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  1. Yes, two sided whites. I have lots of earlier photos of various American automobiles when new, and many have two sided white walls.
  2. Just looking through my old photos. Thought someone may like this one. Prices are where the license plate goes. All around $11,000. A few Pierces in the background..... Johnny
  3. jcrow

    34B oil pressure

    Thanks for all the help. I primed the pump, even though the manual said that it had a priming reservoir. That's all it took...... Johnny
  4. jcrow

    34B oil pressure

    Just started my 23 34B which has been sitting for about 2 years. Prior to that was great runner. Has zero oil pressure. Any ideas? Oil pump go dry. Pressure control stuck. Has plenty of oil. Thanks for your help. Johnny
  5. jcrow

    Mercer Raceabout

    Thanks for the interesting update. I have hundreds of old photos from this time period and most of them were taken in the Oakland/San Francisco area. Hesitated putting on line....
  6. California in the early 50's. Probably lurking in a garage near you.
  7. Looks like an early 20's Franklin
  8. jcrow

    Mercer Raceabout

    Looking at old photos in my collection.... thought somebody might enjoy this...
  9. Just a couple of early 1950's photos from my collection. Thought someone might want to see.
  10. jcrow

    Marmon 16

    Looking through some old photos I have. Marmon 16 on SF street in early 1950's.