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  1. Thanks for the positive words. I am still contemplating the situation but let me just say this. Thanks, to all who have responded, no offense taken, and not looking to start an argument or looking for pity. 1. Many other makes and models of cars, restomods and pro touring are far out selling, for big bucks, the restorations. Many people are no longer interested in a concurs restoration to sit around and stare at, but rather want a car they can enjoy and drive with modern conveniences. You only have to check out the TV auctions for Mecum and BJ to see this, especially in early corvettes. 6 digit sale prices for pro, resto mods, vs 50 to 60K for restorations. I know this is not a pro touring car, but adding 5 speed, sound system, and A/C would be close. I know, not everyone's cup of tea, but just sayin, check it out. 2. If I were to sell this car for say, $25K (I have $35K in it not counting my labor) this would be the situation. Let's say $15K for paint job and top and rechroming bumpers and trim, and $10K for engine, trans, and rear end. (conservative figures) That's $25K! That means selling the car to someone, throwing $10K to buy it, supplying all the other parts like suspension, radiator, interior, etc, etc, AND building the car for them for free. that's a pretty hard one to swallow. I know, you never get your money back, it only becomes a matter of how much you are willing to lose in the situation. Still not sure of the direction to take, but thanks again for the responses. Respectfully
  2. there are only 2 problems with this plan, 1, I am already under water without tearing everything apart and starting over, 2, here is one that has been for sale a couple of times with no takers, (sorry can't paste in link) on E bay in Cali, GS 65 Conv 401 $32K. (Same color) Another consideration is that if I did go clone route, I would have a car that does not run or handle as good as the resto mod current build, (apologies to purists) thanks though.
  3. Well said, problem is they all do 🙂
  4. Thanks Bill, As one old guy to another, I am inclined to agree with you. I would like to keep them all but a good friend, also older than us, once told me, "you can't love them all" and this from a guy that had 14 old cars at that time. 🤗 I love taking the Buick to a show and there are rows of Chevelles but usually only 1 or 2 Skylarks and as I have said before, the car does draw a crowd. As for "bang for the buck" there is nothing like a drive in the mountains in a convertible with the top down on a nice day! I'm all in (way over my head) on the Camaro but it is a show stopper. And I know what you mean, there sure seem to be a lot of them around, but it is an awesome car. And the Corvette, well a good friends brother came home from Viet Nam and bought a 66 BB roadster, and we used to just sit in the garage and stare at it. Being 16 at the time, so it has always been a bucket list car, never thought I could afford one till this one came along. Thanks for the insight.
  5. Hello, new member here. Looking for some honest opinions. First a bit of an introduction. I have been building and restoring classic cars all my life, so I am not a Noob. I am not "brand" exclusive but lean toward GM and street rods. As we know there are many opinions about the graying of the automotive classic market and I am not looking to debate that. Having said all that - here is my predicament. I have had 3 Buicks, a 64 Skylark and 2 65's a Skylark and a Special. My current situation is this. I have a 65 Special convertible with many skylark parts that is a frame off restoration on a California high desert car, no rust ever and never in a accident. I did a 5 year frame off restoration and converted it into a "resto mod" that is a very high quality job. The paint and body was done by a good friend that is a retired body man and I would give it a 10 out of 10. Light yellow (original color) bc/cc cut and buffed to a mirror finish. Exterior parts were buffed or re chromed and in excellent condition. The interior is new PUI and the top is hartz cloth with the top frame blasted and painted. All in all the car is excellent and always draws a crowd. The engine is a 383 Chevy roller, Edlebrock heads, ZZ4 roller cam, Hooker super comps, coated intake, HEI, etc. etc. Now before you go all crazy on me, about not having a Buick engine let me say, the car was purchased without and engine. I know there is that "brand" thing in play here but consider this. Would you rather spend the weekend doing an engine swap or 5 years doing a frame off restoration ??? Car is a 4 speed muncie, with a 9 inch Moser / Strange rear end. Tube a frames, coil overs, boxed rear control arms, polished SS exhaust, with everything done to show quality. Now for the "situation" I built this car with the thought of never selling it and keeping it forever. However things have changed, as a friend decided to sell off many cars in his collection, and he had one I have been after for years, a 66 Corvette. I also have a 69 Camaro rotisserie restoration that is almost done and I have always wanted another of these, since I had a couple in high school. Now as you can see the garage is becoming over crowded. My first consideration was to sell the Buick to finance finishing up the other two projects, but the market / offers have been pretty weak to put it kindly. I know I will never get back the money I spent, and realize I will probably be giving away all my labor to build the car. I consider around $30K to be a fair price, if this were a GTO or Chevelle SS it would be a $50K car all day long, but Buick does not garner that kind of market. Another option is selling the Camaro, as everyone and there brother seems to want one of them, and keeping the Buick. I am seeking opinions on what you think might be a fair price for the Buick. What say ye? Thanks in advance.