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  1. I’m a neighbor on Camano Island. No boat yet.
  2. A better heading would also help. Try putting the make, year and model in the heading with the initials FS.
  3. Must be something to the static eliminator as Buick was still using them in 1965 on my Skylark.
  4. I bought a new 1980 4 door for my growing family for the price of $5,400! Mine was an automatic. It did fine for us, pretty underpowered but really never gave us much trouble in the 100,000 miles we had it. It was kind of a throw away car when it hit the end of it’s useful life. I doubt many will attempt a restoration of these.
  5. Hard to believe that a car company that designed the beautiful AMX did this. Of course I’ve also aired my views on the Gremlin in a different post.
  6. Mercury made some very pretty cars in this era. I think much better than Fords of similar years. This one is a very nice example.
  7. I had a green ‘71 Base model I bought new in ‘71. It was the worst car I have ever owned. Mine had the 232 6 with a 3 speed manual. It came from the factory without synchro in first. I second the comment on the vacuum wipers. Seats were abysmal and quality was not present. An example was how the rear Hatch window was held on with 4 spot welds chrome welded to chrome. If the door was closed hard without rolling down a window, the welds would break and render the hatch inoperative. No one would reweld it because the heat would cause the glass to shatter. The shifter would often jam and the only resolution was to crawl under the car and move it back into the last gear used. Granted mine was a base model car and maybe an X had higher quality but My experience was so bad, I have no nostalgia to try again and this was my first new car.
  8. Interesting. The OP was asking a fitment question, not seeking approval. He is also a fairly new guy here with only 4 posts. This is how new folks are driven away.
  9. I’d check with Just Dashes. It won’t be cheap. I’m more of a ‘64-‘65 guy but I seriously doubt a Chevelle dash pad is the same.
  10. Rust is the first thing to look for. If there is rust in the trunk, check carefully around the rear window which is likely where the water is coming from. GM cars of this era are notorious for this. The 300 V8 is pretty much bullet proof as is the 300 SP trans. If the timing chain and gears haven’t been changed, plan on doing that as the cam gear had a phoenelic coating which breaks down over the years. They are great cars. The 4 door will be harder to find 4 door specific parts than it’s 2 door cousin. I like 4 doors.
  11. Joe, I believe in 1965 the dash pot switch was moved to the throttle linkage.
  12. My Dad was a lawyer. Not as rich lawyer as there were 8 mouths to feed in my family. He preferred Buicks but he couldn’t turn a wrench to save his life. He had a 1965 Buick Sportwagon that saw a couple of engine replacements as well as several repairs throughout the 9 years he owned it. As I developed my skills at car repair, he would often come out and watch me work on his car. I’m sure in his mind he was helping and encouraging me but sometimes it was brutal. He would often cross examine me like I was an known perjurer about why I was working on that piece when the one next to it looked pretty dirty. One time I actually replaced a carburetor because he insisted it looked bad. The issue was a broken rocker arm from him trying to get 60,000 miles out of an oil change. It was his money. My Dad has been gone for 45 years now and I’d love to hear his voice questioning me. He did instill a love of Buicks in me as I’ve owned several over my lifetime. My daughters never expressed an interest in anything automotive so I had to enjoy this hobby with my friends
  13. Buick didn’t use the Powerglide trans. For 1964 it was the Super Turbine 300. The confusion comes in because this transmission is a 2 speed transmission like the Powerglide but that’s the only thing common to them. The ST300 has vanes in the torque converter that open and close via switches installed on the Carburetor and the gas pedal linkage. These gave the transmission the appearance of a lower gear or passing gear. For once and for all, there is no similarity or commonality between the Powerglide and the ST300. Also, the number on your air cleaner is the torque rating for your engine, If it says “Wildcat 310” it is a 300 CI V8 with a 2 barrel carb. A “Wildcat 355” was the same 300 CI V8 with higher compression pistons and a 4 barrel carb.
  14. I know the 64’s and 65’s much better but that looks like a 340 engine to me. Nice survivor but with 4 doors and overall condition the seller is over priced by a factor of 2.
  15. Actually, I’m on my 3rd “last car” now. But I do have heart issues!
  16. I guess I’m a Luddite. I am well into my 67th year and I’ll never buy a solely electric powered car. I have a 32.5 Class C RV with one of the last Ford V10s produced. It is a great engine for its purpose as I’ve had 3 of them. I also bought my last car last June, a 2019 Dodge Challenger with the 5.7 Hemi. My 3rd vehicle is a 2007 New Beetle that I use as a toad behind my RV. I’ve always been a GM guy (mostly Buicks) over the years but I found no excitement in the newer models, especially when compared to the performance of my Challenger. These will all likely be my last vehicles barring an accident. It is sad to see great brands like Cadillac and Buick become mere shadows of their former selves. I agree it is even sadder to see longtime dealerships close and those jobs and community support disappear. I realize what works for me isn’t for everyone but it does work for me.
  17. The 300 is a excellent engine. They had a 4 barrel option. Do not put a Chevy 350 in your car. You will seriously devalue it.
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