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  1. need a fuel tank sending unit, can't get new. anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Hi... New to reatta ownership and have an issue with a mostly dead cluster. Pretty sure I need to repair/replace it. which would be more cost effective? Is there a favorite place the forum users have for this service? thanks
  3. raymire59

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    HI.. new Reatta owner here. Just purchased a 90 model that's been sitting for more than a few years. To start off, the brakes stop the car fine, but the pedal stays down and the brakes applied until you manually return the pedal to original position. I understand the system on these cars is "different", but has anyone here run into the same problem and will a simple flush take care of the issue? Also, the lights are stuck open. I've read where this is also pretty common, but I'm not so sure that the mechanism is worn out as the car only has 31k miles on it. The dash also flickers or just stays off most of the time. Is there a service recommended to repair the cluster? And lastly, it's a convertible. The top is in amazingly good condition, but I'm sure it could use some care to keep it that way. Being new also to convertibles, is there a conditioner and protectant that is preferred more than others? Thanks for your time