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  1. AACA must be charging by the word now for ads. I guess the OP can’t afford to describe it further.
  2. Too many doors for that price...and I like 4 doors. I’m thinking $5 to $7K is closer to real value.
  3. That is a very pretty car. Also well optioned. I liked this body style better than the next year’s version.
  4. I had a 2013 MKX (Nautilus). It was a great car. I loved the luxury treatment I got at the dealership when I brought it in for service. I traded it in on my 2019 Challenger R/T. While it isn’t likely for me to buy another car, I would not consider one made in China.
  5. That’s a whole lotta car for not much money!
  6. Nice car! Interesting how it’s going 30 MPH while still in park.
  7. Beautiful car and priced right. If I had the money and a place to put it, sigh.
  8. I just picked up this gem a couple of weeks ago. It is a 2019 Challenger R/T which came with the 5.7 Hemi and 8 speed auto. Will it be collectible, no. Will I likely keep it and pamper it until I can’t drive anymore, possible. I’m hoping it will be a long time as I’m almost 67. As a caveat, I’ve now had 3 “last” cars. I traded in my 2013 Lincoln MKX which was not only a great driving machine, but one of the most reliable cars I’ve ever owned. This car is a throwback to the muscle cars of the late 60’s and 70’s. While there are options for incredible more horsepower, the 5.7 will put you back in your seat when you nail the loud pedal. The exhaust has an amazing burble to it that changes to a growl when revved. It will boil the rear tires with the traction control turned off (not that I done that Hee, Hee). It is a very comfortable car sized for a big guy like me. As a kicker it has continued the beautiful styling of the original Challenger and remained virtually unchanged since its reintroduction in 2008. While visibility isn’t the best, it is better than the Camaro or Mustang although those both hold an edge in power over the 5.7 with the right options. The Challenger has an actual usable back seat unlike other pony cars and a huge trunk. It is a most comfortable driving car for long trips and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who appreciates a car with muscle. Best of all as I bought it used it was very affordable. Oh, and as of right now, since I purchased it, I’m averaging 22.8 MPG on regular gas. I also have to say that I never thought of myself as a MOPAR guy but this car just might change that.
  9. That is a Special, not a Skylark. That said it is a pretty loaded Special with a power seat, power brakes and power steering especially with the V6. It also appears to have a tilt column. Nice car!
  10. The other way to tell a Super Beetle is that the spare tire sits flat on the floor of the front compartment. I had a ‘74 Super SunBug. It was a great car. I’ve also had numerous other beetles ranging from a 1965 to a 2007 New Beetle (current). Never had a bad one.
  11. The odometer might show 24,000 miles but the undercarriage pictures say at least 120,000 miles. Funny how some folks figure when the 5 digit (6 including tenths) odometer rolls over they get a new car!
  12. I’ve had a couple wheels done by craft custom. Quality work isn’t cheap.
  13. Pictures and a price will go a lot further to help you sell a car here.
  14. There are some pretty great deals out there now too. My last car was a 2 year old Lincoln MKX CPO. As stated above , the certified warranty is better than the new car warranty. It’s been a relatively trouble free car for the 5 years I’ve had it. It was a rental return. I have purchased many rental returns over the years and have never been disappointed. Today I am picking up a 2019 Challenger R/T as a CPO car. I was very particular in what I wanted so I was pleased to find almost exactly what I wanted and in a color I liked. I also got an insane deal on the price. This car has 22K miles and as I drive less than 3K miles a year for this car, it will probably be my last car. (I’ve said that about my last 3 cars though) I looked at new ones but the dealers weren’t willing to discount much below MSRP - rebates so I walked. There was one other CPO car that had about half the miles this one had and their asking price was just a little higher than the one I bought. The show stoppers were The color, white, and they weren’t too generous with my trade. I usually sell my trades outright but with the virus and all i decided to take the easy way out. I’d advocate for a CPO used car any day. Let someone else take the depreciation hit. Interesting, I hadn’t heard about Hertz. I worked for them for a short while as a part time retirement job. Too bad if they are folding. I met some great people working there.
  15. Years ago (17), I bought rear quarter panels from JC Whitney. I don’t know if they are still around. They weren’t very good as a direct replacement but my body guy was able to use most of them by cutting out patch panels.
  16. I used Ragg Topp on the white vinyl top on my ‘90 Reatta. It uses a 2 step process first the cleaner, then the protectant. I was very impressed with how well it cleaned, especially after leaving it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. I also used it on a Haartz cloth top on a 2004 VW bug. It was dull looking and water didn’t bead up on the top prior to the treatment. After 1 treatment the top looked like new and water beaded up on the roof rather than soaking the cloth. Good stuff!
  17. Do you have a tilt column? It appears the turn signal switch at the base of the steering column is not centering correctly. I don’t remember the procedure to adjust it but it is detailed in the factory service manual if you have one. If i recall correctly the only tool required is a bent paper clip and a nut driver to slide the switch. It is tricky because the spring on the switch has to slide the correct distance no matter what position the tilt wheel is in. Are your turn signals working correctly? The turn signals and the brake lights use the same filaments, the running lights use a different filament.
  18. I’ve had 3, all 1990’s. 2 coupes and one convertible. They are an interesting car. You won’t see many others unless you are at a Buick meet. The drivetrain is pretty easy to get parts for but there is a lot of other stuff to go wrong. The cars were built at the advent of computer assisted automotive technology so those parts are pretty rudimentary. Windshields are hard to find and expensive if you do find one. The Teves brake system isn’t too difficult to understand if you know ABS systems but it is just different enough that most of today’s mechanics shy away from it. Also parts for the system like speed sensors and accumulators are difficult to find. Convertible weatherstripping is not available no matter what you are willing to pay. Resale of these are not what you’d expect for a low production, 2 passenger hand built sporty car. You can pick up a low mileage car for a very reasonable price but you will likely have to overhaul the AC system (don’t believe the recharge lie) for $1,200. It will also likely need new struts for another $800 to $1,000. If you figure you can buy one for $2,000 to $3,000, after putting a couple of grand into it, it is still only worth $2-3,000. The return on the investment just isn’t there unless you buy an ultra low mileage 1991 convertible or a low mileage Select 60. Finally they are fun cars to drive but they are not performance machines. One plus is that they are very comfortable road cruisers wit h plenty of room for big and tall folks unless it has a factory sunroof. I hope this helps. Other than having 2 seats, there is no comparison to a Miata.
  19. Geeze, you'd think FB charges by the word or picture. A little more information would be helpful to potential buyers and it might save the seller some time having to respond to those who aren't real purchasers.
  20. It's going to take at least 3 weekends to organize and just figure out what is there and price it to move. I will be handling it for her as I don't want the "Great Unwashed" coming to her house when I'm not there.