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  1. Thank you for all the help and advice. This is a really good site. The crx would have been a fun little project as you don’t see too many straight ones around. I found it an hour after posting. I then posted my thread. Then one hour after that it was sold. I learned a lot.
  2. So I found this crx listed very recently. It’s an 87 with 152 k. 5spd. It’s listed this guy wanted to make it his daily but gave up as it has new wires plug distr. filters. Says it turns over but he thinks a timing issue. Why would someone give up. ? Hiding something. So he wants 500 and I think that’s a steal for a straight manual 87. I don’t think it will available for more than two more hours but I could be wrong. I really don’t know the market value of these but I know they’re wanted. (It’s a southern car) What do you think. Any prompt advice would be awesome.
  3. Anyway. Here she is. Waiting to be snagged for 800. “Runs rough”. At the very least do you think I could snap a good flip profit? I haven’t asked seller about the hard top mileage or 8v 16v. Yet. I’m assuming if it’s a 16v. I should buy it without hesitation? Any tips advise (offers) would be fun. You guys are a unique grouo. Thanks....jeff
  4. I found this car for sale. The person says it’s. A turbo. (I’m not sure what one). It’s a 89. Person says it runs rough. That’s all I know. This car is offered for 800. So I’m considering picking it up. Do you think it would be worth the trouble.
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