 Transmission and Torque Converter This must be a CASH sale. No trades. Car is in NE Nevada Here's a rare opportunity to own a truly classic vehicle. Accepting offers. Thanks for your interest! GO BUICK!
  2. This unit is STILL available. MUST GO. Make me an offer NOW>
  3. Need the whole turbine assembly, pictured in upper left hand corner. Please send PM with info and price. Thanks very much. Photo posted in ad on AACA back in 2013. Just to be legal.
  4. Need the whole turbine assembly, which contains the first turbine and the 2nd turbine assembly/carrier. Please send PM with info and price. Thanks very much.
  5. Just stumbled upon a shop in California that specializes in rebuilding Dynaflows and other early transmissions. I just have a feeling that he is expensive. (Just my gut feeling). Since Dynaflow rebuilders are getting rare, I'm posting the name of the shop and website. The shop is located outside Bakersfield, California. http://www.vintagetransmissionrebuilding.com/ Email: rsylvis@sbcglobal.net
  6. I am trying to find a 61-63 Dynaflow torque converter for parts. Sure would appreciate your help. Thanks in Advance!! Converter pump in upper left corner needed most.
  7. I'd like to add a name to the list of Dynaflow rebuilders. Owner Rick Smith at Henderson Transmission in Henderson, Nevada does Dynaflow rebuilds, along with other classic rebuild transmissions. The website is www.hendersontransmission.com .
  8. Looking for good used front pump plate out of a Dynaflow tranny 1957 to 1963. Not sure if earlir years are the same. Typically, this part causes complete unit failure. Many times, the front pump gouges out the front of the pump plate for a variety of reasons. The one from my transmission has a slight gouge. I don't want to take a chance and put it in. So hoping for a nice used one. Thanks everyone!!
  9. I have the same problem with my 61 Dynaflow. The problem...according to Dynaflow repair experts, is the front clutch pack. Replace the frictions and steel clutches. I had same problem. Low and reverse (as I' m told) are not on same band. I think to tackle the problem and since 99% of the transmission has to come apart, it's best to just get it rebuilt. Good Luck.
  10. Let he, who is not guilty of the same offense, cast the first stone. What a waste of time. Glad to know there are people out in Buickland who has too much time on their hands.
  11. They look like 14 inch wheel covers. Have seen many of them on buicks with 14 inch wheels circa 1964 and 65. Perhaps 66 and later. Hope it helps a bit
  12. Hello. Getting ready to install new friction and steel clutches in my Dynaflow transmission. However, I see postings where people say to soak the frictions for up to a half hour before installing. Not sure if this applies to later transmission models. Can some of you more experienced transmission specialists weigh in?? Many Thanks!!