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  1. Well, here's a bit of an opposing view. Sometimes Clubs do place too much attention on expenses. But those that do not go out of operation. I don't like National Clubs "making money" off tours. However, these tours require considerable effort to put together and I deeply appreciate the energy volunteers put in. Tours have become more expensive than they were in the good old 60's, 70's or even 80's, but so has everything else. I bought my first home in the mid 60's for ten grand. When folks take time off from work and ship their cars across the country for a tour, they real
  2. John, Thank you very much. Do you know if the cowl and body parts were made during the restoration or were they original to this particular car? I appreciate your help. Johnny
  3. Was this an original configuration? Did this particular car come with this style body? Is the body original or remake? Are there restoration photos available? Thank you. Johnny
  4. jcrow

    34B oil pressure

    Thanks. Car performed quite well on a 1500 mile trip. Then parked for two years. Once I primed the pump, it has continued to do perfectly. Fun and dependable car. Recently obtained a pretty elaborate sales piece that had a factory price sheet inside. Surprised to see price at $5k.
  5. jcrow

    Is this a Mercer

    I am no expert on Mercer racing. I do have some Spencer Wishart trophies. I believe that he won in a Mercer car before he was hired by Mercer. Not sure what year car he drove in that first Ohio race. Maybe it was something other than the latest model.
  6. jcrow

    Is this a Mercer

    Looks a lot like Spencer Wishart who started driving for Mercer in 1912
  7. Wanted to buy, original radiator mascots in good condition. Prefer items from less well known or high quality vehicles. jcrow22006@aol.com Thank you....
  8. Yes, two sided whites. I have lots of earlier photos of various American automobiles when new, and many have two sided white walls.
  9. Just looking through my old photos. Thought someone may like this one. Prices are where the license plate goes. All around $11,000. A few Pierces in the background..... Johnny
  10. jcrow

    34B oil pressure

    Thanks for all the help. I primed the pump, even though the manual said that it had a priming reservoir. That's all it took...... Johnny
  11. jcrow

    34B oil pressure

    Just started my 23 34B which has been sitting for about 2 years. Prior to that was great runner. Has zero oil pressure. Any ideas? Oil pump go dry. Pressure control stuck. Has plenty of oil. Thanks for your help. Johnny
  12. jcrow

    Mercer Raceabout

    Thanks for the interesting update. I have hundreds of old photos from this time period and most of them were taken in the Oakland/San Francisco area. Hesitated putting on line....
  13. California in the early 50's. Probably lurking in a garage near you.
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