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  1. I'm used to a lower gear ratio!
  2. Actually our conversion was done locally to the Greater Seattle area and it starts with an "A". I think the actual lift is made by "B" and it uses the chain and motor. Funny story was that while I knew our van had this feature, it never operated when the ramp was deployed. One day my 3 year old grandson got into the van for about 45 seconds unsupervised. Then all of a sudden, the van started kneeling every time the ramp was deployed. It took some careful reading of the owners manual to discover the on/off switch in the dash to control the feature. My grandson discovered it in less than 45 seconds. It is a feature we really don't use much as my wife has a powered chair and the incline of the ramp isn't an issue. I will only take the van in for service if something is not working. At 14 years of age every time I brought it in, they tried to talk me into buying something newer, telling me how old and antiquated our van is. I figured for $74K I could do a lot of fixing. So far, after a year, my method has proved out! Besides, I thought Toyotas ran forever!
  3. I sent you a PM. I think you can use '65 mounts but you have to replace the frame pads that bolt to the cross member with ones from a '65 300. Maybe someone here has some?
  4. That is interesting. Ours is a Toyota and older (2004). The Dodge we had loaned to us was also the same vintage and operated the same way. Evidently things have changed over the years. Ours also has a switch to turn off the feature when desired.
  5. You'd think so as did I. I haven't crawled under ours but it isn't bagged. There is an electric motor that compresses the right rear spring to lower the floor to make it easier to enter with the wheelchair. Ours is a Toyota but I looked at the Dodges and they were the same.
  6. I am one of the BCA's "Lost Members". I didn't leave because I was mad at the BCA over some slight, I didn't leave because they weren't meeting my needs, I didn't leave because I was mad at the board for some reason. I left because my life situation changed and I no longer own any collector cars let alone a Buick. If it was more affordable, I probably would have kept up my membership just for the Bugle but I no longer have that discretionary spending within my budget. I understand what was outlined for the costs of running a club and agree that a price increase was well justified. Unfortunately for me I had to make some choices and leaving the BCA was one of the harder ones. Maybe some day in the future I can come back into the fold but not now.
  7. The most expensive car i ever owned was a $300 1969 Riviera I restored.
  8. A couple of points Terry. My wife is quadriplegic and we also have a converted, modified handicap van. Ours is a 2004 Toyota Sienna. It has about 103,000 miles on it. I agree that they are expensive but when you consider they have to chop out the entire floor and drop it 11", add the body cladding to cover the drop, and then add in the electrics for the ramp, it isn't unexpected. Our van has been bulletproof in the 2 years we have had it even with over 100K. It came with complete service records and there never were any issues during its lifetime. I don't think you can paint all handicap vans as having a dirty secret for reliability. I think we paid $17,500 for a 13 year old van with 100K miles. I was quoted a price of $74,000 for a new Sienna modified van. Too rich for my blood. This is unrelated to your issue but you stated a concern about being left by the roadside. That is always on my mind as well. I don't know where you live but here in the greater Seattle area most cab companies offer a handicap van at no additional charge over a regular taxi. I expect that is available in many other areas. You might want to check it out in advance of needing it. Finally, good luck on resolving your issue with Chrysler. I'd stay after them until they fix it. We abandoned Chrysler Corp. products back in 1999 after I replaced the transmission in our miserable 1992 Plymouth minivan for the 3rd time in less than 75,000 miles. I got tired of fighting with them over every warranty issue.
  9. My guess is timing. He says the timing chain was replaced. If it wasn't properly lined up or the distributor was way off, it could give the same symptoms of a too tight engine.
  10. I have done this several times. The problem is the front cross member and the oil pickup tube. It is easy to do with a jack and a block of wood under the harmonic balancer. Drain the oil, remove the 2 bolts through the engine mounts, jack up the engine, unbolt the pan and there you go. The hardest part of this job will be getting out the broken bolts.
  11. I don't think lemonaide is going to do it Bernie. I am lobbying for someone to sell their house but I am meeting some resistance. I thought I'd been a good Dad so there is some hope and this birthday is a milestone BD at 65. It is with great regret that I must tell you to not to put your hopes on me. I am also extremely disappointed in this board as there hasn't been a single donation. Seriously though, you have a beautiful car. I believe it to be the sexiest, most beautiful car ever built. I don't know why you are selling it but It looks to be fairly priced for what it is. I hope the next owner appreciates it and understands how lucky they are to own it. Good luck my friend.
  12. I told the wife and kids. Unfortunately they are still short about $154, 798. Damn! I love this car. It is worth every penny!
  13. It would be nice to know how much you are asking for your car.
  14. And while nobody has to vouch for Barney, I got these and they were perfect and worked well.
  15. This is my dream car. As Father's Day and my 65th birthday are this month I have made a request to my wife to buy this for me. Unfortunately she doesn't have any money. Donations are gratefully accepted. ?
  16. Good reminder why to always pull your license plate first when removing the tail light assembly.
  17. Thanks! I read it twice and missed it both times. May be time for new glasses.
  18. Hey, he saw one just like it go for more on Barrett Jackson. Well maybe it was a Cadillac, an Eldorado, and a convertible, and a few years newer but this one is almost the same.
  19. My favorite color and a '91 to boot. If I was in a different place and time right now on my life journey I'd be all over this.
  20. Keep in mind that the extra weight on the deck lid will probably overwhelm the old trunk support struts.
  21. I agree. The biggest impact to price and sale ability is the paperwork. The prices given should be close if he has the titles. If they are missing all bets are off. Also, confirmation on location would help.
  22. Wow! I know nothing about Wildcats so I'll leave that to someone else, but I gotta say a 4 speed convertible is pretty rare. Your 4 door Skylark is probably not worth much as it it appears to be very rusty. That said, it does have factory AC. If it is all there, that alone might be worth some bucks. Also if it has a 4 barrel carb, the carb and manifold are worth money too. If the taillights and center emblem are not too pitted, they too are hard to find in good condition. Those items may make this car interesting to someone as a parts car. The 2 door hardtop seems to be a better car. It appears to be a Skylark that someone added a Gran Sport grille emblem to. Your best bet may be to package the 2 cars together which I surmise is what the prior owner had in mind, have 2, make 1. You're not going to get rich off these 2 but you should get enough to make it worthwhile for your efforts. Of course it will be a tough sale without titles. Missing those will hit the value severely. Good luck!
  23. OK, i guess it's my turn to be the contrarian. The are many aspects to today's cars that make any comparison to yesterday's cars apples to oranges. First, I am no millenial having almost completed my 65th trip around the sun. I also love many old cars, particularly Buicks of the 1960's having owned and restored many. That said, I love my "new" car and vastly prefer driving it to driving an older car. Mine is a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it has that dreaded touch screen. I don't know how much fiddling you all do while driving but basic functions like volume and fan speed or temperature control are also on buttons, most of them at my fingertips on the steering wheel. When you think of all the functions of my radio, AM/FM/CD/satellite/MP3, the control buttons would take up half the dash and be distracting as well just to locate them. Having options like blue-tooth where I can answer calls, make calls, or even have texts read to me all, without my hands leaving the wheel, are much safer than fumbling with a cell phone while driving. I do not have a built in GPS but I do have a portable Garmin that I find very helpful and useful. The seats in my MKX are amazingly comfortable on long drives, much more so than the reupholstered buckets in my old '65 Skylark. Air conditioning was a rare option in most non luxury cars of the 60's but almost standard in today's cars. You haven't lived until you experience the AC blowing through your seat on a hot summer day. Let's talk mileage. I can transport 5 people in relative comfort on a trip and average 25 MPG or better. Around town I get 20-21. By the way, my MKX has AWD and a 305 HP V6 engine that has plenty of scoot. It also has a satisfying growl when you accelerate. Of course, I'll concede that doesn't beat the sound of a Buick V8 dual exhaust note through Walker turbo mufflers. It is also impossible to do a burnout with traction control. AWD and traction control do make driving safely much easier on our NW rain soaked streets. Let's talk safety, I don't have the options of lane control or automatic braking but being surrounded by numerous airbags means a much less chance of injury in an accident. Also knowing how a vehicle fared in a crash test before you have one is information worth having. Pre-tensioned shoulder belts are way more safe than lap belts or no belts at all. My MKX also has safety tie downs built in and engineered to keep a child seat restrained if I want to take my grand kids along. The back-up camera in conjunction with back up sensors, are safety features that, now that I have used it, I can't imagine doing without. It doesn't eliminate using your eyes and swiveling your head, but it does give a better view of what is behind you than you could see without it. One touch power windows take the distraction of rolling up a window like in older cars. ABS makes stopping much safer. Built-in alarm systems, and immobilization have made it much more difficult for some lowlife to steal your car. Having chipped keys makes hot-wiring or even shaved keys useless. Finally lets talk about reliability. My wife's 2005 Escape Limited went 130,000 miles with nothing more than oil changes, a couple of brake jobs and 2 rear shocks. When I sold it I knew the new owner would still have many more pleasurable trouble free miles. My MKX has 55,000 trouble free miles on it so far. It still has the original brakes and tires on it. Annual tune-ups are a thing of the past. Spark plugs last up to 100K. Oil changes are done at 5,000, 7,500 or even 10,000 miles depending upon the make and usage. It is expected that a car gets to 200K miles or more before it is worn out. Twice what was expected back in the day. Suspension and steering components are sealed and lubed for "life". New car warranties today are for up to 100,000 miles on drivetrain components, much superior to yesteryear's. Valve jobs are almost unheard of at 75,000 miles, often going for 200K or more. I love old cars and I also love driving them. The one thing I'll never get in my MKX is a thumbs up from a passing motorist or admittance to a car show where I get positive comments from people seeing my car. But then again, that's why I owned the old cars too. I also agree that in 15 to 20 years no one is going to want to restore an MKX or any car of today. Both vintages have their place. It is all about using the right tool for the job.
  24. Also if it is a 4 barrel carb, the carb and manifold are probably worth more than the whole car.