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  1. Mark, sorry to hear that your time in the CCCA was less than perfect. Mine has been the opposite. To set up inexpensive short tours and gatherings should be pretty easy at the regional club level. If you served in those capacities in the region you might have missed some opportunities to set some of those up yourself. Where I really disagree with you is as to CARavans. They have been phenomenal. Of course they are expensive. So is my annual vacation to Hawaii. In fact vacations anywhere are usually costly, assuming that you want to stay in nice places. It does cost t
  2. jcrow

    Brand of Axle

    AHa probably unintentionally offended some Mercer owners. Mercers, particularly real raceabouts are very hard to find. Those who have one have either owned it for a long time or paid a small fortune for it. To suggest that there is a lot of "hype" could be misunderstood. One needs to be careful when comparing the features from one photo to another as a very large number of the cars are made up or modified to some degree. Again, a 25 cent phone call to Fred (who owns more than a dusty yellow Mercer) might provide some answers. Small or young manufacturers usually bought compone
  3. jcrow

    Brand of Axle

    I would call Fred Hoch of Schaffer and Long. Doubt that anyone knows more about early Mercers. He owns the original stock, multiple cars and is great to talk to. 856-784-4044 Johnny
  4. Use Alum i brite (synthetic / make sure because many knock offs try to look alike but are acids) available thru Amazon. Will not hurt paint, BUT will put holes in your jeans. Brush on several times then wipe clean and follow with Wenol polish, also available on eBay or Amazon. Will take care of just about any tarnish....
  5. I have several racing trophys, including a number of Mercer ones. I just looked and I see that I also have a trophy from the Empire City track from July 25, 1903. The winner was a 40 hp Am Darracq. I will attach a photo.
  6. Wanted: Pilot Ray lights for 27/28 Packard. Pilot Ray made these in a drum style for Packard. Don Sommer also made a reproduction. Either would work. Johnny 925-963-5835
  7. Wanted a nice set of Pilot Rays in the drum configuration for a 28 Packard. I believe that Don Sommer made reproductions of these lights, which would be acceptable. Thanks, Johnny
  8. Here is my two cents. 30/31 v-16s do not drive nearly as well as do 32 on. They have a truck feel and poor carbs. Most overhead 16's were built in 30/31. There is a tremendous value difference between closed and open bodies. If your client selects a closed car make sure that it does not need much work. Restoration costs for a closed car can quickly exceed its value. Many open cars are body changes so become aware of build sheets that are readily available. I am aware of several open cars that might be available, both restored and un-restored. Feel free to email me.
  9. Does anyone have the information to read the paint and interior codes for K models? Johnny
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